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  1. The Orioles had three picks before most other teams picked their second player. And yet - they did not get anybody that most annalists would consider an "impact" type player. They were (reportedly) able to lure a couple of high school kids out of their college commitments, but it will be years before we know if that means anything. I will go with a solid C.
  2. There wasn't any baseball being played for a scout to watch, either.
  3. I should add one-dimensional to that statement. Love these guys.
  4. On the bright side, the video bio of him on mlb.com says there is some "swing and miss" to his game and his fielding skills are "okay". They think he'll be moved to 1B or LF. You can never have enough big, plodding guys that strike out a lot in your organization, I say.
  5. 6'5" third baseman. Maybe he can work into that DH role - I hear there is not a lot of competition there.
  6. Did you hear Harold Reynolds when they asked him what he thought of the pick? He hesitated and said "I lllliked it" in the same way you say you liked the lima bean stew your friend's mom fed you when she asked what you thought of it. I wonder if Harold had any idea who he was. I was a scramble to find a notecard with some bio info and stats.
  7. Have we just given up? Does this make sense to anyone?
  8. I was like your kids. I remember when I got my driver's license at age 16. I was 5'4" and 120 lbs. I have four older brothers and played sports with them and their friends growing up so I was used to playing with bigger stronger kids and wasn't intimidated by that. I was small through Little League and Pony League baseball, but fortunately I grew up in a small town with a smaller pool of players. Because of this, I did make the All Star Teams every year (I had decent enough skills to overcome my lack of size/strength ). Had I played in a bigger league with a larger talent pool, I probably wouldn't have made those All Star teams. It wasn't until my senior year in high school that I really caught up to my peers physically. I had grown to 6'0" and 175. I dropped football after ninth grade and basketball after 10th grade but continued with baseball. By my senior year, I was finally able to drive the ball (3 home runs and a .385 average) and started 3B and 2B. I even tried to walk on my college team but cut myself after a couple weeks of practice when I could see it was going to be a big time investment for not much reward. I have never given up my love for baseball. I would hate to see it go away.
  9. Don't we have Gunnar Henderson as the shortstop we're grooming for the big leagues? Did we just use round 1A draft pick to fill a minor league roster for the next 12 years?
  10. I am hoping for someone completely underwhelming that is ranked about 40 slots lower than where the Orioles pick - preferably an outfielder with a high swing and miss rate. Either that or a hard throwing right handed with a history of arm injuries.
  11. There is some truth in this rambling. There are a lot more (organized) things for kids to do than there were in my youth. My gave up baseball and basketball after their freshman/sophomore years of high school (and they lasted a lot longer than most kids). One problem with youth baseball is that the kids that are slower to develop physically give the sport up before they catch up with their peers physically. The kids that are bigger and stronger at age 10, 11, 12 play the key positions and have the most success batting when compared to the smaller/weaker kids that develop slower. So these big kids make the All Star Teams, then they play on travel ball teams (because coaches can't keep weak kids on travel ball teams - you have to win now). So these kids that may be good athletes and have decent fundamentals lose interest because nobody gives them chance to develop. All but the most determined quit playing by age 12. My kids had moved on to things like ultimate frisbee, or smashball, or even dodgeball and such things to fulfill their competitive drive, run with their friends, throw things, etc. They see no reason playing in the adult-dominated and structured format of the "major" sports. They could just play, and play competitively, in the more fringe sports and not have to deal with the politics of the more mainstream sports.
  12. I can remember taking my kid(s) to a summer AAU basketball tournament game in the morning, then having him change in the car on the way to the baseball diamond for a game (where usually he pitched), and then changing back to the basketball clothes to play another basketball game. Those were long days and the kids get burned out in a hurry I didn't play soccer or watch soccer growing up, so I had no emotional attachment to it. My kids all played in soccer leagues, which was fine - I just enjoyed watching them play baseball/football/basketball more because those were sports that I played and knew something about. I did think that playing soccer helped with their speed more. I think a lot of kids - especially those that are marginal athletes - like soccer over other sports for a few reasons: 1 - It is a relatively easy sport to play, especially at the rec league level. 2 - it is a social thing for them (like has been mentioned, their friends all play so they play to be with them) 3 - a poor player is not as "exposed" as drastically as other sports. Being a poor baseball hitter and/or fielder is really evident. You are the only one in the batter's box when you are at bat. You are the only one the ball is being hit to or thrown to in the field. Your failures are evident to everyone watching. In soccer, you can stick a poor player in a defensive position and if he isn't able to kick the ball away from someone, it is not as noticeable. He can "hide" in the scrum. I think kids like this anonymity and lack of exposure. A good soccer player can really stand out, but a poor soccer player can hide a lot more than he/she can in other sports.
  13. So he could fill in at 2B, 3B, LF or CF? Plus hits for average, has a little pop and does not strike out? Sounds like exactly the type of player we need.
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