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  1. Well if he did, that would make my comment incredibly insensitive.
  2. Guthrie is good people. He had a house in the same neighborhood in Utah as my in-laws. When my oldest son (15 - 16 years old) would go there to visit over the Christmas break, Guthrie would walk to my in-laws house and knock on the door to see if my son could come and play catch with him in the park. They would clear the snow to stand on and play catch and long-toss to keep Jeremy's arm conditioned during the winter. I had to tell my son that not every kid has major leaguers knocking on their door to have a catch. I think Guthrie is firmly planted in the west, however. He has moved back to Oregon permanently, from what I understand.
  3. I wonder if the Red Sox bring Bill Buckner in as an instructor?
  4. I would be more in favor of splitting the season up into two seasons (essentially wiping the slate clean halfway through the summer). Winners of each of the mini-seasons would meet in the end of season playoffs. If the same team won both mini-seasons, the runners up would be included. This would eliminate teams tanking in July when they eliminated from contention. It would also make the mid-season trades more interesting (and more strategic) and perhaps provide incentive for teams to not sell off star players mid-season. Teams that suffered major injuries or slow starts in the first half of the season would still have a chance for a playoff run in the second half.
  5. This comment made me laugh out loud at my desk.
  6. If he can put up numbers like last year (.291/ 35 HR / 97 RBI), I would think the O's would find a way to keep him around through the rebuild. I'm a big Mancini fan. He doesn't draw a lot of attention to himself, but he can hit a baseball.
  7. Add to that the top rated catcher prospect (from the article today).
  8. According to MLB.com, Baltimore has the #10 rated RHP and #10 rated LHP prospects for 2020. That's not a bad way to begin the re-build.
  9. What an awesome opportunity. I love that I stumbled across this site a few years back - your contribution was one of the things that kept me here. Living 3,000 miles away from Camden Yards makes it tough to keep up with the Orioles major league team, much less the minor league squads. Your analysis will be missed.
  10. Machado scored much better as a shortstop than a third baseman (+3 as a SS, -5 as a 3B).
  11. Christian Walker at a plus 9. Wasn't he an Oriole at one time?
  12. Interesting to note on the outfielders: The highest-rated Orioles outfielder was the much-maligned Steve Wilkerson at -2. Mancini was -6 and DSJ came in at -10.
  13. I would settle for season sweeps of the Yankees and Red Sox.
  14. Positioning for draft picks Front office/baseball personnel changes Developing pitchers Corner outfielders defensive deficiencies The use of international money or lack of international scouting Mancini not making the All Star squad The next group of "tradeable" players and what they might yield in return Not bringing up young players or playing veterans over youth
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