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  1. Zach Britton will take the helm. But of course, he has to start in every remaining games before All Star break.
  2. Oh... ok, I got it now! He was saying "WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THAT MONEY?!"
  3. Does anybody think Chris Davis was yelling at Buck last night? I'm still trying find out what he's saying to Buck.
  4. Happy Friday the 13th! Today could be the day.
  5. That's the point, Orioles don't know how to keep their superstars on the roster. I seen what Yankees did with Mike Mussina & Andrew Miller. It's just piss me off, that's all.
  6. Jeez... First they took Mike Mussina and now they're going to take Manny Machado too.
  7. This thread will explode after Manny get dealt. I'm thinking 300+.
  8. Aaron Boone doesn't look too happy with Betances last night, maybe we will get him for Britton. lol
  9. Yankees: "If you can't beat them, buy them."
  10. Hope everybody brought winter gloves and coat to the game tonight. Stay warm, y'all!
  11. It sucks being a Orioles fan. 😢😭
  12. Another year of front office failure.
  13. It won't be long before Buck start pinch hitting Chris Davis for single AB to prevent this embarrassing record from being broken. 🏳️
  14. Well, I wouldn't be too sure of that. "Actually, they say, the issue was more that Girardi wasn't tough enough on Sanchez behind closed doors, at least in terms of his practice habits, which may have led to the catcher regressing defensively, compared to his rookie season. Essentially the Yankees felt Sanchez performed better behind the plate when first called to the majors in 2016, in no small part because he had been drilled regularly in the minors by former organizational catching instructor Josh Paul, especially in blocking balls in the dirt. Paul used a pitching machine to pump high-velocity fastballs, as well as breaking balls, in the dirt at Sanchez, and the Yankees believe it made a difference in what is the young catcher's biggest weakness. However, sources say that Sanchez grew tired of doing the drills and expressed that to Girardi going into last season. The manager, perhaps wanting to keep his young catcher happy or simply avoid a conflict, told him he didn't have to do all the extra work. That may have led to more problems with passed balls, as Sanchez's total of 16 was the highest in the American League."
  15. If you can't handle 2+ hours of suck, check out https://baseball.theater/ *This site only provide embedded highlight & full recap videos directly from MLB.com
  16. Much ado about nothing, imo. If Manny ran harder Segura will release the ball earlier without any unnecessary stutter step move at 2nd base.
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