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  1. It is, but our bullpen is honestly kind of full: Scott Armstrong Fry Tate Valdez Sulser Harvey Lakins? Eshelman? Zimmermann? Lopez? Phillips? Anything can happen in spring though.
  2. The other problem Davis has is that Stewart can kind of do everything Davis used to do: hit left-handed dingers, take walks, hit for an acceptable average, play some corner outfield/DH.
  3. I will admit to a bit of morbid curiosity each year with Davis. It's honestly impressive how long he will take a beating of his own volition. I still like the guy, honestly, and it's fun when he runs into a dinger. I'm curious about the changes, and doubtful they will have any impact. But it's something new to look for. Honestly though I really think he's just going to have more knee problems.
  4. Sure, but my point is every single spring training for every single team is going to feature a LOT of guys fans aren't excited about. Eshelman is a 26 yr old pitcher who put up decent numbers when he was used last season. He doesn't throw hard, but he managed to do his job without melting down. We all know he's not going to put those numbers up over a whole season, but he's still a good player to have around. Whining about the guy throwing 2 innings in the first of many meaningless games that will definitely feature a boatload of exciting prospects is what I don't understand. It's the same as when people complain about depth signings. You don't actually have to have an opinion on these types of things. They're just procedural things and it's ok to not say anything about them at all.
  5. After 4 years of abject failure, it's time. Way to make adjustments Chris!
  6. This was a particularly good little article from Roch, something that we might normally see from Steve with the minor league angle. Either way, lots of good info. I'm really eager to hear from Kjerstad and hopefully see him in some games towards the end of camp.
  7. Anyway, I like that they brought back Eshelman. He's a rubber-armed swiss army knife pitcher who is impervious to being yo-yo'd around between AAA, taxi squad, starting games, relieving games, etc. Just a smart move to have a guy like this on a rebuilding club in a pandemic. Plus he tossed up a 3.89 last year in 34 innings, which is more than can be said for: Lopez - 6.34 in 38 IP Wojo - 6.81 in 37 IP Hell, it was even better than Milone - 3.99 in 29 IP
  8. Every year I'm amazed at how many folks apparently have never witnessed: 1) minor league signings 2) spring training
  9. Yeah I mean the O's don't have any games on the schedule either. Schedule doesn't go past March 1. I will not be surprised to see the O's get, like, 3 games. I think they did all of 6 last year? Embarrassing.
  10. On the one hand, we're still talking about 20 IP out of his career 102 in the bigs. On the other hand, this is great news that methods employed by the new brain trust can indeed produce real results.
  11. Absolutely agree. They are not LeBlanc and Milone. Legitimate, if unlikely, upside potential.
  12. I don't know if there's room even if he's ready, really, assuming most of the current starter candidates are healthy and pitching well enough. Maybe he could battle Zimmermann if they go with 6 starters? Lowther will get his shot, but it'll probably be later this summer.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised either. Even Sisco had a .741 last year and .729 in 2019. But I would be equally unsurprised to see him post a .600ish or below OPS because we know absolutely nothing about him as a player other than his college numbers.
  14. He did say that one time, but continues to look up there when it's not a question where he'd need to reference it. And sometimes he will go silent for a good 15 seconds before answering a question. It's odd, is all. Love the guy though.
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