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  1. No he was an Angelos son hire "John's senior executive experience working for some of the most iconic sports team brands and most-respected organizations across the world's top sports leagues make him the ideal choice to oversee our talented business division in further developing our Orioles and Oriole Park brands in the years to come," said JOHN ANGELOS, Orioles Executive Vice President.
  2. Yes,the guy who was running it went back to Miami after less then a year
  3. I have heard they are throwing around some ideas but nothing definite.Also heard it could be back.Remembet after they made it to the playoffs they did away with the 13 game plans and went to a 20 game plan.They got enough complaints that they reinstated the 13 game plan.
  4. Rays do that for their season ticket holders. I remember a long time back that the Orioles had juice,coffee and bagels and danish before 10 AM for the season ticket holders . Season Ticket Holders will also be able to access the Republic Bank Draft Room—a club area which will feature a photo station to have their pictures taken with Rays players, complimentary refreshments and hors d’oeuvres, alumni player appearances and more. Season Ticket Holders will also receive a 15 percent discount at select concession and merchandise stands. https://www.draysbay.com/2019/2/1/18206794/rays-announce-fan-fest-details-for-2019 https://www.draysbay.com/2019/2/1/18206794/rays-announce-fan-fest-details-for-2019
  5. It is written in their contract that they have to attend Fanfest or whatever it is called in other cities.They have to have a legitimate excuse not to attend.But a small fine that Schoop got probably made no difference.
  6. Nope,the Angelos family made a nice profit this year. About $240 million in revenue even before attendance. MASN is a separate entity from the Orioles so that profit is not shown in the Oriole books. With payroll basically slashed in half ,this year was one of the most profitable ever for the Angelos family,
  7. The first Astros Futures games take place three and three and a half hours from downtown Houston. I don't see how this correlates to anything like Fanfest. The second is at Petco but have no signings. Maybe a game at Camden Yards with free tickets and charge for autograph signings and pictures with future Orioles and some old Orioles and maybe even a player or two from the current Orioles. Maybe two games right before the season. Discussions at the Roof Deck Bar. Dugout Tours an hour or so after the games.I know John Vidalin ,who went back to Miami has some innovative ideas but the Orioles are not the most innovative team.promotion has always been bad with the Orioles over the years. They even had trouble getting players for the Orioles Annual Christmas Party. Players out in the community was also not good this year. A few signings in York Pa but nothing really like a few years back. This is based on not many players have been here awhile and players don't spend much time here.
  8. Is the money spent on signing draft picks in the player expenses? Also the MASN revenue not subject to revenue sharing is not in the Forbes calculation. MASN is a separate entity then the Orioles.That is one of the reasons the Orioles dont want to give any more money to the Nationals. For every dollar they give more to the Nationals they have to give to the Orioles and that is subject to revenue sharing.
  9. Also the smaller market teams can increase their payroll alot and still make a nice profit.
  10. The baseball revenue is not in stadium attendance.Teams are now starting with over $200 million in revenue which teams share.
  11. The Nationals had an attendance drop of 269,823 from last year. Playing one more game then last year.
  12. If the team lost money on the revenue that was shared with all teams that was $209 million in 2018 plus whatever was left over from the RSN that was not revenue shared,plus attendance and merchandise and food sales not shared then that must be some accounting trick.. Based on their payroll in 2019.
  13. As for the statement about building around Baltimore and the stadium area. As i have said before ,the city is expanding rapidly in some areas and dying in others. Port Covington is one of the biggest HQ and revitalization projects on the East Coast. On the other side of the stadium near the casino, they are building a Top Golf and now two concert halls.,the Paramount and Hammerjacks reopening. Also Canton.Harbor East, Woodberry and other areas keep getting new condos,apartments and restaurants. https://www.southbmore.com/2019/10/11/plans-revealed-for-3750-seat-the-paramount-baltimore-music-venue-across-from-mt-bank-stadium/ https://baltimorefishbowl.com/stories/50-million-3750-seat-concert-venue-proposed-for-south-baltimore/ https://pc.city/development/ https://www.baltimoresun.com/business/bs-bz-liberty-harbor-east-20191014-q56ifdkwjff77p3erpgazbzmaa-story.html
  14. The Nationals had an attendance drop of 269,823 from last year. Playing one more game then last year. The Orioles want the Stadium Authority to upgrade the stadium. All part of the bargaining of the lease deal. They could keep it better but ownership likes more money in their pocket. Just like the media PR that the Orioles can't sign Villar for one year at around $10 or so million dollars. Can't sign him because of a rebuild . It is only for one year and the Orioles made plenty of extra revenue by already cutting salary from last year. In Major League Baseball, 48% of local revenues are subject to revenue sharing and are distributed equally among all 30 teams, with each team receiving 3.3% of the total sum generated. As a result, in 2018, each team received $118 million from this pot. Teams also receive a share of national revenues, which were estimated to be $91 million per team, also in 2018. https://www.baseball-reference.com/bullpen/Revenue_sharing
  15. They fixed up the video a little. It was worse with no interaction from the players at all when they showed it at stadium. Used to have the players singing or holding up signs and the manager thanking the fans personally on the video.Not much effort put in.
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