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  1. You think? MLB owners cry poor and act like they are bathed in red while they are basically printing money. And this is why they are desperate to keep their balance sheets private. Prying eyes don’t help get cities to pay for shiny new ballparks, nor make the MLBPA more malleable in their negotiations. You can be sure that whatever city whose team is looking them to pony up half a billion for their new digs is going to use this information for their due diligence. And this is precisely the sort of information Selig and Manfred didn’t want to see the light of day. They warned and threatened sanctions for doing this. Does Manfred have the balls to now take draft picks?
  2. I gave my friend a Comcast email address for my account, and a VPN login. Free for him. If Sling included baseball, I’d think about it.
  3. And cable subscribers would love to not pay a sports package fee for sports they don’t watch. If you like local sports, cord cutting isn’t really an option now. As I’ve opined elsewhere, what annoys me is that if I am paying that cable fee, I should be able to watch anywhere and not have to pony up extra for the privilege. Yeah, I have a great workaround for MASN, but it sucks to have to use it. BTW, if you get a raspberry Pi and use the GUI installer to install OpenVPN and have some sort of DynDNS service you can bypass the “out of home network” message you get when trying to stream MASN remotely. It takes all of 15 minutes to setup. instructions: Install Linux on your RPI. A million guides are out there. Then follow this guide to install http://www.pivpn.io which takes all the headache out of installing OpenVPN. Use your router’s DynDNS feature so you have an address like foobar.somedyndnsservice.org which always points to your WAN IP address and use foobar.somedyndnsservice.org as your domain name when installing PiVPN. Forward port 1194|UDP on your router to your RPI. Install OpenVPN on your computer and mobile devices and put the client certs PiVPN generated for you on those machines. Connect to the VPN and it’s like you’re on your home WiFi.
  4. Eww. Pain in the neck. I wish MLB would mandate that if you pay for cable and you get the games then they should require the RSN to allow you to stream using their app and signing into your cable account. Just like you can for HBO, NHL, NBA etc. Xfinity’s Stream app is awesome. And it works great in home but when you leave your network it won’t work — unless you connect to a VPN in your house. That’s what I use. I gave all my friends and family a VPN login so they can connect then they stream from the app. Works flawlessly, but it should be unnecessary
  5. Yeah, I’m in the same boat. It was dry reading the first time. What’s interesting in all of this is how much are the two sides willing to spend on this. The Lerner’s are insanely rich, and while willing to spend money on players, they are notoriously cheap everywhere else. Especially when it comes to spending money on fans (playoff metro hours), and coaches. The old adage “it’s business, not personal” should apply, but the Lerners are taking this very personally so I’m assuming if they think they can get a pound of flesh they will keep the faucets open. Who knows what’s going on in Angelos mind right now. We know he’s also taking this very personally, but is he willing to go all in just for points? The amounts we are talking about are diminimus compared to the FMV dispute, and the current FMV which will have to go through the RSDC (again).
  6. Do you think the Nats will ask for discovery, even just for the lolz? I would expect to see the response mention “overly broad and burdensome”. Can a binding arbitration order discovery?
  7. emphasis added. The SA can certainly spell out a provision like this. And considering the “partner” on the other end of this agreement I would not be shocked to see MLB insist this were in there. Besides, Angelos is incentivized to max out distributions, at least until the ownership percentages stabilize. For every year that goes by withholding a dividend, that’s 1% less he keeps in his pocket.
  8. The difference is GOOG is a publicly traded company and MASN is not. And GOOG isn’t constrained by previously defined contractual obligations while MASN most definitely is. The Settlement Agreement, which is still in force determines if and how MASN’s profits are to be disbursed, not Angelos or MASN. And since MASN has been distributing profits since its inception they don’t have a leg to stand on to deny they are contractually obligated to make these payments. The best they can do is to recalculate the profits taking into account the RSDC’s FMV determination which the Os and MASN lost on in court. But they still have to make them. And “profit” is an easy term to define (revenue minus operating expenses). Unfortunately for MASN, who will try and dick around as much as possible to remain solvent, an independent arbitrator is not going to let them weasel out of their obligations any more than MLB would.
  9. You don’t see how the AAA will hand down a decision requiring MASN to disburse profits to ownership per the alleged terms of the settlement agreement? I think you don’t have a clue as to what’s under consideration here. I didn’t read the decision, but I’m pretty confident the judges didn’t buy into MASN’s ridiculous argument that MLB has a financial stake in the Nationals because of the $25M loan — which has already been paid back. The network profits distribution is a different animal than determining the fair market value for the TV fees. Specifically spelled out in the settlement agreement is that the RSDC makes the FMV decision in case of a dispute. The O’s pulled this same COI stunt then and got shot down. And while they are going to throw good money after bad appealing the decision again, they’re going to lose again. After they exhaust their appeals the Nats should file a derivative lawsuit seeking compensation from the Os to pay for the legal fees incurred at their own expense. As a minority owner of MASN, the Nationals essentially bankrolled the legal fees that came out of MASN’s bottom line. In regard to MASN’s required distribution to the owners, I assume the Nats were either tweaking Peter’s nose by trying to get MLB (not the RSDC) to enforce the distribution. If you think the AAA is going to look at the distribution requirements and see something different than what MLB would see, you’ve got another think coming. The AAA team isn’t going to feel sorry for the Os or MASN because they lost on the RSDC FMV decision. They won’t even look at it, as they aren’t tasked to look at decisions previously made. When this is finally put to bed, including the current rights fee period, I hope the Os are prepared to face what is surely coming their way for their bringing the courts into this. Sanctions are coming.
  10. What VPN service do you use? MLB cancels your account at even a whiff of a VPN. I use a VPN on my home network where my cable box is located, so I can use Xfinity’s Stream to watch MASN. AFAIK besides the Dodgers, only MASN prevents you from streaming games where you are already paying for MASN. I was hoping Peter seeing the Nats win the World Series would send him to an overly late grave. Losing his MASN revenue will have to do.
  11. Maybe if you were on the cusp of making it into the postseason you might have a stronger opinion in the matter.
  12. You can’t be serious. One whole year? The GM should get an indefinite ban. Indefinite as opposed to lifetime. Let him grovel for 5 years and then MLB can reconsider. Hinch might deserve a full year. And declare everyone in their farm system eligible to be re-drafted and move elsewhere if they want, allowing them to keep their “time served” status so their new team can’t give them the rookie treatment. The most difficult punishment is going to be how to handle the active players who were in on this. I’d do a suspension of 81 games, the the MLBPA would shit bricks. Then there is the cases of Cora and Beltran.
  13. It should be even for some lawyers.
  14. There is almost no chance that MASN and the Nationals will agree upon FMV, because of said blood feud. So this will be kicked to the RSDC. Isn’t the FMV supposed to be determined at the beginning of the period since the Nats and Os are supposed to be paid annually? If so I fully expect the Nats to press for a determination sooner rather than later. This bugaboo needs to be put to rest, if only for the sake of O’s fans. They’ve got to be pissed at Angelos fighting over every nickel in a pique of jealousy instead of focusing on a sorely needed rebuild strategy.
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