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  1. Please do not show last year standings. Ahhh, damn it MASN!!!
  2. OHers after Diaz hit 2-run home run yesterday. We can't help it, we're fans.
  3. No We still can't even pay to stream Orioles games. Unbelievable... I guess another year of LazyMan and Baseball Theater for me.
  4. Don't forget about Nate McLouth. He was a beast for half a season.
  5. Ahh... Yes, the mysterious 6th band member of the Devo. Go forwardMove aheadTry to detect itIt's not too lateTo whip itWhip your corked bat good
  6. Wish him all the best in Arizona. God knows how much abuse he has taken over the years. Never forget... 😢
  7. If it was the least likely team, it'd be the Orioles.
  8. He's going there to sign Enmanuel Yajure Pena from West Maui Brewers. Take that Victor Victor Mesa!
  9. No idea what you're talking about.
  10. Q: "Are the reports accurate?"A: Q: "Have you made an offer?"A: Q: "When might you?"A: Think about it... Why would Orioles confirm any deal from Cubs after embarrassing Dexter Fowler's fiasco?
  11. When I pass Chris Davis' booth and he ask me if I want his autograph.
  12. Free? I heard they will pay people to attend this year fanfest.
  13. Just passed my local chippendales joint and there's an opening for male dancers.
  14. Brady Anderson added to 40-man roster; Chris Davis promoted to front office as a special assistant to the general manager.
  15. https://www.mlb.com/orioles/video/elias-signals-changes-for-os/c-2519426583 He’ll be introduced by John and Lou Angelos at a press conference at 11am ET today.
  16. I'm telling you it's the poppy seed rolls!
  17. I'll always call them The Three Stooges if Mr. Sideburns is still working with the brothers.
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