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  1. Perhaps For the press conference was about 65 or so.Some might have been walking outside in or around the trains.
  2. Brunch was nice.Three types of pancakes,eggs,potatoes, muffins,coffee cake and three juices and many coffees and teas.No giveaways but face painting, caricatures and photos.Means and Kline were very nice.Means is a big Chiefs fan since he grew up near there.He would have came to Baltimore if Ravens played the Chiefs.Not going to the Super Bowl ,too expensive. He said he did go to the World Series when KC was in it a few years back.The many trains was also great.Going through many is always nice. Kline said when his kid gets older he will take him there.About 75 people or so.
  3. Congrats.A few years you can take him .Thomas and all the other train stuff.
  4. Fungible is one of my favorite works with positron.
  5. I will be at the B & O tomorrow. I like that place . Always was into trains.
  6. Saw this on the Orioles twitter page. $45.00 for Hays? Seems very high. But kid has to eat.
  7. My post from October 25th. They did not do exactly what i wanted but close. Still should do one at Camden Yards with the #1 pick. Posted October 25, 2019 I think a caravan across the state of Maryland and parts of Central PA would be a good idea. About six teams have one in January,at least as of last year. You get five or six different buses and the Orioles roam the state and near York ,PA. Each bus has two or so current Orioles,two former Orioles ,a TV and radio guy and two minor leaguers and Oriole bird and maybe a minor league mascot depending on what stadium they stop at. . i know the other teams stop at businesses,schools,hospitals,nursing homes.etc. Kids clinics indoors also . Stops could be started in Hagerstown and go to Fort Detrick and up to a mall in York,Pa and end up at the Keys Stadium for Oriole season ticket holders and Keys season ticket holders to get autographs. Also off for the Eastern Shore and ending at the Shorebirds stadium for again season ticket holders of Shorebirds and Orioles. One for Annapolis with stops at the USNA and go to Fort Meade and end up at the Baysox Stadium again for season ticket holders of both teams. One for Aberdeen with stops at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds and ending at the Ironbirds stadium for season ticket holders of both teams. The big one would be the one for Baltimore which would have to include the # 1 draft pick with stops at SSA and throughout the county and city ending at Camden Yards for autographs for season ticket holders. They would also be stopping at the other places I listed above. The Reds are even doing a contest this year where the bus stops at your place of business or your house if you win. https://www.mlb.com/news/reds-caravan-details-released-for-2019-c302354222
  8. I said they should do Fort Meade and schools and hold them all over.Is my check in the mail?.They should do a private event at the stadium.Birdland members
  9. Probably, but everyone knew.Other teams knew also. But did any of the video guys get punished?.
  10. Want to see a really interesting documentary about scandal and cheating watch Icarus. The Russians are still trying to take out or get the Russian whistleblower back. The Russians just got banned again from the Olympics. It is on Netflix.
  11. Yes,and he claimed that the Astros broke in first. But people claim things that are not always true. Former St. Louis Cardinals scouting director Chris Correa on Tuesday said he accepts responsibility for a breach of the Houston Astros' baseball operations database, but he maintains that the Astros were the team that first stole information. Correa on Tuesday issued a statement on Twitter saying his actions came as the result of finding out that the Astros first stole the Cardinals' data. "On December 21, 2011, a Houston Astros employee accessed proprietary data on a St. Louis Cardinals server. Later, I would learn -- through unlawful methods -- that Cardinals' data were used extensively from 2012 through 2014," Correa said in the statement, which he said would be his last while he serves a 46-month prison sentence. https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/18592311/chris-correa-maintains-allegations-houston-astros-first-stole-information-st-louis-cardinals
  12. You mean pros? Been at least five point shaving scandals in college basketball that we know of.
  13. But shouldn't the union care about the players who might have got hurt by the cheating? A pitcher who got sent back down after being called up and getting blasted when he pitched against the Astros.Maybe it affected a few pitchers .I know they will never let players be suspended for cheating.
  14. Because MLB is not going to suspend 20 or more players for a season. They can make an example of the few and try to detsr it somewhat.Like everyone is speeding on the highway but few get pulled over by the police.Some will get away with it.
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