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  1. I think we will surprise a bit. Like flirt with .500 for awhile before sinking hard.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, the "mustard" is not fat, rather it's the crab's hepatopancreas, the organ responsible for filtering impurities from the crab's blood. Although many find its flavor distinct and delicious, it is recommended that you do not eat this since many chemical contaminants concentrate in the organ. https://www.chesapeakequarterly.net/V11N2/side4/#:~:text=mustard%20Yellow%20substance%20found%20inside,impurities%20from%20the%20crab's%20blood. Mmmm pancreas contaminants.
  3. I mean, he's not wrong. But he's also an idiot for saying this. And a trash commish overall. At the end of the day, they almost certainly won't play the full 60, much less beyond that. But I'd be thrilled to be wrong! (As long as it meant everyone generally made it through safely.)
  4. I know how to cook a lot of things but it doesn't mean that I'll cook it better than a professional chef.
  5. Yeah this. It's just not going to be like normal ST where Roch is feeding us tidbits on the regular. Which is fine! But we should set expectations of what we'll hear out of camp.
  6. Is it? It was the sons who saw the writing on the wall and decided to throw PA's anti-international market thing in the trash. They saw the analytics trend in the game and brought in guys who could bring them up to speed. So in that regard they're at least trying to modernize and catch up to the rest of baseball, to which the O's were like a decade or more behind. None of that is stuff PA would have done. What we DON'T know is how they will or won't spend money when it makes sense to. So in that sense it's too early. But I don't really find fault with anything they've done with regards to the rebuild and getting the right people in here. If you want to criticize them for not releasing Chris Davis, I understand that argument 100%. To me, that's largely meaningless right now, but I get it.
  7. Is it common for most teams to spend every last penny? Honest question.
  8. Lol you're such a hater. Guy was in his way and blocking the bag, who cares? But I was more talking about watching the majestic dingers.
  9. This is fantastic, thanks! I enjoy the kid's swagger. I think this could be a very good pick.
  10. I'm bullish on him for his lefty power. If I'm going position player early in the draft, I want someone with thump if I can get it. Martin could turn into a great player, but he has the kind of profile that scares me a little. I would have been thrilled to get him, but the more I read about Kjerstad the better I feel about him ending up the better player.
  11. Pretty hard disagree there, but right on. Thanks for the summary!
  12. Hey so, since you haven't been around in approximately 3,099 days, what are your general thoughts on the early days of the Elias era? Just curious where you stand on stuff, generally.
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