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  1. It's an insult to people's intelligence, and it assumes we have no idea of "how athletes used to be" back then. Which, if the guy got his head out of his nostalgia-clouded bubble and did any research, he'd realize a lot of athletes back then were just as problematic as they can be today, and that there's no evidence to suggest "today's athletes" are worse people. No one here is too young to know good character when they see it, or to understand the legacy/traditions of the sport, and to suggest folks wouldn't simply because they are younger is a lazy assumption at best, and insulting at worst. It's also of poor character, which makes his post staggeringly hypocritical.
  2. Mancini is a good boy, but I worry he's a little naive about being here when the O's get good. It would be amazing if it happened like that - and there's a chance - but it may take an extension. And that might not be a great idea for the O's considering it would be his age 30 season and beyond. Love watching him hit though, and I think he'll have another good season.
  3. Lol way to insult everyone on the board. Real classy! Such character on display!
  4. Finally lost a guy on waivers. Valaika has been claimed!
  5. Neither of those things have anything to do with what I just said. So that's pretty weird.
  6. I think it makes a lot of sense actually. 1. No-nonsense guy who is great with dodging pesky reporter questions and spinning things. If there's any shenanigans in the dugout, he'll clean it up while deflecting the controversy easily. 2. People will say he's anti-data, but that's not entirely the case. I think he'd let the data folks do their jobs and evolve as much as he can. At the end of the day, it's his last decent chance at a ring. He'll want to just focus on the guys in the dugout I think. Or he'll have to.
  7. Brian Moran was DFA'd by the Marlins. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/01/yankees-trade-stephen-tarpley-marlins.html Older guy, but he's a lefty I could see getting a chance to shore up the 'pen.
  8. I think if we are making 3B acquisitions, it's going to be guys like Rio who were DFA'd but are still young-ish and have some prospect pedigree and a chance to "click". Nunez was also a waiver claim. Unfortunately, they are basically opposite players, which is why they were eventually waived. They aren't complete packages. But I definitely think we need to be finding more of these guys.
  9. Who are you giving starts to at 3B to start the year if not Ruiz?
  10. I agree here. I'd like to see Elias go out and try to find some diamond-in-the-rough 3B guys. Guys who excel at that position defensively (rather than, say, SS) and who might be coaxed into having some thump in the bat. Guys like Ruiz, basically, but just more of them.
  11. I've been digging the "recommended post" feature. I don't recall seeing that before and I think it's a nice way to easily find the "scout's take" on the topic.
  12. RIOOOOOOOOOOO He's my boy. I think he steps it up enough for the O's to be fine with running him out there sporadically. I think he'll have a career year power-wise, but probably won't get on base a ton. He did lead the team in pitches seen for a good portion of the early part of the season last year. I'm trying to think of a comp for him as a hitter.
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