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  1. it just my opinion,and i have thought it all season.had to get it out because my frustration with the pitching and team in general.i hope they prove me wrong,it would be fantastic. i do know that wieters will be in the playoffs again this season.maybe even a world series. i guess you either like wieters or you dont,reminds me of flacco.
  2. i have been a lurker on this board for years,i am 40,live in dundalk and watch every orioles game.this is my first post because i am frustrated to the max.to me letting matt wieters leave was a huge mistake. wieters= flacco,not rah rah guys but guys you need to win and stay calm in tough spots in games.if flacco left the ravens they might win 5 games,and they wouldnt have had the winning % they have had since 08.i feel the same about wieters,the guy wins,and wins and wins.the o's bring in castillo and the diamondbacks are just fine without him.he isnt getting anything out of these pitchers. not resigning wieters has took the balance/chemistry away from this team and its not coming back.catchers are important,they are the qb of the team. does anyone know who made the decision not to resign matt? i know people complain he doesnt frame pitches,i get it,but the one thing he does do is win.
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