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  1. I think it's gonna be going between Tate, Sulser, and Fry. But no, there's no real feeling that Tate is THE closer right now. I think Hyde would like that to be the case though so he might get the most looks first.
  2. Hyde said he didn't like the slider that he got away with to Cabrera and thought he should have just pounded "97 mph sinkers". I tend to agree. This marks the second time in recent games where Hyde has questioned the pitch calling. Both times Sevvy was catching. But it could also be a criticism towards the pitcher as well
  3. Have to love getting something for Galvis beyond a PTBNL or cash. Not sure what the Phillies are doing over there. The farm needs some relief prospects and hopefully they move this guy aggressively. AA seems like the move to me.
  4. Same. On the IL almost every year. Declining strikeouts and command post "substance" enforcement. Still an attractive player for sure but he'll be too expensive in a trade and there are some flags.
  5. Mancini picks more throws and for me that's the difference maker right now. Mountcastle is pretty solid though.
  6. I'm enjoying the recent wins by the Os but I certainly won't be mad if we end up with the #1 pick. Both are fun. I'm not actively rooting for losses though.
  7. Y'all have strong feelings about the ball boys huh.
  8. My only take is Willems was always going to be the overslot guy. The concerns about going underslot for the whole draft were always unfounded. Now, if you don't like Willems as THE overslot guy, that's fine I guess. We're just going to have to see, but it's clear the O's love the kid, and his scouting report is definitely strong. I think we'll see another overslot before this is over too. It's just whether you feel these overslots are deserving of the money.
  9. How is that putting you in your place? You're good to feel however you want man, I just find it a little hypocritical after all this concern about not spending all the money. But I get it if you don't like the player or the draft choices overall. You are a hard dude to please is all.
  10. Willems is a hoss. Probably the most fun pick of the draft, I'm excited to see what he can do.
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