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  1. Feeling Crushed: Here’s What Fans Propose The Orioles Do With Chris Davis
  2. So... Any update on Buck and Dan?
  3. I don't know if it is true but that "108 mph" pitch was his 154th pitch in the 9th inning. It's illegal by today's standard and every manager in MLB would have a heart attack.
  4. Brandon Hyde said David Hess went beyond his "prescribed pitch count" but he couldn’t take him any farther.
  5. Bruh! Hess was crushed after Brandon Hyde motion for a pitcher change.
  6. Don't tell me you weren't sh*tting in your pants when we almost blow it in the ninth! Did you even watch the game?
  7. Hess was throwing 94mph fastball when he was pulled. At least let him finish the inning. Once Jays get a hit then you get a perfect opportunity to take him out without pissing off your fanbase.
  8. I hate pitch count rule so does Nolan Ryan. "But why, I asked Nolan Ryan, are all these elbows blowing out in the first place, when that hardly ever seemed to happen when he was pitching? "It's because pitchers simply don't throw as much as we did," Ryan replied, matter-of-factly. "That's the real issue here. When I pitched, we pitched every fourth day and guys would pitch 300 innings and it wasn't considered a big deal. If you don't get on the mound and develop stamina, you're risking injury. This whole thing with the 100-pitch count limit — I have a real problem with that. Pitchers are all different and when you put standard limitations on them, you're not utilizing their talent." We've 'dumbed down' our thinking today to believing that pitch counts and innings limitations are the way to go to preserve arms."
  9. Brandon Hyde in the bottom of the ninth inning.
  10. Love it when we beat the Yankees!
  11. Hoping for a release but I get the feeling that he will remain on the squad for rest of the year.
  12. ALPB is an independent professional baseball league. They will ban infield shift this year.
  13. Wake up in the morning Check out Baseball Theater Watch 3 minutes highlight of 3+ hours game 2+ hours of free time left, great success!
  14. "Hi I'm Red Sox David Ortiz, and I have DirecTV." "And I'm Twins David Ortiz, and I have Cable."
  15. It's official... Manny is a bigger diva than Ariana Grande.
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