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  1. You're insane if you think they are going to spend good money on 12 O's flags.
  2. Yossarian


    May you all have a Thanksgiving as enjoyable and pleasing as a sacrifice fly. go O's!
  3. This site has been a godsend for an Orioles fan living in California. I was so happy to stumble across this site and the knowledge and wealth of information of the Orioles, its farm system and baseball in general distributed on this site is incredible. Thanks to all who contribute here and thanks, most importantly to those that developed and run this site on a daily basis. It is a great gift to those of us that don't get so see the O's or their prospects in person very often.
  4. That draft was loaded with impact MLB players. Heck, Aaron Nola went in the 22nd round of that draft (#679 overall). Everybody missed out on that one.
  5. Did they look at that knot on his head from where the fly ball hit him while they had him in there?
  6. Did you realize he never gave up a grand slam over his entire career. Ask him about it some time.
  7. They should keep him around to teach the young up-and-comers how to run the bases.
  8. You sound as if you were in the back sit of my family car as my dad drove me home from youth baseball and basketball games.
  9. The way Boston handled their pitchers through spring training and early in the season has to be one of the biggest blunders in recent memory. Their fans have to be PO'd.
  10. Once the mystery of who the O's would get in the fire-sale trades of their tradeable players last season, there was nothing more to keep us interested. this year it has been fun to watch some of these guys develop and battle (Alberto, Santander, Means, Hays, etc.)
  11. The only thing that could make the misery of Boston playing for nothing in this series enjoyable would be the O's knocking Boston out of a playoff spot in this series.
  12. Here's the solution to the inflated home runs and strikeouts problem: Play with a larger ball - like the size of a softball. This will restrict the flight of the ball, take a little movement and velocity off of the ball from the pitcher, and what are now foul tips will become balls hit into play. Voila! problem(s) solved.
  13. This is where Bundy usually falls apart. After the fifth inning.
  14. one hit - a home run to the #9 hitter. I hope for his sake that he doesn't complete this game with a nine-inning one-hit outing. That would make a guy sick.
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