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  1. What I like is he was never supposed to stick around as long as he did, but he managed to be pretty dependable. The last few appearances it looks like his command and stuff kind of evaporated. Not sure what happened there, maybe a dead arm period or something. He didn't seem to take to the bullpen move, that could have messed him up a bit. Either way I bet he gets a MiLB deal somewhere this offseason.
  2. Yeah forgot it's only 10 days. Just go with 6 starters or skip Cobb or piggyback, who cares. Haha.
  3. Rotation consists of: Cobb Means Akin Kremer Lopez Zimmermann Do we expect Zimmermann to go right back down?
  4. Yeah ok BUT. He did eat 119 innings and had an incredible start against the Red Sox last year (7.1 IP, 1 H, 0 ER, 10 K). I enjoyed his bulldog vibe on the mound and it was cool to see him carve out a dependable-ish spot in the rotation for awhile as a journeyman type. 4.92 ERA last year was actually a relatively stunning achievement on that starting staff. Cool hair. Bye Wojo! I appreciate ya.
  5. Well that's one Rule 5 protection done. So long Wojo, I will miss your glorious hair and that one start last year was insanely good vs. the Red Sox. More young SP - I love it.
  6. Yeah I mean it makes sense to hold onto him for the moment just to see what transpires. It sounds like he's going to be injured a lot anyway so stashing him on the IL is a possibility. Expanded rosters make it slightly easier, but even this year it hasn't been THAT easy. What IS clear is that his playing time is basically non-existent going forward. So how does he feel knowing that 1B will be occupied by any of Mancini/Mountcastle/Nunez the majority of the time? Does he want to be a bench player?
  7. I agree with these: Yusniel Diaz OF Mike Baumann RHP Zac Lowther LHP Bruce Zimmerman LHP Alex Wells LHP Rylan Bannon 2B Isaac Mattson RHP Zach Pop RHP At the expense of: David Hess Asher Wojciechowski Branden Kline Bryan Holaday Wade LeBlanc Austin Wynns Ramon Urias Evan Phillips That's if there are no trades or non-tenders, and not accounting for the free spot on 40-man currently.
  8. Yeah it's interesting, I didn't see a whole lot I liked in the random ST appearances and such but last night was certainly eye-opening. Couple of 95s at the top of the zone for swings and misses and 2 really good off-speed pitches.
  9. LF appears to be the easiest way to get RM to the majors this year and with the foot speed it was a decent idea to have him add COF as a thing he can technically do. He can be serviceable there and at at 1B, and that's what he's gonna do. Hit a ton and be serviceable defensively.
  10. Re: Nunez, if he goes we should see it as a positive development that the Orioles don't have room for a streaky 30-homer bat because they have better, more dynamic, more athletic players coming up like Mountcastle and Diaz and Stewart competing for that spot in the lineup.
  11. I joke about wanting Akin to be Bedard, but last night he literally looked like Bedard: Pounding the fastball in to right-handers, something Bedard excelled at Tons of swings and misses on the sweeping curve. It's not the Bedard 12-6 hammer, but it was working for him. Devastating change-up down and away to righties. I'm fuzzy on Bedard's change up or lack there-of, but that's 3 pitches he had working to rack up Ks. Left after 5 innings 😁😂
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