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  1. They didn't have income for a year either, but the Orioles raised everything but the ticket pricing. I saw the parking in the A Annex lot went from $10 to $15 on gameday. A Big Boogs is now $17.50 or $18.50, and you get a small bag of chips as opposed to the large handful you got before. Add in a beer, and it's $30 for a meal. $5.50 for water, $6.50 for bottled soda. Unless it is another double-header, I'm out on the food. It's ridiculous.
  2. On this note, someone on Thursday had a clear backpack that he brought in, and there was no way he was a father or needed it for anything other than his ballhawking gear. So not sure how he got in with that, nor do I object to it. Clear backpacks make 100% sense.
  3. It's an employee entrance for something now. Not sure if they have anything from that in the team store, the line has been too long to go in.
  4. Add in how woefully behind this team was in their analytics infrastructure, as well as player development, and I think people really don't understand that this organization was pretty much a dinosaur in many ways. Great post.
  5. Well, my own season ticket prices didn't go up, but those concession prices sure did. Almost $18 for a big boog sandwich, and instead of the pile of chips, you get a small utz bag. $5.50 for a water, $6.50 for bottled soda. $11.50 for a beer I think- my friend bought them- and none of the vendors were in the stadium so you had to go wait in a line. At this point, I'll grab a three pound eye round from the store for the same price as the big boog and make my own pit beef at home and eat in the car on the way to the game. I knew the concession prices were going up, but they really overshot it in my opinion.
  6. Yaz reminds me of Joey Bats and Justin Turner as an extreme late-bloomer. That is not really a fair assessment of the development system, especially since Yaz pre-dated Elias even coming on board. I’ll take the argument with Bundy, as he had a year with Brocail, but I often wonder how many changes we can make in a year. I also wonder if part of his issue was mental, or if he was just damaged goods here like Arrieta. Gotta admit, I wonder about Pop too. I was speculating him in a dynasty league for a while. He has the potential to be an elite reliever and I don’t understand where he was worse than any of the Rule 5 guys we got. In all, I just think it’s too early to tell. There was plenty to devalue Bundy before Elias even got here. Yaz’s situation is unique and is a rarity. And Pop is TBD.
  7. I've contended since tanking started that it is embarrassing, but until MLB actively does something to discourage it, this is going to continue happening. Considering the success other teams have had, I'm not against it at all. I do think there was decent talent here when Elias got here. Not a great amount of it, but better than what many people thought. Where I am hoping that the difference between Elias and past regimes comes into play is analytics and player development. Analytics speaks for itself- we were in the stone age previously. We are working our way back up, and it is promising to hear players at all levels talk about the difference that technology has made for them. Player development is going to be the key, specifically pitching. No one can deny that the Orioles have invested heavily into pitching via the draft. But what happens to them? We have tons of Matt Hobgood's and Matt Riley's over the years. Some, like Brian Matusz and Zach Britton, fail as starters but carve out a role in the bullpen. Meanwhile, in a disturbing trend of the last regime, guys like Arrieta, Bundy and now Gausman look like different pitchers entirely once leaving Baltimore. A lot was made about a lot of firings that happened a year into Elias's tenure. That is a good thing. The "Oriole Way" was outdated and not working. Elias gave them a chance to adapt to the new way, but it didn't work out. In the past 30 years, despite the investment in pitching, we've only developed two TORP pitchers- Mike Mussina and Erik Bedard. That has to change, above all else. We can not continue to have mediocre starters and expect to win. Of course, the investment into the international pipeline is going to be big, and we are now getting top talents signed, but those players are still years away from making a discernable impact.
  8. I got my email confirming seats for April/May. I am in the same section (56) and the same seats, just seven rows up. Gotta admit, I am pretty happy with that. I thought for sure I'd be relocated much further down the line. I also saw that they changed some of the rules up a little bit when you go look at the fan FAQ.
  9. I got an email from my rep today, which was essentially a form document but had some good information in it. 1.) You can let them know by tomorrow at noon if you want to increase/decrease the size of your seating pod. 2.) Seniority and seat location will be what determines your new seats, as well as opting in now for "priority access." 3.) If you opted out for April and May and took the credit, it could impact your ability to come back in if the seating measures stay the same. It would have been nice to know all of those things in the initial email. I am glad that I had the foresight of the last one and immediately opted in. I also likely would have increased my pod size by one if I hadn't had time to think it over, so they lost business on that one.
  10. I hated the idea even without covid so this is good.
  11. Everyone has credit card fees, but I guarantee you that the Orioles/MLB have a very low negotiated fee. The other thing is that they won't have to employ people to count money. My job does subcontracting with Sodexo at the Naval Academy, and they have a vault at the football stadium where people are counting and distributing money during the game. In addition, I've talked to my beer vendor in my section at OPACY, and there is a person who exchanges cash for beer on their end when they need to purchase beer. In the long run, is it that many people? Probably not, and it's not like these people are full-time and they have to provide them with benefits either. But it is saving money, and if you've ever listened to Dave Ramsay or someone like him, they always tell you to bring cash and not a card because it is much easier to spend what you don't have. So the Orioles likely think they come out ahead, or at least net even, in this case, even with credit card fees.
  12. Believe it or not, it seemed that the fireworks/concert nights drew quite a few people.......it wasn't my cup of tea but it definitely worked as far as bringing out more people. I actually tended to avoid those games if I had them, and traded out for Thursday or Saturday.
  13. And, with the much later arrival time, I'm thinking I might even stop off or have dinner before hand since I'm not trying to be one of the first people in the stadium most days. I have a feeling many people will feel the same and just have food before coming in if we can't access the park only an hour beforehand.
  14. I get the drink rule as it applies to water. You used to be able to bring an empty water bottle and fill it around the stadium but I understand that water fountains have to be turned off- and I personally would not want to refill a water bottle in a public restroom even before the pandemic. But the food and backpack rule? Give me a break. The one Washington Football Team game that had fans and I attended, they still allowed you to bring a clear backpack like they always did. I don't know why the Orioles couldn't designate a backpack line at each gate, and require a clear backpack. It's touchless bag searching. So if you want to bring the backpack with food and drink........you've got to get the clear one, and understand you might be waiting in line quite a bit while they get checked. I personally am gonna miss batting practice, but I'm just excited to get back to the ballpark.
  15. If I was Steve Cohen, I would specifically have that money as a line item on the contract deducted from the final sale cost when buying from the Wilpons. Let them pay the entirety of that mistake.
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