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  1. Of course we need insurance for injuries but I’d rather see 1. Sev/Sisco getting the at-bats for the O’s 2. Wynns/Cervenka getting the at-bats for the Tides 3. Cumberland getting the at-bats for the Baysox Evaluate Evaluate Evaluate
  2. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/news/orioles-top-games-of-the-decade Article on the O’s website. Agree? Disagree? Any other games that should be in there? The 2012 16 inning game that Chris Davis closed out was a favorite of mine. Also, when the Yanks came to town in 2012 for a 4 game series in September. O’s has a 6-1 lead and blew it. Jones belted a homer the next half inning and Reynolds and Davis added more. https://youtu.be/JA70bq3MxEM
  3. Yup. Williams doesn’t need to be kept. I think the team gives Davis and Smith Jr April, basically until Mountcastle is called up and Stewart comes back.
  4. The catching situation seems pretty set. Sisco/Severino platoon. Wynns good defensive catcher with a patient eye. Hopefully Cumberland and Cervenka stay healthy so we can see if they are anything. Rutschman finishes in Bowie I’d say. Maybe a Sucre/Perez type is added to round out the upper minors.
  5. I think Davis will be given spring training and the first month of the season. Once Mountcastle passes the service time date Davis will be DFA’d.
  6. My only problem is that we had outfield at-bats to give and we chose not to. bad evaluation 1. last minute trade for Dwight Smith Jr 2. signing of Keon Broxton 3. conversion of infielder Stevie Wilkerson 4. callup of Santander when he had posted mediocre AAA stats
  7. I'll probably bump this thread after the last few weeks of stats come in, but you can kiss these 5 goodbye no matter what they do from here on out. Mark Trumbo Chris Davis Ty Blach Tayler Scott Aaron Brooks
  8. I probably blame Duquette’s regime more actually. Elias just took over and was presumably still in player evaluation mode. Holders from Duquette’s era said Yaz is nothing. Same with Means. They never thought anything of their of them. And the thing is, we had OF at-bats to give. Maybe just because I pay most attention with to the Orioles but I feel like they often over-evaluate and under-evaluate what they have frequently.
  9. Everyone is using the same ball. Yaz with a 121 OPS+ and a .307 BABIP.
  10. Will Cumberland get added to the 40-man to be protected from Rule V?
  11. I’m not sure your point. It was a bad trade. We had outfield at-bats to give(late trade for Dwight Smith Jr, conversion of infielder Stevie Wilkerson to outfield, mid-season trade for Keon Broxton with a 50% K rate) and Yaz did pretty well in Norfolk last year. Ball is juiced but he’s performing well above league average with actually better splits against LHP. And Herb is in Bowie at age 27. We got rid of our crap for their crap and our crap turned out to be the best outfielder we would have had this year.
  12. his time in the majors will come when he’s earned his way to the majors
  13. He’s “been hurt” for 2 years. If he’s healthy he’ll show it in Norfolk next year
  14. Nope. OBP can’t even crack .300 in AAA with a juiced ball
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