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  1. Gausman was one of my favorites.At Fanfest won bingo when he was calling the bingo numbers.I didn't win 9 million though. I could have been a millionaire but just got two tickets to a future Oriole game. Memories.
  2. For anyone going who is a Birdland member, your tickets should be loaded to the MLB Ballpark App by tomorrow.
  3. From Iron Mike: Elias said that a group of minor league pitchers, including left-hander Keegan Akin, right-hander Dean Kremer and left-hander Bruce Zimmermann (Loyola Blakefield), could all compete for starting rotation spots in 2020, with Akin a candidate to break camp with the team. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/orioles/bs-sp-orioles-triple-a-pitchers-20191210-ak7jm22e3be6vejogqaq3qdbe4-story.html
  4. Could be some showers on Saturday,at least weather for now near 50. Here are some of the local food trucks: Pablo's Toc O's Jimmy's Famous Seafood Dough Boy Fresh Pretzel Company Green Bowl Dunkin' Boog's BBQ Vendors: Ama Scents Baltimore Humane Society WhitePaws RunMitts Natasha's Just Brittle Sippin' Pretty Designs Krystle Kollection FuzzyMug Zinnia Virgo Soaps DramaMama Book Shop ScentCity Candles Flowers & Fancies Mount Royal Soap Co. But it is a special conversation. 😀 Executive vice president/general manager Mike Elias, assistant Sig Mejdal and manager Brandon Hyde will participate in a “special conversation,” per the team’s press release. MASN’s Rob Long will serve as emcee. Birdland Members who renewed their season tickets for the 2020 season may attend for free and will be granted access to exclusive opportunities at the event that haven’t been announced. Not sure if anything has been announced yet. Heard they would send a ticket to Birdland Members digitally to get in for free . We’ll be sending digital tickets to our BIrdland Members through the Ballpark App. I am not sure they will do much before Spring Training since February 12 is the reporting date. Would have to put out a press release soon if they are doing anything in January. Also the last spring game is on a Monday and then open on a Thursday, so not sure they would do an event at night during the week with school open. Also i guess no Navy game at the Naval Academy again even though they promised one last year. I guess could do one Tuesday or Wednesday but does not look likely. Lamar Jackson should throw out the first pitch on Opening Day,
  5. He wears a 40 long .He looks good in an Orange suit
  6. You are right bogus might not be the right word but most people who go to an Oriole game are not going to the Kids Corner for a hot dog and a drink If you do and do the Kids Free thing, baseball is a great entertainment value.We can debate if the Orioles are entertaining. 😀 Full disclosure I have also got myself a drink there.Hope the statue of limitations has run out by now.
  7. The $1.50 hot dogs are kids dogs and only sold at the Kids Corner that has moved to the left as you enter from Eutaw Street .Hot Dogs went up last year for the general public. That price index thing they use for Camden Yards is somewhat bogus,they also use the $1.00 soda which is also sold only at the Kids Corner.
  8. Majority also. My investments have been almost as successful .😀 Best-selling author Tom Clancy, who died yesterday, and his former wife Wanda, have made a $230 million pretax profit on his original investment in the Baltimore Orioles. https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2013/10/03/tom-clancy-made-230-million-profit-on-investment-in-baltimore-orioles/#58ab84775f67
  9. But she can sing the Seven Rings song for motivation. 26 and never played with A ball.She might be raw and lacking experience.
  10. Roch flying out now.Cheapo Air flights were cheaper mid afternoon Sunday.Charter flight with Roch in cargo hold.The tarantulas and snakes are amazing.
  11. But the Orioles went from around 3.3 to 2.5 in four years even before the Nationals came. They were run poorly and people were starting not to come. Now they are really terrible and some people don't like to come downtown. How much more would the Orioles have drawn with no Nationals team?
  12. Not sure about a dynasty yet, They have five straight winning seasons. Made playoffs 4 of the 5 years. From 1994 to 2006 ,they had one losing season and made the playoffs 6 times and finished 1st or second except for one year. That was the time they only had one wildcard team. Also the Astros payroll is the second highest in baseball so far in 2020. Verlander,Altuve and Greinke make more then the whole Oriole payroll in 2020. https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/payroll/
  13. And one could argue that MASN deal made the Orioles more profitable then if the Nationals were not here. Orioles basically control two regional networks or at least most of the network.
  14. Most teams try to find the players they like from other teams and try to help them to the next level. My friend is a scout for a MLB team and he is always trying to find a hidden gem from another organization and unlock their talents .Maybe the Orioles didn't do this as much before but they were operating in Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble time.
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