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  1. Imagine back a few years ago, as a "black" season ticket holder (29 games) I was guaranteed my seats for OD, as well as the chance to buy the same number after the full-season ticket holders did the same. My first year was 2014, and I got similar seats in the field box for my friends. The next year, they were all down to the foul poles and stayed there for a few years until 2017/18. As an orange (13) member, you were guaranteed the number of tickets that you had, but not the same seat. It's a pretty sad state of affairs that OD tickets are part of a five game plan right now.
  2. My STH account representative said they had events planned for January with the theme of "The Orioles coming to your town." So I imagine they will take the Bird and maybe a handful of players and similar items to different hubs around the area. Otherwise, if you want player interaction and other stuff like that, you need to be a season ticket holder to use your points, or buy into the theme night packages when they are released.
  3. So he's got a bit of a Junior Fernandez vibe, no? I would take a chance on him.
  4. I believe it was ESPN that ran an article as a winter meeting primer, where they put one move for each team to make. The Orioles move was trading Mancini to the Athletics for AJ Puk and Franklyn Barreto. I could easily get behind a package similar to that- a top 50 overall prospect, and a former top prospect who may just need consistent playing time or a change of scenery. If we trade Mancini, I really want to see a quality piece- particularity a pitcher who is close- to headline the return.
  5. If this isn't an indictment over how teams view speed/defense players in today's MLB, I don't know what is. The Orioles, partly because of the money and also because of the strengths/weaknesses of the player, can't even get a top 30 prospect from a middling farm system for a 4 win player. Depending on the stat you use, he's slightly below average to slightly above average offensively, so let's say he's average. His OBP doesn't stick out, so it's really his value on the basepaths as well as defense (and the numbers last year at 2B were not promising for the future.) I can easily see teams looking at Villar and seeing further regression in his defense, and that this year offensively was an aberration. The Orioles were in a really tight spot here either way you look at it.
  6. Nothing prohibits her from letting the sons run the team. One of them needs to be selected as the ownership representative to MLB, however. Same thing is done with the Lerner family due to Ted's age.
  7. Right, but right now, it is more important for guys like Akin and Kremer to come up with an improved defense. Right now that should be the focus, giving those guys as much help for development. Also, I get what you are saying about Martin, but before the 2018 season, the Athletics gave him an eye exam and he turned in his best offensive year by far. So let's see what a year in AAA will do.
  8. If they replace Villar with an exemplary glove like Yolbert Sanchez, I can completely understand banking the rest of the money to help pay for the new development coaches, analytics, etc. As the top pitching prospects start getting here, the big thing is to improve the defense, and if they can add Sanchez and Iglesias at the MIF positions, then I'd consider that a win.
  9. There is no cutting costs with Davis. He signed a guaranteed contract, so even if he is released, the Orioles owe him all of the money that they owe him today. With Villar in arbitration, the Orioles don't owe him the money until they tender him a contract, which they won't be doing, which means they save the estimated amount of arbitration with him.
  10. As much as this sucks to say it, this is asset management plain and simple. We couldn't find a taker for Villar at the deadline, and the same could be said right now, likely due to the salary constraints that were set on him due to the estimated arbitration number. This probably speaks to the value of a guy who will be 29 next May, has a career .328 OBP, 97 wRC and whose biggest asset is speed and defense, which is probably least important right now (not to mention, they diminish with age, and defensive metrics were sour on Villar's performance at 2B last year.) So if we couldn't move him now with the $7-$10 million price tag, what are the chances of getting any sort of good return at the deadline for Villar? At that point, this is where we talk about asset management. Odds are high that we would still be paying most of his contract next year, and that the only pieces we would see in return constitute a lottery pick. Is that lottery pick worth potentially $10 million? Personally, I dont think so. I would rather invest that $10 million is the development coaches, expanding the analytics departments, international scouting departments, etc. A lot goes into that, and not just coach salaries. There are travel budgets (air fare, lodging), benefits (health insurance, vacation etc), and purchasing technology and upgrading facilities. I think that $10 million could be used across the board for those things better than a player on the field, who might only bring back a lottery pick. Plus, if we sign someone more defensively capable like Yolbert Sanchez, you improve the defense and hopefully that is a benefit to the pitchers on the mound. Again, that's just me. One player doesn't get me that upset, especially when I realize the cost of doing business, and what the cost of adding and upgrading to the infrastructure that we have. It sucks for Villar, because he became a fan favorite, did the right things and was a pleasure to chat with before games, but all of this is looking towards 2022 and beyond.
  11. Dunning is coming off TJ surgery, not sure I would want to take him at this point. Yolbert Sanchez may not have a home as they are looking to move him due to his lack of a bat, and adding top level defense will help out the pitchers that we already have. Nick Madrigal gets a lot of hype, but Steele Walker had the hit tool just a notch below his in the draft last year, and he shows the instincts to potentially stick in CF. Blake Rutherford is a former top 100 prospect, but really needs to cut down on his K's. Gavin Sheets (son of Larry) is an interesting prospect who might be blocked now that they are trying to work out a long-term deal with Abreu and have Vaughn in the fold. I'm thinking Bundy could get Sanchez and Sheets, while adding Givens could put them into territory to discuss Rutherford, Walker, Jonathan Steiver or Luis Alexander Basabe.
  12. Just wanted to provide an update that I heard from my season-ticket account representative. I actually asked specifically about STH appreciation day as well as Fanfest and he mentioned that the Orioles are close to announcing some sort of event at Camden Yards in December, and have events throughout the area planned for January (he essentially called it the Orioles coming to your town.) He also said that they added some more different experiences to the rewards program (selfie day, BP on the field) and there is no decision currently on a return of Social Media days.
  13. Tony, I am a long-time lurker, but I started posting a little bit last year or the year before, can't remember exactly though. I am also a long-time forum user and site owner/admin, going back to 2004 and the old days of CBS Sportsline. It's a medium that is slowly dying - I can attest having owned some of my own places, and I currently am a community manager for one of the biggest forums for sports still left. However, for something specialized that is not offered elsewhere- an Orioles fan forum, as well as the scouting reports- you are still positioned well to continue this success. I do think there are some things from my experience that could be done differently on the forum, but having this kind of community for any team, much less our Orioles, is a success. One of the things I have to think about is are you partnered with a web host who is offering the best level of support? When I was actively running my own sites, I knew the back-end of the software we had very well (vBulletin) but was not good with the technical aspects of it, such as the updates and patches, so I partnered with a host who specialized in forum hosting and they did all of that for me. I can't speak to the advertising pieces, but I always felt that, unless someone is getting porn links, redirected off the site, or something egregious like that, that they can put up with a few advertisements. I completely understand your frustrations towards the organization, and if those thoughts don't clear up, well, you've got to make the decision that is best for you. I hope you would reconsider, because you are offering something extremely unique that the other fan sites don't. If there is any way I can assist with the site, I'd love to help out as well, even if it's just some advice over PM or a meeting.
  14. Asked a couple questions of my rep, here are the responses: 1.) Friday and Saturday early access to seating bowl. Will not be renewed due to lack of participation 2.) Gate time for the 6:35 pm games. Gate times will remain 5:00 pm, so we miss out on the Orioles portion of BP, and on days when they leave early, the visiting team may have already started. For the 28 game package, we have four 6:35 pm games on it. 3.) Trading parking passes. Yes, this can be done. Recommended to trade weeks in advance for weekend games, and to work with the rep who can make it easier. 4.) Is there an event taking the place of STH appreciation day? Yes, be on the lookout for an announcement soon about at Camden yards in December. Also planning to do a series of events throughout Maryland in January 5.) Return of social media nights. There is no decision yet either way, but they mentioned a couple points-based system events that are similar- meeting with baseball ops, selfie day, BP on the field. I have to say, I am a bit bummed that the gate times aren't moving to 4:30. It's a real bummer not to see the Orioles for BP, and with the fact that they end early, if fans want to see guys like Aaron Judge, Mookie Betts, Mike Trout or other names, they could already have hit by the time we come in. Also this essentially confirms that STH appreciation day and FanFest are dead in the water.
  15. I got sticker shock in Texas, where the equivalent seats for the Orioles/Rangers game (and some other games while I was there) were 30-50 more than my seats. Then I looked and saw that the Orioles have one of the lowest season ticket costs in MLB, and have the best exchange if you can't make the games. The new benefits/points system looks good too. For years I thought we were behind on giveaways and a points-based rewards system, and they made the right tweaks after the first year to add some more items and give us rewards for coming to the games, etc.
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