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  1. That was so much fun to watch. I honestly didn't think I'd see an Orioles no-hitter ever. I love John Means!
  2. It was a nice rebound for sure, but I worry about his velocity a bit. But he attacked well, worked much faster, looked determined out there. He needs to get the changeup together though.
  3. I'm not saying they should be TOR starters, I'm saying if they can't maintain ERAs under 5, they're not much use as starters on an (eventually, hopefully) good Orioles team. Which is fine! They don't all work, and maybe some will be in the bullpen. But I'm most disappointed with Kremer who IS supposed to be a kind of mid-to-backend starter guy with the ability to get a lot of Ks. He looked good last year and just hasn't looked anywhere close to the same guy this year. The fact that none of them has bounced Lopez to the bullpen where he quite obviously belongs is saying a lot. It's only been a month and there's nothing much to lose, but we are hovering around .500 so it becomes frustrating while guys like Means and Harvey and the bullpen pitch well. Really hoping Kremer figures it out.
  4. I can't help but feel like, here we are again - another crop of SP prospects who aren't really hacking it at the ML level. Other than Means of course. But Akin, Zimmermann, and Kremer have so far not shown they are up to the task. It's frustrating. I'm not exactly holding my breath for the next crop either. It's great that we found Means, but a couple of these guys at least have to be able to pitch to a 4-ish ERA or it's just another failed cavalry. Do I have hope for Lowther, Wells, etc? Not really! Why should I until they prove something at the ML level? I have no doubt the Orioles development is in a MUCH better place the last few years and we've seen that in the bullpen and with some of the hitters, but once again the SPs are showing much.
  5. I was thinking along the lines of whatever the analytics batting coach guy says will increase your bat speed by any amount. I mean try anything. Of course as soon as he did, he's disappeared with a mysterious near-90 day "lower back strain".
  6. Yeah that's fair and I agree but the poll was focused around guys with similar stuff/prospect status. I was basically fishing for any interesting insights folks might have to differentiate these guys.
  7. Good reasoning here. I could also see Akin going to the pen.
  8. Also I think Hyde is desperate for offense anywhere he can find it.
  9. I think Hyde is a fan of Pat based on some of his quotes yesterday. Bottom line, Pat and Ramon are the same age and one of them has had a little ML success. Can't really blame Hyde for playing Valaika.
  10. They kind of remind me of the "cavalry" except this time around we're less convinced that any of them are any good lol...
  11. Be good again, damnit. 😀
  12. Akin clearly has the best stuff of the group. But I think Lowther is overall just more well liked. I attribute that to his steady success in the minors while being kind of an underrated dude.
  13. I'm curious about Wells. I remember him being a hyper-fast worker on the mound which is always fun.
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