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  1. If I remember right, he was wanting a fire sale, and the team was way out in front, and had been there just about the entire season.
  2. I was more into milky ways, but I know many in my family that love snickers. The snickers commerical with Betty White is an all-time classic and extremely funny.
  3. Classic for sure. Here's another of mine, and these wont give you cancer of the lungs.
  4. Very cool. Remember me of an old gag, news you can't use.
  5. Every season, there is usually that one hard luck pitcher, when the batters sleep in his games, or make lapses in the field more than the other guys. I hate to blame the injuries, but, I just wonder if the Orioles failed to develop him properly. We will never know.
  6. I didnt think we would see Buck in another manager slot after this gig was up. Wasnt sure, if he would go into full-blown retirement or another role in baseball, just not in the dugout. I dont think many of us thought Earl would return for Earl 2, but he did.
  7. I think a better defense would absolutely help him. But, I dont think his stuff as being playing out as a TOR, like the hype was.
  8. We can laugh at the dodgers, when they get into the playoffs, and tanked, like they normally do in post season.
  9. at this stage, I would settle for everybody being good.
  10. Not only are the balls juiced. But, some of the OH posters are inebieated.
  11. This is a joke statement. Are you trolling us? No, sadly, you believe the BS, that you write. So, there has been no trades, no signings, no coaches hired or let go? Get a grip. We expected a 3 year get well plan, because the team was so hosed up. Your panties are twisted, because he didnt sign any high price veterans to play in the stop gap roles, while they got healthy. This season, was not the year to waste money that way, at least most of us feel that way, and apparently so does the Org. I suspect next ST, you might see a few signings. And back to DD, which I was a fan. You neglected to acknowledge, that Andy started the rebuild, and that DD was brought in for a total overhaul. Just stating the facts.
  12. Image that, another rant from me about idiot drivers. UGH I do not care if you love driving midget cars, that is your constitution right and freedom, enjoy. But, why the hell, is your little smart car/fiat/mini cooper, do you feel the need to swing left into my lane of travel, just so you can turn right? Those thing happen to maneveur quite well, and that is totally unnecessary and dangerous driving skill that you have acquired.
  13. Yup, how dare they build OPACY at such a unsafe location. [sacarasm alert]
  14. 2008., and that was 11 years ago. People have been shot in Walmarts around the USA. Do you still shop at a Walmart?
  15. There are crimes in big cities and rural america every day, sadly. This is not close to OPACY or was a baseball game remotely the cause of her demise.
  16. I have a sweet tooth, candy corn, jelly beans, spice drops, gum drops, chuckles. Brach usually put out top notch sugar stuff.
  17. Talking about Brach into another thread, brought to me, this subject. What was your go-to candy as a child. I know, I had many favorites, but for me this was tops, sad they went out of business, and rumors has it, the new company might bring them back.
  18. LOL I love Brach Caramels and their flavored caramels, the above aint bad either.
  19. Im torn, I dont want to defend or attack it, as I think its too early to tell if that was the issue.
  20. Personally, and I have no insider knowledge. I would hope that if Hyde knew about the soreness, why even run him out there?
  21. OPACY is safe at night before, during and after games. There are extra police pressence to ensure this. Of course, there is no guarantee in life. Same thing applies, to any street you walk at night. You keep your phone in your pocket. You keep the ear buds out of your ears. You try and walk with others, and not lone wolf it. And like driving, you scan the sidewalk around you, and not walk, like you have blinders on and only see 1 foot in front of you.
  22. they said back in April they would be no restrictions or limits, they took the "gloves off". Did they mess up, maybe? Too early to be complaining, since we really dont know the extent of whats going on. These days, a pitcher gets a hangnail, its rest him for a few days. Old days, a pitcher get a blister, they would piss on it, to toughen the skin. These days, its a week off to rest.
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