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  1. Man this thread has turned into something. I won't bother quoting everyone but wanted to share a few reactions I had while reading. 1. Matt Boyd 2018-2019 is not a worthy comparison of John Means because John Means is a much better pitcher. Any trade discussion should start from the fact that we would be trading a 28 year old cheap, controllably pitcher who is approaching 350 innings now at nearly LESS than 1.00 WHIP, ERA less than 3.60. And yes the Bedard haul is a reasonable comparison. To hell with the peripherals that don't like him. Watch him pitch. FIP says that John Means and Matt
  2. I suppose the more accurate statement would have been he made it very far for a player from Australia.
  3. Hate to give up on a guy so early but Alex Wells does not look like he has major league chops. Or even realistically close to it. I don’t like that 90mph flat fastball or the 73mph slow curve. And I don’t really see a changeup. He made it very far for a undrafted signee.
  4. Absolutely absurd to keep him in the bullpen next year.
  5. Michael Pineda was signed to a 2 year, 10 year deal prior to the 2018 season knowing that season would be a lost one.
  6. I think you may need to readjust your memory of DJ Stewart being hurt a lot. 2015: can’t find any transaction saying he was injured. 2016: can’t find any transaction saying he was injured. 2017: Looks like he missed 10 days in the minors for one injury. 2018: missed 14 days in the minors 2019: missed 49 days combined for a concussion and right ankle sprain. 2020: no missed time. 2021: missed first 9 games of the season and that’s it. That’s 11 missed days a year. 20 missed days a year if you are starting from when he debuted in the majors an
  7. Sedlock and Blaine Knight both bombed their last outings. Knight has given up 18 runs in his last 15 innings.
  8. Wish it was Zimmermann out there. Akin’s got a straight fastball and can’t hit the right side of the plate. What a disappointment. It’s so frustrating seeing these pitchers pitch like this and we have no one to replace them.
  9. Gotta treat Bannon like Baumann. Baumann’s overall product in Bowie this year wasn’t very good but it was clear he was working through his injury and looked like his old self by the end of his stint there. Bannon may hit well for the rest of the season and still end with a bad slash line. Who cares? If he sinks back into a slump that’s another story. Hopefully he can earn a promotion and get a shot before the infielders in Aberdeen and Bowie come through.
  10. Wanted to shoutout Mason McCoy’s bat ticking up lately. Same time Jahmai Jones offensive production has been trending down. Has played mostly SS in Richie Martin’s absence. .301/.378/.562 in the last 28 days
  11. Is that 2 homers for Stewart this series? Gonna need some more of those to save his roster spot
  12. Nunez with some revenge. 108 OPS+ during his time in Baltimore. Orioles DH’s have hit for a 108 OPS+ this year.
  13. Waves of Starting Pitcher Prospects During Rebuild 2018 Debut 1. John Means --> never much of a prospect but blossomed into an All-Star. 2. David Hess --> dime a dozen AAAA guy --> DFA'd after falling out of rotation and failing in mop up duties 3. Luis Ortiz --> came over in the Jonathan Schoop trade, once a highly rated prospect but that status drifted away --> Never has been able to get AAA hitters out 4. Josh Rogers --> came over in the Zach Britton trade --> soft thrower that needed Tommy John and was released upon return 5. Yefry Ramire
  14. Been a joy to watch Harvey this second half. Happy for him even if it doesn’t last.
  15. Don’t like the first 2 swings off Harvey. Hopefully that knee is okay
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