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  1. Seriously? Wasn’t there just an hour rain delay? Hence the field is wet?
  2. Should be 3 outs right there
  3. Very sad career for this man. Experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Could this be his last ever MLB game?
  4. C’mon Stevie. Rooting for ya. Gotta hit a curveball
  5. Nice DP there. Lucky spot. They’re roping em against Harvey right now
  6. Haha Cedric Mullins: 2.7 WAR Orioles OF: 2.5 WAR
  7. Might not be necessary. Wells has looked pretty darn good lately. Legitimate downhill fastball with big breaking ball.
  8. In 2013, the O’s took 4 catchers in the first 10 rounds. Perhaps hoping one of them would take the reigns from Matt Wieters Chance Sisco (2nd), Jonah Heim (4th), Alex Murphy (6th), Austin Wynns (10th). Only Murphy didn’t crack the big leagues as he was moved off of catcher, released, and is now in Independent ball. None of the 3 major leaguers have done much, just hovering around replacement level in their limited time. Perhaps Heim, who’s been traded a few times, has the best chance to succeed although Wynns should get a good bit of playing time if he can hit the ball a lick.
  9. Really no one to replace him but man I’ve had enough of Franco. Front shoulder flies open every at-bat and he just flails at it. What a waste. In terrible shape too. Doesn’t hustle.
  10. Wells has a legit big league downhill fastball. Not sure of his breaking stuff as he only pitches in the blowouts and I will have stopped watching by then a lot of the time.
  11. Pretty unfortunate series of events for Harvey this inning. Perfect series of dinkers, bloopers, and bombs for the Rays. But Harvey isn’t a major league starter. He pumps the zone with an underwhelming fastball and really flat breaking balls. In ST, I thought he would be better off in the pen
  12. I’m excited for Stevie. I’m quite fond of him and think he will find success if utilized correctly. He has hit very well every time he’s spent time with the Tides. Late bloomer type & hard worker. He’s quite athletic and in very good shape. He needs to give up switch hitting as Cedric has done. Rio was given every chance to succeed.
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