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  1. Ominously barren injury list so far for the Orioles.
  2. I, too, thought he was more lean and speedy. I picture Santander as much beefier in my head.
  3. He's been a @wildcard favorite for awhile now. We didn't even get to see him pitch last season and he's got some good pitches so I hear. I'm bullish on him for sure.
  4. There will be no less than 16 simultaneous threads about that when it happens, rest assured.
  5. Sounds like they are trying to funnel people towards the center during this low-attendance time period. Makes sense to me. There will be plenty of discounts during the year, I don't read much into it. Still one of the cheapest tickets in the game. 1. Win 2. People will come That's it.
  6. It sounds like his work this offseason was mostly mechanical, so I wouldn't expect any big noticeable changes. Like you said, it's going to be all about how he does in-game. He looked first-half-Martin overmatched at times last year, so we should be able to tell some things just looking at his game ABs. Rooting for the guy.
  7. Brown is excellent. I'm a huge fan, can't wait to see him do some MASN broadcasts.
  8. If I had to guess, it's about the positional flexibility and the fact that they don't really expect Urena to crack the 26-man roster, so they're hoping he's more of an upside stash. Velazquez can play a little CF, so that's helpful.
  9. Maybe not the best but I think we'll be close. Top 3?
  10. Well, hopefully he clears. Elias has been blasting the waiver wire like it's fantasy football, so I think he's just trying to stockpile whatever infielders he can get his hands on.
  11. Well, Urena just took a big hit from any roster predictions, including mine. He'll have to fight his way back onto the 40-man roster now.
  12. Glad to see someone else on the Cody Carroll train. Prior to the injury, he was considered a ML-ready relief prospect who just needed to get reps. Then folks sort of forgot about him and it took what I consider to be a weirdly long time for the beat reporters to report on the extent of his injury last year, which turned out to be significant. If he's healthy, he should be better than most of the relievers we ran out there last year, including other young guys like Tate and Phillips. Setup guy upside, maybe? I'm certainly not expecting that without seeing if he still has a upper 90s arm, so we'll see.
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