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  1. #2- Austin Martin #30- Jordan Walker #39- J.T. Ginn
  2. For me it's a tossup between Martin and Lacy, but I lean more towards Lacy, even his name sounds like an elite player. But if we end up picking Martin I won't be mad.
  3. I do follow Jomboy, he's videos are really entertaining. I watched a bit of the 1983 WS video.
  4. Getz

    vs. RED SOX, 9/28

    Let's go for the first sweep of the season!!!
  5. Getz

    vs. ROYALS, 8/30

    Or 4th, the Marlins have a tough schedule.
  6. I was replying to a poster who was saying that having back to back 1:1 could affect the culture of the organization, and I was saying that the Astros got three straight and are doing more than fine
  7. They didn't sign Brady Aiken and so they got a compensatory pick the next draft that wouldn't be so high if they didn't got the 1:1 the previous draft. So 2 for 3.
  8. Tell that to the Astros that got three straight 1:1.
  9. Getz

    vs D-RAYS 8/24

    Means really pissed about the home run.
  10. Getz

    vs. ROYALS, 8/19

    Means looking good so far.
  11. The Orioles are far from contending but there have been some good surprises on our roster and our farm system is looking much better than a year ago. So, I tought it would be fun to see when people on this board think the O's will have a winning season?
  12. Davis and Martin are both awful hitters, defensively Martin has more value, so Davis is my choice.
  13. He should have been promoted already.
  14. Not gonna lie, I was expecting a lot more moviment, there were players who probably should have traded. I guess he didn't see value on the return.
  15. Good to see some improvement.
  16. Getz

    Kyle Stowers

    Yeah he's getting out on flyouts a lot
  17. Getz

    Kyle Stowers

    Stowers just got his first homer with the Ironbirds.
  18. Getz

    vs. PADRES, 7/30

    Is it me or is Thorne sounding weird today?
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