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  1. You got that right. I guess, is the old thing, where my crap aint really worth anything, but I think its worth way.
  2. I doubt it. Not like the other teams dont know if he cant play catcher.
  3. They are starved for any bat LH or RH, that can produce quality at bats at the MLB level.
  4. Frank Howard while a right hand batter, was pretty strong and known for hitting long distance shots, getting one out of Tiger stadium is no easy feat, he also had a shot in Yankee stadium that hit the façade. But, as strong as he was, he never had the distance that Mantle and Ruth did. The balls must have been juiced in that ERA.
  5. You cant teach movement, either you can throw and get movement on your ball, or you cant. He has a cracker jack arm.
  6. My memory seams to recall that Brad threw very hard, 100+ MPH, but with no movement on his fast ball, it would get knocked out of the park pretty regularly.
  7. Not a popular guy because of his being an idiot off the field. But 2014, Young had a pretty good year for the Orioles.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1971_Major_League_Baseball_All-Star_Game 26 future HOFers were present at this game. pretty incredible lineup and bench for both sides.
  9. it can show you, guys with great running ability, note, I didnt say speed. Speed helps, but doesnt do squat for you, if you have no base running IQ the guys that can score from first/second/third, by knowing who is in the outfield and getting good jump on the crack of the bat.
  10. posters hypothesize on OH as a regular daily part of their routines.
  11. It also shows us, that the leaks in the warehouse for information, appears to be plugged, when Elias did his housekeeping on arrival.
  12. Thats insane, and thats was real game time play?
  13. Correct, and I said it earlier, at this point is all perspective and guess work, until we see AR play at the major league level for 3-5 years.
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