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  1. I hear ya, but the Os were in a pennant race and had a deep need at 3b….Certainly a different scenario here. With that being said, I sure would love to see him play well enough to make them think about it. At some point, with the group of middle infielders we have, it will be important to get them up in order to sort them out.
  2. True, but I think the point Sportsguy makes is that we have seen Halls potential albeit in small waves. Kjerstad, although a high pick, still is a professional unknown.
  3. Agree completely. If Hall comes out heathy and firing, the one guy makes the whole system seem deeper and more dangerous.
  4. IPlayGM

    Drew Rom 2021

    My understanding is Rom at 93 is a dude. Rom at 90 is a maybe.
  5. What is the reasoning behind not using a uniform baseball for all minors and majors? I’m sure there is a reason but I can’t seem to reason what it is.
  6. I can get behind an organizational hitting philosophy rooted in Ted Williams/Rogers Hornsby principles.
  7. I actually found it quite entertaining. To each their own I guess.
  8. My hope is that cost cutting is more strategic than forced, and that once we are putting a major league product on the field, spending will support that. This announcement makes me feel better about that possibility, but really time will tell.
  9. It willing be telling to see how Elias handles these situations as the team becomes competitive again. While you can argue the merit of doing this type of deal with Means specifically, the idea of doing business this way would give me much more confidence in our franchise moving forward.
  10. Wouldn’t it be the Tampa thing to extend him?
  11. I’m with you Frobby! I fall in love with the toolsy, big outfielders (see Bigbie, Larry). Will be fun to watch his season unfold, as I feel a full-potential Hays really makes this lineup (and future team potential) dynamic.
  12. I get it. My intent wasn’t to be derogatory, just more cheeky. We have all seen these type of pickups work from time to time. My point was that it wasn’t viewed as an event.
  13. Won’t it be so exciting for our fan base then these threads won’t be necessary?!?No offense wildcard because I agree with you. But having the talent and depth in our system where we wouldn’t be as worried about other teams castoffs will be refreshing.
  14. I don’t know about you guys, but there are certain thread titles that I get excited to read, and not always for the OP, but moreso for the replies!!! Thanks for your optimism and fandom Guido!!
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