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  1. I think fans will be in for a rude awakening if they put 2020 expectations on 2021 Jose Iglesias. Still a decent player by all means but we have pretty overwhelming evidence that he is a below average hitter in the league and just a 39 game sample size of a transformed line drive machine. BABIP was an .407. Career .308. His line drive % was 40% while the leader in LD% in 2019 was 28.5%.
  2. Bullpen was a pleasant surprise this year even with trading away Richard B, Givens, and Castro. 3.90 team ERA and a handful of guys took legit steps forward with the peripherals to back it up. 2019: 5.79 bullpen ERA 2018: 4.78 bullpen ERA
  3. Hanser’s a fantastic platoon player forced into an everyday role with no replacement knocking on the door and a clubhouse favorite. That’s enough for me for 1 time through arbitration. Obviously this team should still be trading away players who won’t be here long term if the right deal arises, but I think, at the least, we are at the point in the rebuild where we can afford to pay a few quality but flawed players above the league minimum.
  4. I really cannot fathom the Orioles non-tendering Núñez. The guy just had an 121 OPS+. He’s younger than DJ Stewart and Severino. He’s not even 12 months older than Mullins, Sisco, Santander. We can’t afford to pay one of our team’s top 3 offensive players 3 mil at age 26?How long are we planning to be 30th in the MLB in salary?
  5. Roch mentioned a possible non-tender of Núñez. I don’t like that idea at all. All he’s done since being an Oriole is hit above league average. Mancini, Mountcastle, Valaika have the ability to play first. I would be very pissed if Davis prevents the O’s from keeping a solid offensive piece in Núñez. And he’s only 26.
  6. Nunez does not look good up there and hasn’t for a handful of games. lingering hammy injury?
  7. I do find it funny that my defense of Stewart is entirely statistically based, and my defense of Hays is despite his statistics. I imagine the many people think of Hays in high regard the same way they think of Yusniel Diaz. Despite a couple lack luster seasons, the tools/talents are too good not to project into the big leagues. Some guys never figure it out but I’m not writing off Hays yet. For some reason I actually like him more after this season than I did after last season. No statistical measures being used, just my eye test. I wish he would wear batting gloves though.
  8. Williams does not impress me. I am very much looking forward to having Hays back. The dude is jacked, and quick, and hits the ball hard. He got hit by a pitch in the ribs, Cmon. Less than 20 game sample size to start the season. I think when he comes back you’ll see a DJ Stewart like jolt. Mullins surprised me greatly. After his 2019, and watching him from both sides of the plate for the first month of 2020, I wrote him off. But I don’t think he’s anything more than a 4th outfielder. I like him from the left side of the plate a lot more than the right.
  9. Never understood the DJ Stewart hate. Perhaps he is prone to being goofy and doesn’t look the athlete. I don’t think he’s gonna steal bases in the majors but he is quick. He hustles. He draws walks and makes contact. He’s had a very successful college and minor league career. He hits RHP and LHP. Now a 110 OPS+ in 229 big league plate appearances. I could not believe we optioned him after that short a sample size so Dwight Smith and then Mason Williams could play.
  10. He also started off very hot in April 2018. 2.96 ERA with a 4.4 K/BB ratio.
  11. I don’t see a reason to pull Cobb there. He was at 71 pitches and gave up 3 hits so far in the game. That inning was a soft single and a walk. Previous game pitch counts: 78, 87, 86
  12. That should be an error. Davis’ mind and heart is out of it too. Lazy defense, not knowing how many outs there are, just flailing at the ball at the plate
  13. Of course we need insurance for injuries but I’d rather see 1. Sev/Sisco getting the at-bats for the O’s 2. Wynns/Cervenka getting the at-bats for the Tides 3. Cumberland getting the at-bats for the Baysox Evaluate Evaluate Evaluate
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