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  1. I want to buy established pitching, not prospect pitching, just like what the Padres did. There is a lot less risk involved that way. Hopefully that clears things up.
  2. This is the opposite of what we should be doing. I personally subscribe to the strategy of growing bats over arms. There is a lot less risk involved there as opposed to pitchers- I also subscribe to the saying “There is no such thing as a pitching prospect” because of how injury and use, even before coming to our system, can affect them. I would much rather do what the Padres did and acquire the starters once the core position players are set and use our building prospect capital to make those deals happen. There is always going to be injury risk in acquiring pitchers, but I would mu
  3. Depends on the seats. You can likely sit in the outfield Eutaw bleachers with no upgrades at all. The rest of the ushers will be diligent in checking tickets in other sections if they don’t recognize you. If you want to go through the ticket office, I am sure they do some sort of upgrade if they are able.
  4. And that’s my point, our development system has failed us despite a high investment in starting pitching. Having seen what they’ve done with Means and Mullins, and how the other pitching prospects have leaped forward, I am hoping that’s changed.
  5. Maybe it was hyperbole, but it was a system ranked 25-30 depending on who you talked to or who you decided to read. One that had an extremely high failure rate of return as far as pitching was concerned. Rodriguez and Hall have made leaps forward under the new regime with the changes to the development and analytics system, and Means wasn’t even considered a prospect. We were not in a good position at all.
  6. The system was ranked in the bottom five depending on which resource you used. Player development was terrible, no J2 signings, many of the guys who we got in the deadline trades, including guys who are no longer in the organization, were ranked in our top 10 and 30 on MLB Pipeline. I’d argue that we have drastically turned a corner on the pitching, and I’ve been all over this board as a proponent of what John Wasdin did with his influence in the draft. DL Hall went from a guy that many pegged as a closer/high leverage reliever due to control issues to a guy many are saying will be fi
  7. Agreed. And when you can’t develop starting pitching……….it’s not good. As many good memories I have of 2012-2016, it almost feels like we lucked into it. This organization had a lot of holes, and it was going to take time to address them. I also think we overrated a lot of the guys that we expected results from this year, because they were former top 10 prospects from when Elias took over……..and the farm system was barren. Outside of Kremer, I wasn’t expecting to see much from the crop of guys this year.
  8. The second portion is something many are in denial about. No J2 presence. They had to build an international program from the ground up, an analytics department from the ground up, and they had a lot of turnover in the player development pipeline. Remember, this was an organization that, despite a lot of investment in pitching via the draft, only developed one frontline starter (Erik Bedard) since Mike Messina. Many guys in the front office and development pipeline only held onto their jobs because they were “former Orioles.” It was time a lot of those guys hit the door. It was tim
  9. Can’t go from AA to MLB this year due to covid rules.
  10. At least in the lower level it’s all open now. indid not know about the hidden boogs stand either. Tried it tonight and wow. I’m a 29 game season plan holder and had no idea it was there. Great job of communicating by the team
  11. There is still a Mexican place but just not sure where.
  12. To my knowledge everything is open now but the lines are horrendous because they aren’t staffing a lot of folks.
  13. Funny enough some have said the Nats should have gotten more in return but, wait for it, took less because LAD is covering their remainder of salary this year and paying the final $15m deferred payment for Scherzer in 2027.
  14. All the time ODowd was the GM in Colorado undoubtably gave him a source or two connected to the Dodgers.
  15. Using our deal for Machado as a barometer, I think it’s a bad deal for the Nationals. They should have received Lux or Gonsolin in this deal. Carrillo looks like a relief guy, and the outfielder is likely an org guy. So two top 50 prospects for 1.5 years of a 5-6 fWAR SS and a top 5 MLB starter as a rental…………definitely a miss by Rizzo.
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