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  1. Really? How you come across on TV and how you treat people in a normal day at the job might be completely different.
  2. Yup,he has a nickname of the HAG.That is one of the nicer names I heard.Heartless Analytics Guy.
  3. A million or less has only happened twice since 2003.This year and last year with the Marlins.Tough with MLB doing paid attendance and not actual attendance to go below that.NL used to do actual many years ago.
  4. 32,289 for 1.3 million. Right at or a little short ,it looks like.
  5. i just meant the attendance will be better when the Orioles promote Rutschman to the big leagues. Not that he will be up next year.
  6. Plus as I have said before you got the Yankee and Red Sox fans to keep the attendance from going way below 1,3 million. But the Red Sox fans may disappear depending on what they do in the off season. Next year having the Cubs on a weekday series in April will hurt a bigger draw and the weekends Some of the other weekend series next year are not teams that draw. Plus one Sunday game is the MLB Little League Classic. They will draw when the #1 catcher comes up.
  7. 44,003 for the last three games for 1.3 million.Paid attendance should be close.Really nothing to be excited about but understandable. The last two years the Orioles have lost more games at home then any time ever in a 162 game season.Not sure if it is ever..Mets and Tigers both lost 107 at home consecutively . Tough to watch such bad home team baseball. Still would be the worst average hone attendance since 1978 and of course worst ever at Camden Yards.
  8. Most definitely. Don't want to read about some procedure over the off season.Bicep soreness could lead to other things if not careful. Hope the Orioles will not regret the Friday the 13th appearance after a 11 day layoff.
  9. Probably need about 44,000 for the last three games to get to 1.3 million. See from 42,000 to 45,000 or so.
  10. I think pitch calling is overrated. The Rays are almost always near the top in ERA and they have at least one or two new catchers every year.It is the pitchers and a little the pitching coach.
  11. Harvey shut down. Thrown enough innings and has not rebounded that well. Want him healthy for next year..Supposedly little bicep soreness.
  12. This might be the worst game ever played by two teams
  13. Well played 4 hour game.You know not over.
  14. Tigers,Marlins and Roysls all lost.All crap.
  15. Not over.Garbage teams. Orioles still have a good chance.
  16. At least these two teams play fast ,good defense and good pitching.A lot of garbage teams.
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