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  1. Both of those interviews are great reads/listens. It is refreshing to finally hear this kind of talk coming from the organization. For all of the naysayers out there on whether Elias has authority or not, Chris Holt would never be hired under previous regimes, nor would anyone be talking the things that he is talking. Someone from the Orioles past with archaic views would be in charge, and nothing would ever change. Embracing this new model is such an awesome thing to see.
  2. Absolutely, he deserves it and should be a great partner for Jayce Tingler as he learns the job. Kirby is also going over to be the first base coach. MLBTR said he was coming from the Orioles, but unless he had some roving, part-time role, I thought he took the year off? In any case, another reason for me to root for the Padres in passing while the Orioles are rebuilding and put my orange carpet MLB.tv subscription to use.
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    That also speaks to a development system that was a dinosaur in baseball terms for developing pitching. All of the high draft picks we spent on pitching over the years, and we only saw Mussina and Bedard end up as TORP's. That's got to be the worst percentage of any club.
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    If Peter Angelos was more in-step with the commissioner's office at the time of relocation, I feel that they might have heeded his warnings about market share more seriously, or contemplated moving the team further into Virginia. But because he's always been a curmudgeon towards them, it was no surprise that it happened the way that it did. That aside, I do agree it could've been prevented if ownership didn't meddle and supported the front office. Hell, my Redskins are seeing the same thing happen but in a different sport, with different area teams They were the big game in town, and everyone dropped what they were doing on Sundays. The season ticket wait list at the start of the Snyder era was indeed a long wait. However, he's run the team into the ground further than Peter ever could hope, and he's bleeding fans who are giving up on the team, in part because of how well the Capitals and Nationals are being run. People would rather spend their money going to those games than they would Redskins, and I can't blame them. Snyder's teams have been so bad recently that no one is playing ball for a new stadium, which would've been unthinkable even at the start of the Mike Shanahan timeframe. So yeah, I really hope that the son's have figured it out and are letting Elias do his thing. It will take time and effort, and right now I like what I am seeing. It seems he has full control over everything except big financial matters (which is something I would expect ownership to hold a share in) and everything I see is trending in the right direction for growth. Again, it just takes time, and if anyone has tracked how the Astros, Cubs, Dodgers and Nationals have built themselves like this, would realize that we need to be patient.
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    Strasburg is also able to be a free agent this year if he opts out. He was one of the early adoptees of those clauses. And to say the Nationals and Astros were built through free agency is a terrible take. They also made trades, which is the result from stockpiling talent while being so terrible, and developed their own talent. It takes all of these approaches to make a successful time, but it results from having an established talent pipeline, which is what Mike Elias is trying to build. The main core of the Nationals run, from 2012 to now, were two former #1 overall picks- Harper and Strasburg. Then you've got Rendon who was drafted sixth. Erick Fedde was a first round pick. Two first round picks (Giolito and Dunning) were sent to acquire Adam Eaton. Ryan Zimmerman was the club's first, first rounder after the Expos. Juan Soto signed for $1.5m as an IFA, as did Victor Robles for $200k. Trea Turner was acquired for Souza, who was a third round pick. As for the Astros, their history is well documented, but Bregman and Correa were all drafted at the top of the draft while they were tanking. Verlander and Cole were acquired for prospects they had stockpiled. They sent a great haul of prospects over to Arizona for Grienke. Yuli Gurriel was a free agent from Cuba and given a hefty contract. Jose Altuve was an undrafted free agent. George Springer was a former first round pick. Yordan Alvarez was an IFA acquired from the Dodgers. Kyle Tucker was the fifth pick overall in his draft. So as I said above, it's all about the talent pipeline. Both teams also had low payrolls during the times they werent competing, and increased them once the core was ready to go. This is why I've maintained that, when the Padres are finally ready to compete, their list of top 100 prospects is going to be thinned out via trades because that is what the Astros and Nationals, as well as the Cubs, have done before them. Expect the Padres to be active trading some of those prospects this off-season to add to their current core of major leaguers. So what the Orioles need to do now is to continue drafting at the top of the draft, continue banking funds for free agency, continue to build relationships internationally and keep adding technology so we are at the cutting edge of it. Once that pipeline is secure, we could very well be mentioned in the same breath as the Astros, Cubs, Nationals, Yankees or Dodgers for sustained success from a talent pipeline.
  6. Except they've got a crazy amount of deferred money due to three pitchers after Scherzer, Strasburg and Corbin's contracts expire. When I looked into it last year on another forum, it was at $90 million. They are definitely making it on it now, but when it comes time to extend Turner and Soto, their resources might be primarily tied up in money for guys not playing for them anymore.
  7. It's one investment the Orioles should've made if they weren't re-signing Cruz or Markakis. We needed a true ace in the worst way.
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    And for those fans who never felt that they had a team in Baltimore, or the fans who started rooting for them because of their proximity to DC since day one, I don't fault them at all. However, there is a large portion of their fan base that I feel hates the Orioles more than they like the Nats. I go to quite a few Nationals games- all of the bobblehead ones, as well as at least one of the Orioles series games in DC. I usually post up in the outfield. You hear muffled "O's!" for the national anthem, and the same guys who are season ticket holders make the same comments that it's "DC not Baltimore" and they make sarcastic comments about the Orioles score when it's on the screen. Then, you've got the guys who think it's a business meeting and not a baseball game. My Orioles season tickets are in section 56, and I've gotten to know Marc (the lemonade shaking guy) over the years. I've sat in his section at Nationals Park before, and he subdues his schtick (or cuts it entirely) based on the fans there. He's had constant complaints that he's "too loud" or "distracting." And if you've ever sat in sections 54-60, you know Marc is anything but. Everyone who I've taken with me loves to see him. On some of the games I went to this past season, 35,000-plus showing up for a bobblehead game, their crowd noise during most of the game was about the same as our 14-18,000 that we would draw for a fireworks night. It's just a really weird fanbase if I'm being honest. If you've ever been to a Capitals game, the stadium is rocking and nothing at all like going to a Nats game.
  9. I'm going to guess that it's possible that Elias and Mejdal didn't buy into the culture entirely, or that this is entirely overblown. They've engaged with media from the national guys all the way down to places like this forum, and have been open with what they want to do and are charting a course out without giving too much away. Given what we've seen here from those two, I am going to guess that this is all being overblown right now. The Astros are hardly the first team in professional sports to give a second chance to a player who has a domestic violence case against them.
  10. Prince Fielder announced he was medically unable to continue playing, which is key because it wasn't retirement and he did it so both the Tigers and Rangers would continue to pay out his contract. That's the biggest fish in this besides Davis. Like I said, anyone thinking the Orioles will come to a settlement or anything is just setting themselves up for frustration when it doesn't happen.
  11. This is why I thought they should've pushed the "Why Not?" team for bobbleheads or other giveaways this year. If you are afraid of trading your marketable guys for an event like FanFest, advertise Orioles Legends for the event. Honor some team in the past or whatever. It isn't that hard.
  12. The crowds that packed into their stadium for a chance to see it happen, and any sort of shirts, hats, etc they sell is money they are making. Sure, it probably doesn't pay for the contract, but it's probably not a small amount either.
  13. It's never been done before, and there's no reason to believe it's going to happen now. Anyone believing that it will is just going to continue to frustrate themselves when it doesn't happen.
  14. MLBPA would be all over it, since all of the contracts for players are fully guaranteed. They would never let something like that happen.
  15. Yeah, but how much of that also offsets how much money they are making when he has milestone events coming up. Also, I'm still not 100% on his age being legit either.
  16. DD talked about creating academies in places like the DR when he came on board. For whatever reason- likely at the behest of Peter- they never followed through with any of that talk.
  17. First of all, great post. I don't want to detract at all from it by cherry-picking the one question I have, so I quoted all of it and left a like. As someone who comes up from Annapolis for the games- I leave work to get there before gates open for BP. I have the 29 game package and BC parking, and if it's a game where I dont have the pass, I am there in plenty of time to buy in the A annex, C lot and in rare cases, D lot. So I never encounter any of this crime and unsafe places that people talk about. It's 97-695-295 in, and the same way out, and even if I am by myself, I am travelling with a ton of fans. So I am guessing this is the case for people who are parking north in the city, or other satellite locations? I'd really like an answer so I can understand those questions a bit more. I will also say that I noticed the decrease in police presence this year, especially when the crowds were below 10,000.
  18. Exactly this. Though I think they are on the right track with some of the rewards. It just takes an adjustment period, and fans want access to the players. That's the think they are missing right now.
  19. Also, I had a bit of a cash flow issue and waited until late to get my season tickets, and I ended up with a personally signed letter from Elias asking me to come back. Sure, it was typed up by someone else, but he took the time to sign all of them, which was likely a considerable amount of letters. Something like that tells me he's not shying away from being in the public eye. I just wish that they would replace these events with others to make the players more accessible to the fans, especially the season ticket holders. I don't mind change, and if Fanfest and STH Appreciation Day no longer move the needle, then that's fine. My problem comes with cancelling them entirely, and not replacing them with anything. Because they also canned social media days, where you could interact with players, and with the nets up, it's really hard to interact with them before the game unless you get in super early for BP (and hopefully they aren't wrapping up at that.)
  20. Not to mention, for Pujols, you are also making money on his milestones from ticket sales. He's got a few more left. Hell, I will take a .650 OPS and league average defense from Chris Davis at this point if he can work counts and be a nuisance at the plate. A salary dump just isn't going to happen. Because Davis is so bad at the plate, they would have to throw in more from our end for other teams to entertain it. And it's just not worth giving up a prospect flier for that when we are still a couple years from competing.
  21. I completely understand where you are coming from, and in no way, shape or form do I doubt your fanhood. I can not confirm 100%, but I believe I heard that we are a bottom five team as far as ticket pricing is concerned. I went to Dallas for a week during the Rangers series this year, and every game I paid over $100 to sit behind the visitor dugout for the Orioles. My equivalent tickets to section 56, which run from $48-$76 if memory serves, cost me $80 or more for weekend games. Hell, I stayed for the Adrian Beltre number retirement ceremony, and it was nearly $100 for upper deck nosebleeds. And that was from a team that is getting a new stadium next year. And forget parking....$8-$10 is great for the Orioles lots, where it's nearly $40 to park in satellite lots and walk a quarter mile in Southeast DC to get to Nats. So while I agree that something needs to change in the value of the STH plan/package etc, the pricing is actually in a good place. The perks are on their way up, but they need to step up the giveaways next year, and fix the fan interaction piece, because without Fanfest and STH appreciation day, they don't have any fan interaction at all (compounded by the nets now)
  22. I have to imagine that the loss they take on fanfest, even with autograph vouchers and other things being sold, is pretty enormous all things considered. If they replace events like fan fest and season ticket holder appreciation days with other events (even if they require you to pay for a ticket, maybe they are more frequent events) but only if they are indeed replacing them.
  23. I just made a post about something like this, which the Orioles actually did. I can't remember when, but I know it was elementary school for me, so before 2000. Maybe 98 or 99. But they had the Orioles take on the Orioles minor league all stars before the season opened at Bowie. I was able to get Cal's autograph twice, and made it onto a post-card for the Baysox while squished at the dugout. Elrod Hendricks was at his normal spot, Brady Anderson and many others signed. It was a very laid back environment and everyone we went with had a blast. I don't know why they cancelled it, but it would be great to resurrect this event.
  24. So anyway, Fanfest. I remember one year I worked for a sponsor and it was held at Camden Yards, and I thought that was the best fanfest I had been to up until that point. Ever since I've been a season ticket holder (2014) I have always had a work conflict and can't go. However, if they are replacing Fanfest, they need to replace it with another event. Speaking of season ticket holders, while I like some of the changes they did with the program, they quietly removed the season ticket holder appreciation day. They also removed the social media days......on top of extending the nets at the end of the season. So if you want to interact with players at the ballpark, your chances are extremely limited, if non-existent. So right now, the Orioles are in a tough spot eliminating all of those events, which were very popular with fans, both season ticket holders and non-season ticket holders. Here are some ideas to change things: 1.) Go back to a pre-season showcase of the Orioles MLB squad versus minor league all stars. Hold it at Bowie again, and also have different fanfest-type events, or as some said, some displays of new technology at work. Open it up to season ticket holders first based on seniority. 2.) Have weekly autograph sessions of current players. Start it during the exclusive time that season ticket holders have access to the bowl so they can line up early, and end it around the end of BP. When I visited the Rangers during the Orioles series, they did this and had four players open- Joey Gallo was one, so it wasn't just scrubs. It was an event they did at least once per homestand. 3.) If we aren't doing the social media nights, have players show up to hang out with fans during the theme nights/events. 4.) More events with the community involved, and involve more than one player (i.e. mall signings) That's just off the top of my head.
  25. They did that with a few teams, but the advertising for it is woefully bad. For example, they had Grayson Rodriguez, Adam Hall and Drew Rom doing a signing in August on Eutaw Street, and I was told by a friend in the stadium that saw their names on the seats when they walked in.
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