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  1. He's steady over there. I don't think he can make the occasional excellent play that Davis still can, but even Davis isn't that good anymore. Who do you want over there, Keith Hernandez?
  2. That's what I hoped would happen when Duquette brought in that one guy who I'm blanking on early in his tenure. Rick Peterson? It obviously did not work out that way and I'm not sure that guy was very good anyway. But the O's have been needing one vision throughout the organization for about as long as I've followed them. Might finally be getting there.
  3. He's already been pretty busy and we're not even into a 7-game series yet. But yeah, he's got plenty to do and I suspect we'll be signing a lot of these 6 year guys.
  4. Development deal announced with K-Motion.
  5. No complaints here, though I wonder if they fill the minor league pitching coordinator role or if this role will oversee that as well. Elias continues to move decisively this offseason.
  6. Chris Holt promoted to director of pitching.
  7. I like Buck in Philly. He won't have any issue navigating Harper and Arrieta. He's not anti-analytics necessarily, he's just not going to be the guy to disperse that information to the players. Roster full of good players, probably a better relationship with Andy/Klentak than Duquette. For a fanbase who got tired of Kapler's whole deal really quickly, Buck could be a nice change of pace.
  8. Nah, but they'll def try! I'm hoping it fixes some guys like Mullins and Sisco.
  9. Yeah, sometimes you just don't make it to the playoffs. Other teams are good too. I dunno. Silly thread.
  10. The Nats didn't have Mike Elias on year 1. It didn't take the Astros 10 years. The Nats have made some real boneheaded decisions since those drafts.
  11. And now we wait for @Luke-OH to tell us if this is cool.
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