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  1. Scott who????? :):):):):) Me, Im just a butt. LOL
  2. Dang, I didnt know you was a troll? :):):):):):):)
  3. Didnt stop some posters about whining about what a mistake it was. I was shocked at the Chen got, I mean, good for him, but shocked.
  4. Notable, but shouldnt be much of a surprise to anybody.
  5. Funny nobody else left the Astros, decided to air that cheating knowledge with the public.
  6. Frobby, I concede, but it sure seam to me the Orioles pre Andy was a hot mess. 5 or 6 guys playing SS in a single season that had no business playing. They did have Bedard and lucky, Andy was able to get top dollar for him, before he collapsed. Syd, and the host behind him, did lots of damage. Heck, no FA wanted to play here, if at all possible.
  7. maybe not stink, Im hoping we can see improvements, it didnt take Buck, Andy and DD 3 years to turn things around. But, if you dont have good people in place, then anything else is just pure luck or crap.
  8. getting this derailed thread back on track. :):) This looks to be a good hire, and hopefully these good hires can start doing that voodoo they do so well.
  9. to me, MLB is a bit on the arrogant side, they want what they want, and they really do not care what others think or say, even congress condemning, probably didnt raise any concerns with them.
  10. Didnt the cubs get their hands lightly smacked for stealing signs with a small door in the ivy? I also believe the blue jays was also accused of doing this, with a long distance lens and a hotel room setup.
  11. League min is nothing to sneeze at, of course, his peers making a ton more, but keeping his foot in the game is good for his pockete.
  12. True, but we have a valid reason for hope, there is a plan to build a contender, and step 1 has to be getting the right people in place.
  13. So you gamers, would xbox one x now for christmas, or hold off and get the new xbox console next christmas?????? What say you?
  14. My first game was a senators game, I remember the players, just not the game itself, and back then they used to give out real Louisville sluggers to kids attending games. I loved mine, did mine my handle up with the rough black electrical tape of that era, and the bigger i got, the better I was able to use that awesome bat. Damn, I wish my old man hadnt toss that SOB when I left home.
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