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  1. .286 avg is a bit low to be consider a tool? I know Adam was fast and had a very good glove and an good ability to cover ground, not sure, his arm strength was there.
  2. Weathly because of Potomac / Bethesada, doesnt necessary make it a large market. They have grown, because that what winning things like the WS does. They are now 10th, having jump a bunch of slots. The Orioles are at 18, have slid down a peg or two, they used to be side by side. https://www.forbes.com/teams/baltimore-orioles/#3a9676f876db https://www.forbes.com/teams/washington-nationals/#1ce599874680
  3. The competitive balance is based on 2 things, small market or small revenue and I believe based on a formula between the losing percentage and their revenue. I buy their revenue is down. They have the 3rd or 4th best Cable TV deal in MLB, so that blows my theory out about revenue is down. They attendance fell out of the middle of the pack, towards the bottom, because of the quality of the product they had put out on the field. I think believe, and I could be off my rocker, that is the team was competitive, the stadium attendance would be back. But, we would have to get all the clowns involved to get back to discussions and have a modified season this year.
  4. Baltimore is mid market team, as the Nationals are. If the Orioles had a strong team, and was that one piece away, then I see them being bale to add 6/155, hell, they added Davis, didnt they. While it was money foolishly spent, it was spent. I see Elias wanting to build this team for the long haul, and once they get a solid core going, then spend the money for quality FAs to complete the roster. IMO
  5. He probably was 5 tool in college with his OF play, batting. .439 with 21 HR and 92 rbis and pitching 12-0 record with 1 save and a 1.68 ERA. Had a 96 MPH heater.
  6. I found this while researching another thread. LOL Good for a laugh.
  7. 2017: Royce Lewis, Twins School: JSerra Catholic HS (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.) Career WAR: N/A Lewis was a surprise No. 1 pick to some talent evaluators, but he was the top-rated high school prospect in the 2017 Draft thanks to his premier athleticism both at the plate and at the shortstop position.
  8. Handle the PEDs issue, step in and moderate a solution between the owners and the players. Dont let a team trade 5 players for a drug abused over the hill pitcher. Honestly, for the good of the game, is a lot like the movie, Miss Congeniality and each pageant contestant is expect to say "World Peace".
  9. If you believe Roch, looks like the Birds are back in the drafting Martin camp.
  10. Starters going 9 innings more and actually completing games, allow for more BIP. Even your team's fireman/closer was expecting to pitch into the 3rd inning. Lefty specialists for one batter was a concept not invented yet, The days before the DH, even the AL played small ball, and bunting the running over, or the hit and run, sacrifice an out for movement of the runner.
  11. MLB did double in attendance during his reign, but probably not because of anything he did. I guess his shining moment was pitching the World Series to prime time and night time to NBC and they had 61 million tune in.
  12. I remember Kuhn having no problem going after King George or Charley Finely. I dont believe there is a single thing Manfred has done for the good of the game.
  13. Well, Manfred was outside counsel advising the owners on the strike. He was worthless than, and now, fast forward to 2020, still worthless to MLB. Marty, whatever you do, skip 2020, never travel there.
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