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  1. 3B is a real rough spot for the O's right now. It's starting to feel a little like how SS felt prior to the Hardy trade. Not that I'm not ok with Ruiz holding it down for another half a year or so, but they really need to find some options. Still holding out hope for Rylan. They have to put him on the 40-man anyway.
  2. I sorta feel like if we didn't see Zimmermann struggle in his callup this year, more people would be voting Zimmermann/Bradish. So that's how I voted. Although I admit to kind of liking Bradish/Smith a little more haha. But again, that's because they're new guys that I'm excited about.
  3. I don't think having Alberto really affects whether or not the O's are competitive or not. At least not drastically. I just think they don't really have the depth at those positions unless they want to field a bunch of Martin/Velazquez types which would be incredibly boring offense-wise. Rylan will hopefully push next year, but there are no other 2B or 3B prospects that are close.
  4. I think with 2B and 3B depth as big a question mark as it is, you basically have to keep him unless you find a trade for him.
  5. I'm confused, is Harvey hurt right now?
  6. I meant player options, the act of optioning a player. Mancini will not block anyone at all. See the many posts in this thread. As far as I know we don't have a starting 1B. We have a injured/bench 1B who may be released and Nunez, who will be non-tendered or traded.
  7. Options exist for a reason y'all. I know we want every prospect up here at the same time, but guys like Mullins and Stewart are vulnerable to the shuttle and it is what it is. Guys get hurt. They'll figure it out. I worry about Diaz but they'll rotate him in and out and it'll make sense somehow. Trades will happen. Mancini, if healthy, will play.
  8. Yeah, but he's done this a few times now. Guy struggles with lazy pop-ups while looking OK at more difficult plays. It's bizarre.
  9. I think it should be Tony. Don't really care about the missed time, he was the best player on the field from Game 1 until he got hurt.
  10. ? Boot Chris Davis, trade or non-tender Nunez. LF - Mountcastle CF - Hays/Mullins RF - Santander DH - Stewart 1B - Mancini Diaz gets some AAA at bats for a month or two, comes up and cycles into the outfield corners, while everyone cycles in and out of the DH spot. Option Stewart if you have to.
  11. Imagine: 2021. COVID is still a reality but fans are allowed back into the stadium to some degree. Mancini is healthy and working on getting his strength back. He avoids the IL and makes the OD roster. The ovation he will receive from the fans who have made it through 2020, made it through the winter of 2021, and have returned to the ballpark at the same time Mancini returns will rival the Delmon double and it will be LENGTHY. Like opening a relief valve under enormous pressure. We won't have witnessed anything quite like it. We will WEEP LIKE BABIES. I hope this happens. There's a lot standing in the way of us getting to enjoy a moment like that and it's anybody's guess right now.
  12. Yeah, not great. But otherwise he's done a decent job of eating the middle innings, and as we well know as O's fans, we could do a LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT worse with that particular relief role. lol
  13. Bullpen gonna be good! Can we talk about Lakins for a minute? There hasn't been a single thread dedicated to this guy since we claimed him but he's got a 3.52 ERA over 46 career innings with the O's. Solid middle reliever.
  14. In a sense I kind of like it. Gone are the days where we are staking our hopes to every high draft pick waiver claim and holding onto them for years and years until we realize, yup, he's not good after all! I would have liked to keep Fulmer in the fold somehow, but we have to add a crapton of pretty decent prospects to the 40-man and if a guy doesn't slip through waivers, so be it.
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