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  1. He definitely got the best pitch of the group, it’s going to be up to his fastball command as to whether he’s going to be a legit bullpen arm IMO. Would you protect Klimek?
  2. Just pointing out a clear contradiction within a single post of yours, one you continue to double down on, it’s ok if you don’t get it.
  3. He started with the Cardinals when he was 21 or 22 years old, so he was a youngin.
  4. Isn't that the definition of having emotional ties to a player?
  5. Yeah, I don't think any of those guys need to be protected, sure they might get picked, but generally relievers picked in the Rule 5 are either statistically dominant AAA types or premium stuff types. None of these guys really fit that bill. Felix Bautisa fits the premium stuff definition (t101, flashing an above average slider) but hasn't pitched above Low A, so even if he did get picked, he'd have a lot of trouble sticking.
  6. Minor League success in win-loss is definitely not equal to player development success, but it is interesting to note that the Rangers affiliates had the best combined record of all 30 teams under Matt Blood's season as director of Player Development. Also worth noting is that this is what Rangers GM Jon Daniels said about Blood when he was moved from Director of Player Development to Director of Baseball Innovation. "...Matt's done a great job recruiting and added a lot of development tools for us, but the challenge of doing that and managing what is essentially our biggest department is huge. This puts Matt in a spot where he can identify the best practices around the industry and help us recruit the best people." Mike Elias had this to say about Blood's hiring. “Matt has an unrivaled network when it comes to identifying up-and-coming coaching talent, and his knowledge of the latest trends in the player development sphere will help to keep us on the forefront of this critical area,” So basically, what Elias likes about him jives with what Daniels deems his best qualities. If you can read anything negative from the reassignment with the Rangers, it is that perhaps he had difficulty juggling the day-to-day of running the minor league system. Which makes him a good fit for the Orioles job since Kent Qualls is by all accounts excellent at managing minor league operations, freeing Blood to do what he does best, namely recruiting and hiring top development-minded coaches and implementing cutting-edge technologies for player development.
  7. Yeah, I'm assuming they gave him permission to take the job, he wasn't fired.
  8. Because he was hired by the Orioles.
  9. I don't think he's gone, just ending his stint with the big league club. Unless Roch later announced his firing and I just didn't see it.
  10. A simple fit would be the Indians, Kipnis is going to be 33 and will have his 16.5M club option declined. The Indians have limited payroll flexibility it seems so a 1/7M deal for an upgrade at 2B should be enticing.
  11. I'd need to go back and refresh my memory to give a full analysis, but I watched him pitch a bit. His fastball is up to 97mph, usually 94-96, offspeed stuff isn't great, I remember thinking that he was a bit less than Branden Kline. Like middle relief ceiling, more likely just AAA depth piece. I'd take Muckenhirn, Klimek, and Alvarado over him, just from the pool of AA relievers.
  12. In all his innings pitched combined. He was arguably the best reliever in the international league this year btw.
  13. 2016 - 7.97 BB/9 2017 - 6.11 BB/9 2018 - 5.10 BB/9 2019 - 4.32 BB/9
  14. Orioles sign Infielder Albert Calderon. It was announced by his trainer/league on Instagram as 75K on July 2nd, but not official until 9/10.
  15. He was in the mid to upper 90s at times earlier in the year, but below command, no good offspeed stuff.
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