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  1. I blame it on Peter because he had never allowed them to sign any of the Latin American players, if you look at many of other teams , alot of there top prospects and major league players are from the Latin America, especially from the Domincian
  2. this is the best pitching staff we have had in the last five years, Gausman, Bundy, Cashner, Cobb and Tillman. If they all pitch to the abilities we are going to have a really good year. To celebrate I am going to to do what Jim Bowden recommend we do "have a Cobb Salad for lunch" way to go Dan Duquette
  3. We have given them over 5 years and only seen one division title. They given a lot of young pitching arms away and now it is hurting the team. It drives me crazy seeing Buck put Ulbado out there every 5 starts since the beginning. I liked Buck in the beginning, but he is wearing thin on me now. Signing Trumbo was a mistake thinking that he was going to hit 45 homers again. Why is he sending Chris Davis out there , use some creativity Buck, he has been horrible this year. I am so frustrated with this team , I can hardly watch the games, we need to be mor
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