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  1. I want my 4th outfielder to be a glove first, and be able to play a decent CF.
  2. I thought Baltimore Sun's Sunspot was the stoneage?
  3. I figured he was, probably more as a lurker, but @ means he has his own account.
  4. So is Roch really reading OH now, or is Weams just playing with us?
  5. You can spend money and it does work, but you have more Chris Davis and Ryan Baum failures than you have successes. I thought Schrezer was a total overspend and high risk, but its one of the big dollar that has worked. Some of thought Price to Boston was a high risk as he had a lot of wear on that arm.
  6. I respect you and agree with you way more than not. I do differ with you on your statement about the owners wanted it that way. Seams to me, there was enough blame to be shamed along both sides. The players were not innocent poster children I do believe one statement about the vaccine that I came across, we will see be dealing with covid until the end of 2021 before we see real improvement.
  7. If you dont try, then you succeed at not failing, but that isnt winning either. Just because you throw money at prospects mean they will even make it to the bigs and play.
  8. I do not support his opinion, but apparently, from what I have found, he objected to rule #5.
  9. I thought International money was a separate budget line item for each team, and pretty much even out in the scales, so you really cant out bid others, unless you have some you havent spent.
  10. My apologies, and thanks for the clarification
  11. I thought you were talking about Iglesias not wanting to play here.
  12. WTH? Elias is in control of the Roster, not Hyde. Iglesias quote:
  13. The Padres just went through a 12 year drought with losing record and crappy ball. One playoff trip in a covid-19 shortened/impacted season, isn't something to bet the farm for a repeat playoff visit. The Padres ownership isnt anything to brag about either, they have had their problems since he brought the team.
  14. Heck the warmer San Diego year long climate would be a big draw for me.
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