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  1. Questions Selected: 1.) How do you view the O's first draft under Elias? 2.) Was the selection of so many hitters over pitchers a philosophy, or was it just a matter of BPA? 3.) What metrics were you guys focused on and how did that lead to the selection of any particular players? 4.) Give us one guy from the later rounds that you think is a steal? 5.) How much of the decision-making process is driven by Sig’s draft model and what are some of the input criteria to said model? 6.) Do you think it is getting harder for Elias to get the players who meet his criteria, given that there are two other GM’s who worked with him in Houston and may have similar criteria, and that the Astros’ draft philosophy has been pretty well publicized at this point? 7.) In this draft, we selected a handful of DII and DIII players. As a scout under Elias regime, how do you evaluate the players in relation to DI and/or HS guys? 8.) What information was discussed between picks if he was in the war room with Elias in the past. Especially if the player at the top of their board was picked by one of the two teams before them 9.) When he is evaluating or scouting a prospect, what are some things about a prospect’s “makeup” that would be an immediate red flag, resulting in removal from consideration? a. Which of these traits did Mr. Elias emphasize that he scout for? 10.) What hit rate did Elias feel was acceptable for high draft choices making it to the majors?
  2. OK, I"m going to start firing these questions i've compiled to my buddy. We are doing this interactively via text. So the questions/answers might not come one after the other....
  3. I will say this, during the draft I asked my contact what he thought about the Orioles draft? His response was "Gunnar!" Sounds like he's really high this draft pick.
  4. All, I wanted to present an opportunity to do a Q&A with a Scout who used to work with Elias in Houston; how he viewed the O’s first draft under Elias. Id like to gather as many questions from the members to present them to him by the end of the week. If there is anything you want answered, please leave a comment in the thread and I’ll get those in front of him. DM if you have any questions.
  5. Drafted in the 8th Rd out of HS in Rockville. Played 5 years in the Boston Red Sox Farm system.
  6. I played for him in the Red Sox Organization for 3 years at different levels. Every player on every team all said the same thing. They’d all run through a brick wall for the guy. Players love him and he’s had success managing in the minors and big league staff’s.
  7. Kent Qualls is the biggest snitch in the business. Spied on players in the Boston Organization non-stop.
  8. Givens will be a good pickup for somebody. You don't find too many guys throwing it sidearm like him in the upper 90's. A change of scenery might be all the guy needs as well.
  9. Tony, awhile back I posted that this is how Duquette ran the Red Sox and eventually ran himself out of town. The entire minor league system was almost entirely in the dark. You would have random people coming and going, players looking over their shoulders, players not given opportunities because the club has invested money into players who weren't as good. He made sure "his" guys were afforded all the opportunities to succeed. That created animosity amongst organizational coaches, players and instructors. I recall specifically sitting in an office with DeMarlo Hale in A ball on the phone with Duquette because he wanted to play the guy he drafted that year over me when I was on a 12 game hitting streak. To keep it short, DeMarlo was not pleased with being forced to play players. He picks his favorites, there is no question about it. Whether they deserve to be promoted or not, they will move through the organization. I still talk to a lot of players from my time in the Red Sox organization and we still talk about how things were ran til this day. He brought a lot of guys with him from the Sox organization so I can't imagine the culture changed that much. There were a lot of issues with Qualls spying on players as well.
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