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  1. No matter how bad our guys are, and they can be from time to time. They are heads and tails better than what most of the other teams are using. But this isnt a new topic, we have discuss this before. I miss the radio days of Jon Miller and Joe Angel.
  2. I agree with you, its a dead horse, and the trolls do their best to keep it circulating.
  3. LOL, yeah, need more coffee this morning.
  4. You take any named star of another team that has similar issues, like Ryan Howard, etc in that market, and check their social media, and I am sure they got blasted.
  5. Something about flying in airplanes with other people carrying germs. I try and bone up on airbourne, its not 100% solution, but it really does help, and wont harm your system either.
  6. I want to see other pictures, but, dang, those arms and chest look jack for sure
  7. True, But, I still think it some cases, its a mental thing, he is overthinking it. They say when you are in a sweet zone, that ball looks like a grapefruit and when you are out of your zone, it looks like a pebble.
  8. Maybe somebody can tweet that question to Roch??????? Now that you mentioned this, it sure seams like I remember that. Geeze, if thats all we had to do, to fix his bat speed problems. :):) 🍻
  9. The average MLB bat is 32 ounces, clearly 33 isnt the 54 ounces of Ruth and there were a few in 40s, back in previous decades. I found this tidbit, which Im sure wont impress most of OH
  10. call me old school, but if you keep them off the base path, they cant score.
  11. To be fair, the bug has hit several of the players. Exactly, I think they are doing this with any player showing the signs of illness. Seams like it happens just about every spring camp.
  12. You are correct, only idiots like me could read it differently.
  13. It is for me. I would prefer to have my catcher and SS have plus defender skills and weak bat, then plus bat, and weak with the glove. Of course, Ideally having both is fab and hard to come by.
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