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  1. Who has the most upside of the guys who you think could slide to 41?
  2. 93mph a few times, slider filthy, change strong. 89 pitches to get through 7.
  3. Need to get him in to see Jimmy.
  4. They’re really hammering the slider this evening. I think someone nearly fouled one off.
  5. Mashing lefties, cannon of an arm, SB, hustle, & an easy 3.1 seconds to first, could be getting himself into the mvp discussion.
  6. I’m bullish on the Stewman show.
  7. Cousin Marv: What? Bob: They're Chechens. They're from Chechnya, but you call them Chechens. Cousin Marv: Yeah, they're from Chechnya. Bob: Yeah, I said that. You don't call people from Ireland Irelandians, do you
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