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  1. I was watching an Oakland A's game earlier this year and Mark Canha was hit by a pitch to set the club record, I believe. He trotted to first base and made the motion that he wanted the baseball. I got a good chuckle out of that.
  2. To Lopez' credit, he finally got some run support this game. It seems he has never really had that luxury this season. Maybe that adds extra pressure on him. Some of the pressure has been his own doing, but it can't be easy knowing that you have to be near perfect to get a win. Hat's off to Jorge tonight.
  3. Two sac flies - that's how you clean up the bases. Where is Firestone?
  4. I just noticed this during Severino's last at-bat, but does his bat look really short? How long of a bad does he use? It looks really small.
  5. Escaped two leadoff walks with one run. That's acceptable. Now don't walk anybody else.
  6. Call me crazy, but I don't think Stewart makes that catch that Hays just did.
  7. Stranding too many runners. We can't do that against these guys and with our staff.
  8. 6-pitch fourth for Lopez. He's cruisin' pretty well right now. Might be time to pull him.
  9. I'm afraid stranding Mountcastle at second with nobody out and Severino at second with one out will come back to haunt us.
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