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  1. I;m not a big fan of spending a top draft choice on hitting. We already did that for years with Bundy and Gausman, and we did it again with Hall and Rodriguez and have some other pretty good pitching prospects below them. Frankly, the potential for arm injuries just freaks me out too much with these guys. I would rather grow the bats and buy the arms when the team is ready to compete. When the bats are on their rookie contracts, a contract for a #1 starter would be perfect. Just like the Cubs did when they signed Lester in 2015.
  2. Considering close to half of that will be taken in taxes, and he gave away $3 million this year, I'd say it would be worth it to play.
  3. He went into a lot more detail than my rep did, but this does appear to be the case. I will edit the OP. EDIT: guess I can't edit the OP. Also, I am still on the fence about asking for my money back. This is very tempting to have it all paid for almost through 2022, but I also like having my money working for me. Decisions, decisions.
  4. So I just logged into my account. The first page is a list of my games, and I can only see June 5th and later. I can not buy anything, but I can get into my games to sell or transfer (doubt the transfer works.). You may need to email the account listed in the FAQ (unless you were assigned a rep) to figure out more. The only thing clear from the FAQ is that you need to get the refund request in by a certain time.
  5. Yeah, it's a damn good deal if we get to roll the money into season tickets in future years. However, as I pointed out, that would mean they aren't taking in a lot of money in 2022, and no money in 2021 (unless they have new members.......which I imagine will be few in numbers.). However, them not saying anything about that immediately put a red flag in my mind, so I asked my rep. I will make sure to pass on the answer when I get it.
  6. Now, for some thoughts from me. 125% refund credit seems generous to me at first glance. Assuming that no games are played in 2020, and this 125% credit continues, that means our entire 2021 package is paid by us already, with 3/4's of 2022 being covered by the Orioles. That is basically asking the Orioles (and other teams) to not take cash for season tickets until the 2022 off-season, and only getting 1/4 of that value. For that reason, I find it VERY interesting that no mention is made in the FAQ about this credit paying down future years of Birdland Memberships. It could be omitted, but I am going to email my account representative after making this post to seek clarification. If they had offered me the credit on an "Orioles gift/debit card" to be used at the stadium for other things, I would be much more inclined to take it. For me personally, I have money set aside for my Orioles and Redskins tickets. To be able to not have to worry about concessions for the year (and even into next year) would be fantastic for me. To be able to splurge on some memorabilia (even if we can only use the credit for 50% of items) would be awesome. However, just for tickets, and it's unclear if those can be used to pay down my own season tickets for future years? Give me my money back so I can use it how I best see fit. Also, just on a value perspective, let's dive into my tickets. I have the 29 game package for two seats since 2014 in section 56. With parking. that's around $3500 a year. My refund would be just under $1200. When I first got that package, a lot of my friends weren't married, or working serious jobs, so I attend a lot less games with friends than I did. If I am going by myself, I exchange the extra ticket with the exchange policy for another game, or I roll them into a giveaway day. If I want to purchase a single game ticket, I always go to the secondary market now because prices are so much cheaper. So the extra 25% will really mean less to me than having my own cash back now, to invest/use how I please. If we can't roll this into season tickets, I'm absolutely getting the refund. If we can roll it into season tickets, chances are I will still get the refund but I am still thinking about that one.
  7. Didn't see a thread on this, but it's big news. I'll link the FAQ at the bottom, but you have two options. The first is take a 125% credit to your account for the March, April and May games, or request a refund of the cash amount. If you bought single game tickets from the box office, you have to contact them for a resolution. If you bought from third-party sellers, you need to contact them to resolve your issue. FAQ link- https://www.mlb.com/orioles/team/update?affiliateId=DC-9418474-138306288503-124645354-1316217874
  8. This may be a question for @Tony-OH and anyone else familiar with scouting and the draft process to weigh in on, but I have to think high schools lose the most from cancelled seasons. Right now, a majority of colleges and high schools have cancelled spring sports. At least with the major college programs, they have 15-ish games under their belts currently, and there is tape from previous seasons to look at. But with high school seniors, this is a critical year for them to get scouted, and it doesn't look like they are going to have that opportunity. How do we think this is going to affect the draft process? Would we see a large number of high schools enter college? Do we see a large number of juniors stick for their senior year? What about seniors if they get an extra year of eligibility? There is a lot to unpack. Obviously this probably won't affect the Orioles with the #2 pick, as the top prospects are going to declare regardless, but it will definitely have some impact as the draft moves into later rounds.
  9. I remember going to Bowie for a game when I was in elementary school, and the Orioles played their minor league prospects in an exhibition game before the season. Cal signed so many autographs that day. He was out there for at least four innings. I ended up on the front of a postcard that year from the team trying to get one. He signed the sweet spot and that ball is a primary focus of my memorabilia collection. Also at Bowie, Josh Towers would always come over and talk to the young kids who were trying to get autographs. One time he signed the bullpen gate and his signature was there for the entire season. One of last year's bullpen catchers, Joel Polanco, whom some of us affectionately called Yogi, would always take time to acknowledge me and chat for a bit. Always got a baseball thrown up to give to someone. I saw him on the road a couple times and we talked about what to do in the town. My dad did a Brooks Robinson autograph signing at Bowie and once he started talking to Brooks about moments in his career, he told the team attendant that he didn't care about the item limit and signed everything my dad had there. My stepmom grew up in the same area of California as Rick Dempsey and she mentioned it to him when he was walking through the stadium and he stopped for 10 minutes to talk to her about it.
  10. I submitted my information for it. I was at the Nationals/Red Sox one through work, it was a pretty good time (even though I was actually working for it.)
  11. Because AAA across the board used the same balls as MLB, the ones that just about everyone believed were juiced.
  12. That that gif has a WBF background in one of the shots makes it perfect
  13. A thought occurred to me. What if you made a subforum here in this section, call it the Spring Training Tracker and then different posters can adopt a player or two to keep adding news items to the thread. This way, it's not on one poster (SteveA) and the staff members. Staff members would be able to edit all of the threads in the sub-forum, but now each poster who started a thread can add/edit things to them as well. Another bonus is that each player has a thread, so people will know where to go to talk about one player. Additionally, if a couple volunteers wanted to, they could have moderator access just in that forum to help facilitate updates as well. Just a thought.
  14. So I've never done spring training before but I am thinking of going the first week or March, or sneaking down for the final weekend where they have 3-4 games straight. A couple questions of people who have been: For the 1:05 games, is there any batting practice before the game? Or are they on other fields at this time doing work that can be viewed by the public? On non-game days or road games, what typically happens? What access can be expected of practices, etc? How friendly are the players for autographs pre and post game? I'm not a huge collector by any means- I usually pay for what I get, or got things at STH appreciation day- but if the players sign more freely, I wouldn't mind getting a few things signed. One of the things I would be most excited about are seeing some other teams, so who else is relatively close to the Orioles? Best place to stay? I usually prefer close to the stadium, but am open to suggestions. Anything else that would make a trip enjoyable. It doesn't have to all be about baseball.
  15. Ryan Flaherty made a couple million in his career, traveled the country and now parlayed that into the start of a coaching career. Even the bullpen catchers make high five/low six figures and have the same travel perks.
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