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  1. Yeah true. I think this whole thing hurts the Orioles much more than it does the Dodgers anyway. So much lost momentum in development, lost draft picks, less info for scouts, less years of control, less time to coach and develop guys like Adley. It's just extra brutal for rebuilding clubs.
  2. I find this kind of odd. Take Mookie - in the event that there's no season, he would both a) not be paid and b) become a free agent in the upcoming offseason. So not only does he make no money, he ages one more year and potentially gets less in free agency than he might have if he had played this season. That's two downsides for the player. Sure the team gets screwed on losing the players in the trade, but how is it that the MLBPA agreed to this? Unless I'm missing something. A rebuilding team like the O's also loses a year of development AND control for its prospects. It's bad all around I guess.
  3. Get to, much less win, the World Series. I was born the summer of '83 so we'll go ahead and say that doesn't count.
  4. Are you keeping Mancini out indefinitely or have you set a best guess date for his return?
  5. Seems unrealistic that Means would not have more strikeouts off the changeup. Otherwise, seems legit!
  6. Well, did they win on Opening Day or what??
  7. I don't think that's correct, he's still on the spring roster.
  8. It could mutate and reinfect someone who already had it. That's one fear. I don't know that we know if it will be better or worse than a previous version. The biggest questions still at large is: is this a herd immunity virus (like chicken pox or some strains of the flu)? And is it seasonal? If it's a herd immunity thing, that would be excellent news. We just don't know yet.
  9. Thanks @Eric-OH. I really enjoyed these posts and look forward to more of your stuff in the future. I'm sorry I poked fun at your wall-of-text thread prior to ST. Lol.
  10. I'd gladly take this over a significant delay. At the end of the day, I just want to watch/listen to baseball. And a long delay could hurt player development, front office evaluations, etc.
  11. I wonder if they'll play any exhibition games in the run-up to a new Opening Day. It's so hard to predict how this will play out. I like the idea of temporarily expanded rosters. This ensures player safety without a full spring training.
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