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  1. Barbara Corcoran said as much, she said there are some high end properties that have been reduced by 25% because their owners are hurting and need the money. She said its a buyers market for those with money.
  2. Personally, I would rather watch with my own eyes the sporting event, and require less talk from the dudes in the booth that are rambling about everything but what we just seen.
  3. Ive seen allegations of abuse on both sides of the divorcing couple. One has anger and wants to totally get their diggs into the other. I do not tolerate or condone domestic abuse of any kind what soever. But, I take a dim view of false allegations too. Sadly, even when a person's name is cleared, it really isnt cleared. I was watching Live PD and the cops were dispatched back to the same residence. The windows were open, and the cops stopped to listen to the wife very loudly tell her hubby, that his arse was going to jail, as she was going to destroy him and she has the marks to prove it, and she laughed, it doesnt matter that you didnt do it. Lucky they heard this, and ended up hauling in her in to see the judge. This is just an isolated case, and I am sure there are thousands more on both sides of the matrimony bed.
  4. ESPN was tossing major big bucks at Peyton to join the Monday night football crew, and he turned it down.
  5. Yet no police charges, hard to say he broke in, as they were married, and I suspect he was paying the bills there. Also some of the allegations posted on FB have been removed. There are always 2 sides to these things. His side. Her side then the truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
  6. I hope he is innocent. So far, they havent found anything to charge him with. If not, let him suffer the consequences.
  7. I thought the one Mesa Brother was ranked #1?????
  8. They traded around and got extra slot money last year and went after the top pair. I dont see that happening, but heck what do I know.
  9. Go big? I doubt believe they will break the banks and go after one of the top 3. I see them sign a bunch of the medium prospects. IMO At least they are now in this market.
  10. My memories of my commodore 64 was a small cassette tape loading the system, much like the Radio Shack Tandy. Some silly spy game that the dude went through the different hotel floors. lol
  11. Cool. But, the LaRussa game that I remember was played on a win 3.1 platform and took like 20 of those 3.5 disks to install. So I would hope any game produced these days would be deeper.
  12. This game reminds me some of a game I played years ago. Tony Larussa baseball.
  13. Considered how the news out of China is censored by the government. How do you know what to trust. BTW, take a hard look at some of those pictures, those that are mask, are not covering their noses. Masks are supposed to stop you from spreading the germs, but not much to keep you from getting germs.
  14. I dont even buy their claims of no new domestic cases. Sorry, I dont trust them, keep in mind their government controls everything there.
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