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  1. He didn’t have the same level of secondary stuff as the other top arms, but I’m pretty sure everyone has him as a 1st round guy. However his velocity and secondaries were reportedly improved this fall so it’s very possible he jumps into that first tier of arms this spring.
  2. Houston has also been able to acquire arms late in the draft or cheaply in the international market and develop them into trade assets. I'm prepping for Rule 5 draft stuff and it's unbelievable how many good arms they have in the minors that came out of nowhere (10+ round pick or older international signees). They all throw hard and miss bats.
  3. Eh, I don't really buy that in this case. Liberatore is a lefty, has better mechanics, and more projection remaining, so I think there is a fair case for Liberatore then and now. It's really close though, Rodriguez is the better pitch at the moment, but no one really cares who is the better pitcher at 19 in low A ball.
  4. They moved him to 3B first. It wasn't SS to COF/1B. The reason the old player development team moved him to 3B instead of 2B according to one person who was in the meetings about it was to try and replace Manny. I know that's an absurd statement, but that was a good portion of the thought process.
  5. Yep and all this "will the fans come back?" stuff. If the Orioles build a winner, the stadium will be packed and the ratings will be high.
  6. Here's a rising HS arm who probably doesn't have the frame to get into the top of the 1st round, but has premium stuff and great mechanics.
  7. Mountcastle played 21 of his last 30 games in LF, despite the Tides having no true 1B on the team. Of the 9 games he played other positions, he DHed more than he played 1B. Generally DHing day games after night games and in the second game of doubleheaders.
  8. With the rotation consisting of Means, Bundy, and maybe Cobb if heathly, I'd try to get the 5th starter type if one is available. There usually isn't anyone available that's a lock for that role. It's much easier to find guys who project to be useful major league players but probably need another year or two in the minors. The reason the polished type isn't easy to find is that those players are easier to add to a 40 man because they can be expected to help the MLB club reasonably soon. Humpreys is interesting to me because he fits the mold of that polished performer with average stuff that usually gets protected but he hasn't pitched above A ball because of injuries. But watching him, he looks like a guy who has AA/AAA experience, just how he pitches. He might get protected, it's not like the Mets are loaded or anything. But I think the amount of time he missed makes it more likely they leave him unprotected.
  9. A lot of borderline guys get sent there. Jordan Humpreys and Aston Goudeau are two playing today who might slip through. Humpreys hasn't pitched about A ball because he missed basically all of 2018-2019 with injury, but has legit above average fastball command and a quality slider and change. He looks like a near ready 5th starter, but he might get through because how much time he's missed. Goudeau is a guy who changed his repitiore and improved his stuff across the board at 26, he was a minor league free agent last year, he might slip through due to his age.
  10. Your welcome, I'm still all eyes on the Fall Stars game, getting a good look at some potential Rule 5 draft guys!
  11. Kremer 9 FBs, 1 CB. The curveball looked like a strike where it was caught, but was high as it crossed, so he was hurt by the electronic zone. 1 GB, 2 popups, and a fairly well hit flyout by Jo Adell. Mostly 93mph with the FB.
  12. Guys would totally screw with how they wear their uniform to game the system in that case.
  13. Anthony Castro, the pitcher, is a guy who needs to be protected or will be Rule 5 available. He's a guy who's results haven't matched his stuff. (he sat mid 90s at points in the season and you saw the curve). Hung a changeup to Isbel though.
  14. I'm not sure, I'd guess all players would have to be measured and then the computer generates the zone based on who is up at the plate.
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