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  1. I get that Elias is brining people on board. We had nobody in the dominican, so they went out and hired some and now, we fired them, before they got on location.
  2. Not trying to throw mud on Elias. But, this makes no sense:
  3. Oh hell, there I go, breaking another fashion code.
  4. I think DD had more control then some under Peter, until Toronto came calling, and Peter went back to major micromanager due to a trust issue.
  5. Im a huge Under Armour fan, and I wear these all the time.
  6. I started to make another joke, but I thought better, dealing with daily back pain, the last thing I need to do, is to be uncompassionate of a fellow human's pain.
  7. Not even sure, why you would even think age? A majority of these guys have already had something of a professional career, and this is their next stage of life. Yes, I know, there is a minority of younger guys coaching, but thats just a couple in each org. I think it has more to with experience and what do you bring that you can teach the guys.
  8. Dang your orthopaedic fit in them? Good for you. :):):):)
  9. Thats too funny. Im not quite 66, and I own Redskins sneakers, and tried to get Oriole ones, a few years ago, or even black with orange swish, and coudn't find any.
  10. I dont see Oriole fans (or anything other baseball team) walking around in tennis shoes blazen with their team's name and colors. But, you can see that here with the Ravens and Redskins.
  11. I would suspect just about all the GMs in MLB, would have to ask ownership permission to jettison that amount of money on that contract. I do not know why you think otherwise.
  12. I mentioned the something about this subject the other day, when we was dicussing the downward spiral that MLB is in, and some of the posters stuck to their guns, that Baseball is the only sport. They are welcome to that belief, but I dont share it.
  13. I guess, I never thought of it like that. Fantasy Baseball is still pretty big.
  14. i doubt a majority of the fans are into gambling on their teams. but, heck, Ive been wrong before.
  15. and DC is doing the same thing with the Nationals, Redskins, Redskins and Redskins. I know this is not supported by this baseball board, but the NFL has long overtaken MLB as more followed sport.
  16. True, he was so good, he carryed them to a shortened world series win!
  17. Correct, but miracles do happen, look at Dempsey and WS MVP, granted easier to be a 7 game MVP, then the entire season.
  18. My mother-in-law is so adverse to the Internet, that she pays more to have verizon double play, TV and Phone, with no internet, if she had just taken the triple play and not use the internet. She turned off the modem, she didnt like the flashing lights, and she said, she no longer needed it, as she dropped the internet. She then called and complained to Verizon that she lost her TV Guide and information from her TV set. In talking with her, they asked her about the lights working on the modem? When she no, she said, wait, Im asking you to fix my tv, who cares about the GD internet, whats wrong with you? Needless to say, she had to turn back on that device, and still thinks they are feeding her a line of BS. SMH
  19. "Ages". Come on, are you trying to troll us? There is a new reghime in charge, and its not suprising that he wants to select "his" people through the system. Not like this has never ever happen with any other GM change in MLB. I cant say I wasn't shock, they finally had some success in the minors, but overall, the quality of prospect development over the years from this system hasnt been the best. Too many failures for my own like. So maybe a total make-over is required.
  20. Their star in Betts have shown ZERO desire to talk extension, much like Manny, you have to figure out, trade him for small return, or let him walk at the end of his deal. 12 current players are ready to become free agents, and yes, some like Pearce is just a role player and not one of their core guys to bring around.
  21. Gausman has the physical tools to do the job. His head is a mess, and it gets the better of him. Not the first pitcher to have this type of issue.
  22. Dombrowski emptied the farm system, which doesn't break my heart as I have no love of the Red Sox. You are right, the new GM is inheriting a huge mess in a high profile large market town.
  23. Yes he did, just didnt live up to the hype, and I forgot his first season with them was only a couple of months.
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