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  1. Super cool hire. Man the Orioles braintrust is STACKED y'all. We have a no joke legit front office full of some of the brightest minds in the game. And the structure makes more sense. It's tidy. There's a clear hierarchy. There's cool new positions. It's just nice to know the right people are in place busily working on rebuilding this whole franchise CORRECTLY.
  2. I liked his final stint last year and thought he improved on some things. Threw more offspeed stuff. Plus I do enjoy the hat.
  3. Indeed. If we're already thinking it's slow, it's gonna be a loooooong winter.
  4. "The largest international class in franchise history".
  5. The Rays GM looks like a literal child. I think "gray hair" is pretty far down on the list of things to consider when you hire Mike Elias, after stuff like "led the scouting department for a world series winner" and "Ivy League degree" and "extremely good track record".
  6. It's so much more than just "losing to get draft picks". That's selling a true rebuild a little short IMO. Teams aren't to blame, MLB is, obviously. I don't really have a problem with it. Rebuilding/tanking can be quicker than digging yourself out of multiple years of stupid spending in the guise of competing. Fooling yourself into competing can sink a team for decades, as we know.
  7. Oh please. You don't know where that directive came from, if he was involved. Also, the crime wasn't stealing signs, which every single team does, it was getting caught. That said, the Astros are sheisty as hell.
  8. He has more value to us than any other team. The odds of him getting traded are basically nothing.
  9. David Hess lives on.
  10. Here's how it's working:
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