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  1. The amount of time on this one dude, is crazy, seriously. Why do we get so worked up over the small crap that doesnt amount to a hill of beans?
  2. I hope he does well. Not holding my breath or betting the mortgage.
  3. The Orioles are not small market team. They are firmly mid-market. Just because they have a super tight payroll, for whatever excuse they want to make, make them small market. That said, I do not desire to see them spend money, to just say, see, we spent money like you ask. Fiscal responsibility might be a good way to describe. Be willing to spend if the right player is available. At this point, are they even looking?
  4. Just like Brady went last round. Some guys have the mental fortitude and skillset not seen by the scouts, until they develop. I get the Pirates, in fact, saw MASN the other night, and they claimed the Birds were looking at that catcher they picked. Good point about 2 of the teams picking pitchers, I think Im going to sit back and see how this kid plays out, because I declare this pick, a wasted pick, a money saving move, or maybe even pure genius.
  5. I get that to an extent. One team passes. maybe its money, or they are stupid, or just like the way the kid combs his hair. But, when multiple orgs pass. Are they all stupid, or, I wonder if their homework dug up something, we arent privy too.
  6. Ok, the Orioles passed on him, why did the other teams pass on somebody that was projected as a top 5 by some mock draft boards? Take them out of the discussion, somebody must have seen something or know something that we the gen public doesnt.
  7. Thanks, sorry for some reason, my brain was telling me 2010 was Andy and 2009 was Flanny.
  8. Lawler was projected by several to be a top 5 pick. Either they missed it, or a bunch of others missed read the draft.
  9. Maybe not full time CF, but as a COF that can play CF in a pinch, is always a good thing.
  10. No matter whom they picked, it would have ticked off half the keyboard GMs, who think they know more than the GM does.
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