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  1. Would have been cool to see Burdi slip through waivers, but he's not a guy I'm intentionally keeping on the 40-man, so whatever.
  2. I definitely raised several eyebrows at this blog this morning.
  3. I did specifically say it wasn't directed at you, hoping to avoid this very comment. Ah well.
  4. Yeah, this is about how I feel. Jones is kind of the epitome of a dice roll move. At the very least we have a younger guy under control who can compete for a job out of ST. Who knows, maybe something clicks. Also, maybe we don't get that #1 pick with Cobb pitching.
  5. Agree. I really think he started to get comfy and confident over there. He made some nice plays, he's going to settle in just fine.
  6. First things first, I would agree with making this type of trade 10 times out of 10 considering where the O's were in their rebuild. Jettison a mediocre, aging starter and essentially pay for a former top prospect. Right? That's a thing rebuilding teams should do. Use that salary money for Cobb and get anything for him, in this case a young, mid-levelish MIF prospect in Jones who already cracked the big leagues. But I find myself wondering now after Jones' poor all around season in the minors and in his big league tryout if I might have just preferred Cobb throwing some quality-ish innin
  7. Here's an interview with him where he discusses his role: (this is not directed towards you Tony, just using your post as a jumping off in case people were curious what he actually is in charge of) “I think that role has changed a little bit over, I don’t know how many years. It’s a combo-type job where you’ve got, for example with us, Kent Qualls, who is director of minor league operations and myself who’s director of development. You can consider us both farm directors. “They both fit under that same umbrella, but the roles are just a little different where Kent is more handling l
  8. I don't think we need Matt Blood to tell us that Cowser is a good young player in our system.
  9. He didn't play baseball for a full year. There's not a lot of data to draw from about how guys perform after a cancer diagnosis and treatment regimen AND after missing an entire year. The fact he put up a positive WAR is remarkable in and of itself because we just haven't seen a lot of guys do what he did. It's a rare thing and therefore, it's an outlier both in his career and in baseball overall. We'll know a lot more about what kind of player he'll be going forward after next year. To draw any conclusions after 2021 is to rely on a tiny sample that was also under a host of external factors.
  10. Oh, you mean the season in which he played almost every game after beating stage 3 cancer and missing all of 2020? So, the extreme outlier season?
  11. Yep. Trey has value both to other teams (if he has a decent year) and to the O's as a much-needed "respectability" bat in the middle of the order. Seriously, after the first 4 or 5 batters the lineup is bleak. He's also a fan-favorite, the heart of the clubhouse, and - this is really the key - there's just no real reason to get rid of him at this juncture of the rebuild. The O's can afford to hang onto him, no one is really breaking the door down to trade for him, and there's no big prospect clearly pushing him out of the DH/part-time 1B role. My theory has always been they are going to
  12. At most this amounts to a few thousand dollars. I think it's MUCH more likely that Elias and Hyde want to find the right mix of coaches and install their guys. To assume that they are making coaching decisions based solely on salary is beyond ridiculous. They're trying to develop players for a winning team - it's absurd to think they would undermine that because there's a few thousand bucks to be saved with the guys who are responsible for aiding the development of the team.
  13. You've made this comment a few times now. Do you honestly believe this is the case? If so, that's pretty ridiculous IMO.
  14. I think Tate is a half decent middle reliever and not much else, but we need that.
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