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  1. No offense to Brooks, but are tickets still full price ?
  2. Last place mentality. Budget baseball has the Orioles as the worst team in baseball.
  3. Or the people who complain about the return we received in trades are the types who thought we were going to deal Manny in 2017 instead of watching his value drop every day of 2018.
  4. It's unfortunate. And to rationalize it by demeaning the players the Orioles traded is so "Oriole like". The organization couldn't have done worse if they tried to. That doesn't mean some of these guys acquired won't come around. Let's be honest and get in the real world. No excuses. I am very much encouraged by the recent draft, though.
  5. Just a little update on what the Fifteen Oriole prospects back in return for Machado, Schoop, Britton, Gausman, Brach and O'Day. Bannon ,273 avg 4 hrs 27 rbi .362 obp Diaz .245 avg 6 hrs 30 rbi .322 obp Kremer 2 - 4 3.32 era 43 innings back to Frederick Pop Tommy John Surgery Valera Now with Yankees Scranton AAA .336 avg 10 hrs 35 rbi .430 obp Tate 1 - 3 4.38 era 24 innings Carroll Injured list - Back Rogers UCL injury probable Tommy John Cumberland .239 avg 2 hrs 15 rbi .369 obp Encarnacion .231 avg 7 hrs 34 rbi .286 obp Zimmerman 2 - 2 2.72 era 72 innings Phillips 0 - 0 3.53 era 12 innings Carmona .259 avg 0 hrs 0 rbi 27 abs at Aberdeen Ortiz 2 - 6 7.19 era 56 innings Villar .252 avg 10 hrs 33 rbi .315 obp Hmmmm.
  6. What should be such an exciting moment for Oriole fans is somehow dampened by the constant doubt due to budget rumblings. This pick will give you an indication where the new look Orioles really stand.
  7. Longest Oriole homerun since Frank's homer out of Memorial Stadium. Incredible.
  8. I love where the guy 's head is. Focused, positive and solid. That being said , I would trade him tonight if I thought it would help the team long term.
  9. When does MASN and 105.7 start following the progress of the Orioles First Fifteen ? Some of the guys have popped in and out of the bigs but, Villar is the only real player showing at this point. Seems kind of odd. Maybe I am not listening when the discussion occurs. I would soon expect daily reports on the fifteen guys the Orioles received for Machado, Schoop, Gausman, Britton, Brach and O'Day. Rylan Bannon, Yusniel Diaz, Dean Kremer, Zach Pop, Breyvic Valera (already gone), Dillon Tate, Cody Carroll, Josh Rogers, Brett Cumberland, Jean Carlos Encarnacion, Bruce Zimmerman, Evan Phillips,Jean Carmona, Luis Ortiz and Jonathan Villar. These are the First Fifteen Baby Birds. Let's follow them fans. I can't wait for these guys. Go Orioles.
  10. Let's be honest. Broxton is an Oriole because he was cheap. He is obviously not a part of the youth movement. I wish the guy all the best but, the move is worrisome.
  11. A twenty nine year old cf, with a career .216 BA, that strikes out over 40% of the time shouldn't expect any chance for regular playing time.
  12. The governor is the least of Baltimore's problems. Come on, man.
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