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  1. I was thinking the opposite as most dont have the skillset these days as bunting is a lost art. Food for thought. My memory is probably hazy, but Brady being left handed, was able to lay his fair share of bunts down for base hits.
  2. Here and there, even a string of a couple of games. It sounds like this is how the entire MIL season will play out. I suspect, they are working towards moving this to the ML, and really change the outlook on SP.
  3. Salary dump, yes, but looking at Gausman and his issues here on the mound, he wasnt going to get much.
  4. https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2021/04/piggyback-pitching-will-come-to-the-os-farm-this-year.html No matter how you label it, sounds like 2 starters for each minor league game this year for the Orioles.
  5. You have 3 rule 5 pitchers, which means you didnt have enough pitchers ready in your own system. Gausman wasnt doing much to dictate a better haul. This team wasnt ready to compete this season, that should have been obvious. They do have some talent, and they are going to wow us, and at the same time, they are going to stink large ones.
  6. Honda is also ranked as the number 1 stolen car maker because of how easy they are to steal. Catcher takes such an abusive at the position, that they better be a durable dude.
  7. Sorry, some of us are human and not capable of being perfect.
  8. No, but a good catcher can calm down a rattled pitcher. You look at some of the better defensive teams throughout MLB history, and typically, they had a good catcher as their foundation.
  9. Harvey was a first round draft pitcher with strong family pedigree, so his improvement is based on Sisco's catching him? Sorry, I dont really go along with that, but hey, you are welcome to that. Not exactly like you said the world was flat. I will strongly disagree with you about C defense being over rated. I dont agree, call me old school, call me an idiot, I dont care. Give me a plus defender at Catcher that can handle the pitchers, set up the correct location for the pitch called for, being the field general out there. making sure his COF isnt in the wrong position.
  10. Nice post. My one additional thought. Pretty Ironic that the Orioles had all those KOs, and Davis's bat was not in the lineup.
  11. Im not sure mocking is the correct term, but whom I am to disagree with you. I dont think there is anything that I can say, you wont jab at, chew up, or correct me on.
  12. Ive said it before. I mean no disrespect. I work daily in the IT field and with hundreds of CISCO manufacture devices, so my fingers are trained by the repetition of typing that over and over.
  13. Cisco is not a backup catcher behind the plate. He might have a decent bat, but his glove behind the plate isnt fun to watch.
  14. Heck Leno in his street walking, couldnt get correct answers from people for the easy stuff.
  15. I think most food establishments are struggling as well as the balls. A friend that I know. manages the restaurant for a well know chain. At 25%, he cant even cover costs. and thats with a pretty decent curbside service. Now that they are at 50%, some small profit is available, but, its a major struggle to get people back to work. This is a place that didnt have issues before COVID with staffing.
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