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  1. Chapman's performance aside, don't see how its smart to trade prospects to fill one hole on a team that has numerous others. Especially when they likely won't be legit championship contenders when Chapman's on the team. Rather sign Seager as a placeholder.
  2. Agreed, especially if its someone like Fry who is having a career season in an otherwise solid but not spectacular career.
  3. Wonder if the Yankees would want Santander if he's hitting by the deadline? More of an established track record so the return might be better.
  4. If Bannon has a decent spring I don't know how he doesn't get the job. He probably has the most upside out of anyone in that group
  5. If the Marlins think they're close to being competitive, Santander might make sense
  6. The team currently has no starting 2nd basemen, no SS, no 3rd Basemen (with no close top prospects at those positions) and a rotation full of young unproven guys so I don't get the point of giving up prospects to fill just one of those holes. If they make a trade I'd rather they move Santander (hoping that Diaz can fill his spot) for a package that includes an infielder and other prospects
  7. Yeah there's some risk involved but I think if you can get a 3B or SS as part of a package for Santander it would be worth it since they have very little depth at those positions. Plus they have to see what Diaz has eventually.
  8. I agree with Mountcastle in Left, they should trade Santander if they believe Diaz and Stewart can replace his production. And if they're willing to call up Rutschman in 2021 they could look to trade Severino as well. They definitely have options to flip some guys for positions of need.
  9. I can envision Mullins having a role on a competitive team. Nunez and Sisco not so much. I think Nunez is moved in the offseason anyway
  10. I wonder if they believe Stewart is for real or think Diaz will be a better player, do they move Santander for a 3rd baseman or a shortstop? I also agree Nunez is likely dealt in the offseason, too many guys that need at bats and he's too streaky and doesn't have a position.
  11. I agree he was under win now instructions but that doesn't completely let him off the hook imo. It's the GMs job to sell a plan to ownership and a better plan would have been to sell those guys to extend the window then to go all in. But who knows what the conversations between Duquette and Angelos were like and I think Buck got to pick the guys he wanted to stay no questions asked. At any rate, I think Elias should look at what Cleveland is doing, they are competing and trading ML players for ML players to win now and prospects for the future. If teams want to avoid the tank/compete wi
  12. Don't be afraid to trade guys you can likely replace even when you're winning like the Rays do. Something Duquette never did when he could have sold high on Jim Johnson, Bud Norris, even Zach Britton
  13. Yeah true. I was just going off something Elias said earlier about it being a possibility. If it was me, I'd call him up and sign him to an extension immediately and forget about service time games.
  14. I think he's traded to one of the losers of the Realmuto sweepstakes this offseason. Plus if the team remains in playoff contention I think Adley gets a cup of coffee this year and is up next year in may anyway.
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