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  1. Brady Anderson to Seattle Mariners for Ichiro Suzuki
  2. No one can outrank Matthew Hobgood, proud winner of 2011 Oriole Hangout Annual Adam Loewen Award (OHAALA).
  3. She will show Brady Anderson who's boss.
  4. Only Jeremy Clarkson could understand Buck & Dan's mindset.
  5. Installment of 5ft electric fence around the stadium will be required. Foul pole must be replaced with prison guard tower. Every tower in the ballpark will have at least 4 snipers just in case anybody who want to run on the field. In the honor of Wade Boggs' 8 times Silver Slugger awards: whoever buy 8th cup of beer will be ejected immediately. During the middle of every 3 inning fans can vote to replace home plate umpire based on their performance. Segway will be provided in bullpen as personal transportation for relief pitchers, must be used for pitcher change. From 3rd base to home plate, catchers are allowed to tackle the home run hitter (known as Brian McCann's rule). If catcher made the tackle, home run hitter will be required to go back to 3rd base and the play will be ruled as a triple. If the batter broke free and touch the home plate. He will be awarded with a home run & 15 seconds celebration.
  6. One of my favorite memory of Adam Jones.
  7. I'll let our new manager decide what to do with Chris Davis next year. Personally, I think he should pull a Rick Ankiel and move to bullpen for a while. Maybe one day he can overcome his batting yips. Who knows?
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/adam-jones-says-he-vetoed-trade-to-phillies-because-he-wanted-to-maintain-my-stock-going-into-free-agency/ Earlier this week, Jones finally opened up about his decision to block the trade to Philadelphia during an interview with Sara Perlman of MASN Sports. Here's a transcript of the relevant parts, via MLB Trade Rumors:
  9. https://theathletic.com/508164/2018/09/06/breaking-fox-sport-detroits-mario-impemba-and-rod-allen-involved-in-physical-altercation/ Can you imagine Jim Palmer and Gary Thorne decided to go after each other?
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