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  1. I dont put too much stock in what I read in ESPN stories the last few years, they have gone downhill so bad, Honesty their lack of respect for the 83 WS team, pretty much mirrors Orioles fandom opinion. How many times have I read on OH, that the 83 WS winners was the worse Oriole team to win a WS? The Big Red Machine was pretty impressive machine, sorry, at that time I was just a Senator fan. I wasnt a fan, but still, they had a ton of talent. Some could make a case Sparky was a better manager than Earl. If you compare the two teams, which I haven't. I wonder which team has more HOFers on it. I know the Orioles had the better SPers and best 3rd. The lack of respect for the 66 team, is most likely due to 21 year old writters that only know what they read and they wasnt around back then, so everything they have seen is better than history.
  2. I truly dont care who wins, normally, but i will admit, if I see a really stupid call, or a pitcher throw a ball the batters head, well, I do tend to root for the other team. The asterisk here, the above doesnt count for the Yankees. LOL
  3. I have a hard time rooting for any other team besides the Orioles, just not in my make-up. Nothing wrong with others doing it, but not for me.
  4. I thought Frederick was built to double-A standards as at one time, they hoped to get AAA to Bowie.
  5. It was awesome growing up in the 60s, watching Gibby pitch, talk about nasty stuff, man, what a beast. Sorry to hear about his passing away. But, that sadly is life, we are born, we live and we die. Not just Gibby, but so darn many great players to play in the 60s and 70s, even Mays at the end of his career was something to see.
  6. Cuellar was dang good, but I think Palmer does know a thing or two about pitching. Cuellar is long remembered in Birdland and Bedard is just the guy who got us, Tilly and Jonesy.
  7. The whole MIL reshuffle/reorganization is disappointing
  8. Palmer played along side of many of the better Oriole pitchers. He said Bedard at that time had the best stuff of any Left Hander Starter that he had seen pitch for the Birds. Not sure I would agree that it was the best, but I have to agree he has some nasty stuff, and if not the best, 2nd or 3rd isnt bad company to be in.
  9. First Hobgood and now Harvey. We are no longer allowed to draft any pitcher, starting with the letter "H" LOL
  10. As it was written, so let it be done.
  11. Syd was a great baseball mind at one time, but that was sadly before taking the job with the Orioles. I think his health was an issue, and nobody at the time, knew it or looked the other way and let him stumble his way through.
  12. Sounds like Brady's thing. He loved running up hills.
  13. This points out and proves that there is steady improvement and yet, there is room to keep growing. Clearly, IMO, Elias has a plan and working it. I doubt if he was hired to do a half baked rebuild.
  14. Reminds me of Davey telling Mussina, he didnt have to strike out every hitter he faced.
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