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  1. I'll take him over Straily and Hess.
  2. I'd much rather see Ynoa over Ramirez in the rotation. Over Hess as well.
  3. Ynoa is a much better pitcher than Wright.
  4. Wow. Means was close to 95 mph on that last pitch. IIRC Tony said he was upper 80s to very low 90s at Norfolk last year.
  5. I'd say that's unfortunate as it buys him more time when he clearly does not belong on this team....
  6. I'm guessing mainly due to his very high LOB rate, so far he has stranded 88% of baserunners and I think average is closer to 70%.
  7. He was very solid today, definitely at least our 2nd best starter, maybe best if Cobb never gets healthy...
  8. Ironic really how shortsighted so many in sports are. Simply because he did not meet the stringent, completely arbitrary requirements to be diagnosed with a "concussion" does not mean he did not suffer brain damage...
  9. It's beyond overdue for Wright to go.
  10. amdcpus

    at Rays 3/9

    I'm watching a stream of it. He looks atrocious. His fastball is just as bad as last year, if not worse. It's very flat and slow
  11. Adam Jones isn't being cut, his contract expired.
  12. It was very smart to take him out after the 4th IMO.
  13. amdcpus


    Orioles decided not to show up as well.
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