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  1. Hard to see a Baby Ruth bar and not think about the Caddyshack movie and the famous swimming pool scene.
  2. Sore biceps is the official clause. Not sure how legit that is. Hopefully, its just his body showing signs that he threw enough innings. Rest and treatment and see how he is in ST
  3. I was diagnosed with mild, and the insurance giant, said they do not provide the machine for mild, you have to be worse off. Maybe after this time period, it might be worth seeking another specialist, as they are not all created equal. I lost 60 pounds, and it still hasnt help one iota. i wish you the very best in your search of a solution
  4. Dombrowski was given a clear plan, get the team into being contenders, and it worked for a few years. Ownership didnt care about the future and farm results, he wanted to win NOW, and I think Dombrowski did that.I dont believe in that type of management, but oh well, not my money.
  5. after Toronto, DD had his hands tied. He couldnt even get permission to bring Flaherty back as a bench super utility guy, a role he was well suited for. You do realize that during the 2017 season, they sucked and lost more games then they won. So you may not consider them a bad team, others will not share that same opinion.
  6. If Elias spent money on aging players like Cashner and Cobb, you would complain about that. Oh yeah, you did complain about that. Most people understand it makes little to no sense, to spend money for veterans to bring this team up to 3rd place. Rebuild the farm system and make yourself strong to make a solid 10 year run at being good. I think he showed that game plan with the Astros, and its a model that can be utilized here.
  7. These are tools, and they are not wholly authenicated sources of information. Sometimes, things like off-set money, or set aside money for years after they end their career (Ala Bonilla) isnt always shown correctly.
  8. No. I suspect you take 16 away from 56, its 40 and divide by 2, you get $20 a million per year. Which is what Tony-OH was trying to tell you, that you was posting information as if it was fact, and it wasnt
  9. We are not all trolls here. Yes, the internet allows some folks to rant and rave, and not provide any factual information what so ever. Maybe pot stirrers is a better term. But, most posters can have a discussion about difference of opinion, especially, if you use some semblance of facts in your supporting argument. As argumentative as Corn he, he still has valid thoughts, and its not dribble he is posting.
  10. The Tigers sent something like $16 million to help the Astros take his contract on.
  11. Im not happy with watching a total rebuild. But, that is the fact, this team sucks, and I really think it goes back to Toronto trying court DD and Angelos getting his panties twisted about. Just my own opinion, but some share that thought. There isnt much here to build around, it would be something, if we still had the 6 core, and just add a few people, but I do think Elias has a plan, and to think he is playing to get fired is ludicrous. Again, just my opinion.
  12. dont feed the trolls, there is nothing you can say, will get him to change his mind.
  13. I can live with 3-4 years, wish it was quicker, but I am praying its not another 14 year period repeating itself. Its already been 2 too many, and some would say 3 too many.
  14. sometimes RX strength and 4 Advil does work, and while my doctor tells me, that amount twice a day is safe, I hate to get hooked, and then end up having to move up to something stronger.
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