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  1. VVM: "Baltimore? No tengo idea de que es eso?" Barstool: OMG! He said Baltimore!
  2. Orioles' Adam Jones donates $8,500 to help cover travel costs for Little League team
  3. Orioles' Adam Jones explains why he vetoed a deal to the Phillies
  4. Yep... But wait until you hear about his grandson Victor Victor Victor Mesa and his great grandson Victor Victor Victor Victor Mesa.
  5. O's fan: "Mine! Mine! Mine!" Steve Pearce: "Oh, you!" source
  6. Are we going to treat them better than Hyun Soo Kim?
  7. Dan and the 3 stooges (Brady, Lou & John) told him to put on a tear so he can join his buddy down in LA. Great success!
  8. They use professional bait and switch dealer from NYC electronics stores to do these trade negotiation.
  9. "I have NEVER send those tweets. My account was hacked by Miggy. Period."
  10. Dodgers fan on twitter drew this thing, not me.
  11. That suit remind me of Pee Wee Herman.
  12. *In Richard Hammond's voice* "DON'T SAY THAT!"
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