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  1. Thank you for your service and thank him for his service. I wish him well in his travels and experiences.
  2. Syd was a brilliant baseball man at one time. His period here with the Orioles was not that time.
  3. No, but, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see a culture change, between allowing a fire sale, and testing international waters. Which Daddy was greatly opposed to.
  4. I dont think Taber would do something like this on his TV Show for the public that was not real.
  5. I was always fond of Joe Orsulak. Probably not the best arm on a COF, but runners loved to test him, and he threw out more his far share of them.
  6. LOL, if my memory serves correct, you made a statement and you said Bonds. I was not getting it, until Weams had to explain it to me, scroll above.
  7. Wildcard named new Orioles Public Information Director tops thats.
  8. Way too much of a stretch, he played over 100 games every season he was here.
  9. I think we will more more the following season. I dont look for too many FAs this time around.
  10. Duh, I could only think MLB Bond, and Bobby. Appreciate it
  11. I also very fond of Floyd "Sugar Bear" Rayford back in his time.
  12. I saw the title and thought you was referring to the Redskins vs Dolphins game this Sunday, the battle of the tanks.
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