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  1. It really looks like a replay 😂
  2. Another homer from Gunnar today. Him and Westburg need to be promoted.
  3. Amazing 7 innings from Means!
  4. Getz

    Rays vs O's.

    Sorry to hear that, she was a really beatiful cat.
  5. I really hope Diaz and Kremer join Mountcastle in the next few weeks.
  6. #2- Austin Martin #30- Jordan Walker #39- J.T. Ginn
  7. For me it's a tossup between Martin and Lacy, but I lean more towards Lacy, even his name sounds like an elite player. But if we end up picking Martin I won't be mad.
  8. I do follow Jomboy, he's videos are really entertaining. I watched a bit of the 1983 WS video.
  9. Let's go for the first sweep of the season!!!
  10. Or 4th, the Marlins have a tough schedule.
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