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  1. It’s behind the Athletic paywall, but Connolly is reporting Brocail and Flores were let go of in cost cutting measures. Elias cited a mandate from ownership with one of them at least.
  2. I don't think we can discount Bundy moving out of OPACY and the AL East for this as you said. The one item that is most missing during anyone's assessment of Bundy is that Mickey Callaway is the Angels pitching coach. A great pitching coach is still needed to relate to the player and make sure they are getting everything out of the data presented to them, and Callaway is one of the best.
  3. Could be a variety of factors playing into that. ERA is a good stat, probably the best of all of what we call traditional stats, but it is still limited. Due to some defensive improvements this year, it might be best to look at FIP to see how our pitchers performed. They may also have their own expectations for how each pitcher should see improvement, and maybe enough pitchers didn't see improvement to justify keeping Brocail. The other point being brought up about the minor leagues being condensed and more coaches available is an interesting one. Seeing Dylan Bundy succeed with Mickey Callaway also highlights the need for a great instructor who can translate things from analytics and communicate one-on-one with the player. This is a crucial hire to get right.
  4. Baumann is a huge risk, more than Wells. His stock has shot up after his time in Bowie last year. I am a big dynasty player, and Prospects Live has him as their 264th overall player, and Wells isn't listed. Prospects1500 has Baumann as our 10th prospect, and Wells as our 17th. MLB Pipeline has Baumann 10th and Wells 20th. He has a lot more upside than Wells IMO. Pop has the TJS recovery but a two-pitch reliever who was a lock-down guy in AA is a worthwhile risk for the Rule 5 draft, especially with 26 man rosters now. If I were a GM, I'd rather take the chance on a guy like Pop who could be a very good high-leverage reliever over a guy who might be a back-end starter/long reliever.
  5. I also wish we could have found a spot for Wasdin in the organization as well, his influence in those two draft classes was huge.
  6. I'm talking further down the organization. Some of the coaches and development guys were there for forever, and a common theme were "former Orioles." McGregor is one. Surhoff as a scout is another. There are plenty more examples.
  7. We desperately needed people brought to fix things. The "Oriole Way" and keeping so many guys in coaching and development positions from our past was causing stagnation for all of the time of the dark ages, and even during our success from 2012-2016. Look no further than our pitching development. No TORP's since Mussina were developed unless you want to count Erik Bedard (and it's an argument I'm inclined to agree with.). But that's one guy, in 30 years, despite a lot of high draft picks spent on pitchers. Something in the warehouse had to change, and it looks like that change finally happened.
  8. That name takes me back to my first dynasty league. Wow.
  9. This is a great post. However, you are missing one key point. You can have all of the analytics in the world telling you things, and unless you have a pitching coach who can relate to the player and communicate with them in a way that they understand it, it doesn't mean anything. And there is a Grand Canyon sized difference between the caliber of pitching coach that Doug Brocail is when compared to Mickey Callaway. In the same way that we ruined Jake Arrieta, I believe that Bundy was cooked for us as well. Also, analytics are not the be all, end all. A lot of attention is paid to how Houston picked up Charlie Morton off the scrap heap and made him into a great TORP. At the same time, their analytics blew it as it pertains to JD Martinez.
  10. While sabermetrics and analytics reign king right now, getting out of Camden Yards and the AL East is a big factor. However, most importantly, COACHING still reigns supreme. And let's just say, there is a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon between Doug Brocail and Mickey Callaway as far as pitching coaches go.
  11. It's actually player development. None of the prospects traded by Duquette were highly regarded at the time except for Eduardo Rodriguez. Jake Arrieta's star had faded. Zach Davies was a borderline top 20 prospect for a terrible farm. Josh Hader was a lottery pick. Angelos kept far too many people employed in the minor league system as coaches and development personnel because they were forner Orioles, and never got things up to speed from an analytics perspective. Elias has done a complete gutting of the warehouse and development staff after his first season. Matt Blood was a really exciting addition, as is Chris Holt gaining more influence.
  12. 30 man minor league camp at Bowie. This was our original list- the numbers are MLB Pipeline top 30 prospect ratings. Grayson Rodriguez was just added a little over a week ago. So even top prospects and first round picks (like Rodriguez and Kjerstad) aren't even locks to make these camps. I will say, many first rounders and some other draft choices are in their teams camps, but there isn't any consistency across the teams to say "these guys are in camo, and these guys aren't." Orioles: Adley Rutschman, C (No. 1), DL Hall, LHP (No. 3), Ryan Mountcastle, 1B/OF (No. 4), Austin Hays, OF (No. 5), Michael Baumann, RHP (No. 8), Dean Kremer, RHP (No. 9), Keegan Akin, LHP (No. 11), Hunter Harvey, RHP (No. 12), Dillon Tate, RHP (No. 27)
  13. I agree with this. At least with trotting out Milone and Leblanc as starting pitchers instead of Akin, Kremer or Zimmermann, we know that teams always need starting pitching and might get a lottery pick prospect for one of those two......and with our prospects we can stretch them out fully instead of rushing them and maybe using them up unlike a couple of rented arms. I can't say anyone is going to give a lottery pick for Davis or Smith.
  14. He's an all-glove SS with a career .690 OPS and 84 wRC+. He at least puts the ball in play more often than not with a .274 BA and 12.2 K% I would still take the option for the benefit his defense gives to our pitching staff, and that we have no SS prospect knocking at the door.
  15. They did it so the top prospects could still be developed. I don't think they ever seriously anticipated having to field half of a team of these guys or more. Otherwise, more AA/AAA guys would have been added instead of first round picks from this year's draft.
  16. This is a PTBNL, its not like he's trading Manny Machado here. I don't know what you are expecting, especially with the goal already being stated to build a sustainable farm and bring the analytics into the 21st century.
  17. If I recall correctly, Angelos did not agree with the labor aspect of signing what is essentially young kids, which is why we steered clear of Latin American amateur signings for the most part. It was also why he never had an issue with signing free agents from Japan or Korea. Honestly, the system, while it is capped now, is hopeless broken and some sort of draft should be established. This is like high school recruiting, but instead of recruiting 16-18 year olds, it's recruiting 11-12 year olds. Even our best international signing, Jonathan Schoop, happened a bit differently than what you normally see happen.
  18. Gotta say, I agree with this. The Marlins are in a tough situation, and one of their top prospects Isan Diaz just opted out of the season. I want to wait and see the return we get here as well, but even without that, some are overrating Bleier a tad. Which is fine, we always overrate our own players, especially the few who are good or we have an attachment to Some advanced metrics do not indicate he should have had the success that ERA showed, and that even works in reverse last year where his ERA was higher than FIP and xFIP. He's a 33 year old lefty who is soft-tossing, and doesn't strike out a lot of people. That doesn't carry a lot of value, especially after a rough 2019,
  19. Madrigal came up yesterday too and was in their starting lineup. That one week made all of the difference for their development.
  20. Look at the blueprint from the Cubs, Astros, Reds and I am sure I am leaving out a few other teams. Elias from the start has said he is going to do the rebuild right. He doesn't owe anyone an explanation for trading a 33 year old reliever who had a bloated ERA last year. He's not going to be a part of the winning team in 2023 onward, so why should it matter? For how we did not have a proper farm, development, or analytics system, I will take tanking right now to ensure that those areas are brought up to par with the "good" teams in MLB. I want a system like the Astros or Dodgers that sustains itself. I don't want to stink for so long, have 4-5 years of competitive baseball and then be left with a horrible farm so we have to do this all over again.
  21. I don’t think Zobrist but I definitely see Carlos Santana but with the ability to stick at catcher, third and left.
  22. After a team just had 11 (or more) players test positive for covid, I think they want as much flexibility as possible in case something similar happens to them.
  23. Nope, it goes by record the previous year if multiple teams claim him. Folty was an ace back in 2018 but that's been his only great season. He's had a smattering of average performances. I think he's better to have on the roster than journeymen like Milone or Leblanc though, and would be a decent reclamation project. He will be 29 in October, so he may not be a piece to fit long-term with the core but he would be a good buy low candidate who we could flip at the 2021 deadline.
  24. I agree with keeping politics out of the site. Sports are a diversion for many people, and while I recognize that they also have a role in social issues at times, I do agree with keeping it off the forum. I am part of a forum for the NFL that has the same no politics rule that I help moderate, and it's made that site much more fun for me than other sites in the past where we allowed politics to be discussed. On that site, I moderate the Washington Football forum. I am a diehard fan- I've survived Snyder to this point, my uncle played and coached for the team and caught touchdown passes from Sammy Baugh, and my most fond memories as a kid are attending games with my family. I'm trying to lead that community through a tough change, all the while questioning how I personally feel about all of the change happening at one time.......plus everything else going on in life. I still haven't made the decision on what I'm doing with my fanhood, but I am going to give it a year to see how I feel about the team and how things go. That would be my suggestion to Tony, and anyone else having an issue with MLB right now. This site is positioned as a unique forum for Orioles fans and discussion and I would hate to see it go away.
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