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  1. Who would have ever thought that Iglesias would see time as a DH when he was signed?
  2. Kremer K's two in the first after a leadoff single. 20 pitches thrown
  3. Oh, yeah. That has to be one of the craziest stories ever. And how long was he able to do this without being recognized in this day of everyone being a photojournalist
  4. I can't believe Madison Bumgadner never got injured doing his rodeo events in the off-season.
  5. Adam Duvall is on a roll lately.
  6. Eshelman can't get through 4.
  7. It seems the Orioles as a team swing at a lot of pitches that are out of the strike zone high.
  8. Let's get this out, Esch.
  9. Ynoa throwing 98 mph gas.
  10. Read it with a British accent. They understate everything;
  11. Another double for Iglesias. His bat has been a pleasant surprise
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