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  1. If he could handle 2nd that'd be a big plus. They seem to have a decent amount of outfield prospects but not really any infield prospects. Plus his bat would probably be really good there too.
  2. Honestly I want them to become the Cardinals of the last 20ish years where they always seem to churn out good players and are at least competitive. Winning the World Series, obviously
  3. Awhile back I saw some reporter on mlb network speculate if the Cubs miss the playoffs, Maddon would be out. I wonder if Elias would pull a Theo Epstein and bring him in
  4. I mean there's not a whole lot on the free agent market in terms of 2nd baseman other Schoop, Holt, and Moustakas, but how many teams really have a need at 2nd? I do think he's traded, though. I expect Elias to bring in a couple young shortstops from the rule 5 draft or minor league deals like he did this year and Alberto's bat plays better at 2nd. And depending on how they view Rylan Bannon, he could be in the mix at 2nd as well sometime next year.
  5. I'd argue for five years they won in spite of ownership neglecting international signings, player development, and free agency that wasn't bargain bin shopping or of the last man standing variety. Which I guess is credit to Buck and Dan but there's a reason Elias is cleaning house. The team was far behind where it needed to be to compete in this era of baseball.
  6. Did someone tweet out that Akin isn't getting a callup? I might have missed it, if they did
  7. Lucky_13

    Prospect Mailbag

    Has Keegan Akin's secondary stuff noticeably improved from last year/beginning of this season? It's been talked about that he's been directed to work on it so I'm curious. He's leading the International League in SOs. Any prospect that could be next year's Santander? A kind of forgotten about fringe prospect that makes an impact.
  8. I thought Tate looked solid for the most part. He had the 2 seamer working in his first inning. If he could have a solid September, him and Harvey could help the pen not be so terrible
  9. Probably worth a look. He's got solid career numbers especially for the PCL
  10. If it was up to me I'd park Davis on the bench so Mountcastle/Mancini can share time at 1B and DH. Stewart in left, Hays in Center, and Santander in right. I'd bring up Williams and he can get some time in the outfield. The defense is imrproved at least. Peterson and Smith are DFA candidates. In reality, I doubt Mountcastle gets called up and Smith returns once his rehab is done
  11. Same. Whats the point of winning 53 games when you can win, let's say, 50 and get the #1 pick and guarantee Elias gets his guy. Rev up the tanks
  12. I mean just based on pure stuff, Harvey's probably the best option on the team. Plus the mullet/stache combo would be perfect for a closer lol. But Givens doesn't seem to be a fit and I like Armstrong but he seems more like a Tommy Hunter 7th inning guy at best. After that, not a whole lot of options.
  13. I agree with some of what these old guys are saying but at the same time some of what they say just comes off as totally ignorant and bullheaded. Gossage, for example, complaining about "guys from harvard" thinking they're GMs, implying teams rely only on numbers/data to make decisions, when in reality the best teams rely on a mixture of analytics and scouting. Ben Reiter talked about this extensively in Astroball and I'd bet that teams like the Yankees, Dodgers, Cardinals, Cubs all do the same thing. It's really a pet peeve of mine that people discount the value of data in player evaluation because it's not what they did back in the day. Also what's really the point of this article? Didn't these guys say exactly what we thought they were gonna say
  14. Peterson seems pretty redundant with Ruiz and Stewart on the roster. Plus he's 29.
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