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  1. Pretty happy with this list, but here is my question for those that know much more than me: what players (if any) with a good 2020 season could be on this list next season? We will graduate Mountcastle, and hopefully add 2020 draft picks, but who in the system could make the jump?
  2. I guess it just depends on how good of a year they have next year.
  3. But this is the whole point, if you wait for that, then the proposed contract is no longer available. You sign now for the lower price with the lesser amount of information or you wait and potentially pay much more (or in our case lose the player).
  4. To me, a lot of this hinges on whether the Os bite the bullet and get Davis off the roster. It is only one roster spot, but it does clog things up and limit the flexibility of the entire non pitching roster.
  5. To me the most exciting piece of this is that the new regime has only been in place less than a year, so if their systems stay in place over an extended period of time this ranking can possibly improve or at least sustain. The one thing that is hard for me (anyone) to quantify is the actual impact the new regime has had on the existing prospects here. How much was their efforts vs natural development?
  6. IPlayGM

    Ryan McKenna 2019

    Looks like he turned it on around second and basically out ran the baseball. Not necessarily the smartest base-running move with 2 outs but the speed was impressive.
  7. My point is, Mancini is a good talent but not really a difference maker when it comes to the future winning Orioles. I would love to have him, but if he nets serious talent (skeptical) then you trade him no questions asked.
  8. And do you think the current Astros care one bit about that transaction? Specifically the loss of Bud Norris? I doubt there was a Bud Norris black flag flown at their World Series parade.
  9. Winning makes the fans forget. Look at the Astros....Can you or they name a player that they traded away when they were losing 100+ games. Once they won a World Series it no longer became a topic of interest.
  10. He has certainly had a great start as far as numbers are concerned. But we all know nothing will be certain until that next wave of playing time starts where he is game planned. That won’t be until next season. It is nice though to have a guy at the top of the order with potential. I am slightly skeptical whether his OBP will be high enough for him to stay there at an average to above level. I look forward to seeing if he can!
  11. There is a line I have heard involving chicken salad that seems appropriate here...
  12. Is the argument to get rid of DD really because he let Kakes go? Really??
  13. I understand your sentiment, but that would not be amazing for me. Manny is a good talent, and I wish him well, but that type of signing would be a step backward right now for the seemingly new direction of the franchise. Dan has made it clear they will cut some payroll in order to repurpose that money to scouting and international talent. Let’s do that first and when we are bursting with young talent, then maybe you spend on a bigger contract.
  14. My struggle with those on here concerned about a competitive 2019 team is this: we are attempting to fix a problem with the foundation of this franchise, one that has existed for a long time. Rarely can you make significant changes to the foundation while the house remains. Sometimes, as painful as it can be, you gotta tear the house down. Put me firmly in the team of trade everyone with somewhat expiring value. Whether that be now or in the off-season, let the packages dictate that. But no one should be off limits.
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