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  1. He'll/they'll let us know when he/they let(s) us know. In the meantime, I'll trust that he's in good care and won't worry a whit about it.
  2. If a few things break right for us, I think we could flirt with 70.
  3. Count me among those who are glad Chris didn’t quit. That’s a chump move, one that losers make. Professionals don’t run away and hide from adversity; they stand firm and conquer it. I commend him for sucking it up and continuing to plug away, and, as ever, I’ll be rooting like mad for him to tear it up this season.
  4. I'm probably one of the biggest Tilly fans here, and I'll forever be thankful for his steady, stabilizing presence in our rotation at a time when we desperately needed it. That said, given where this franchise currently is, I'd just as soon use that flier on a, say, 25-28 y.o. with a clean arm, than on a soon-to-be 32-y.o. with a surgically repaired shoulder who hasn't pitched competitively since 2018. Let's move on.
  5. I wouldn't be averse to bringing Cash back for another go-round. King Felix would at least be fun, I guess. The others, put their names in a hat and draw one or two. Tangentially related, I'm still pretty bummed that we dealt Dylan.
  6. I don't see the harm. He's serviceable, a (selfishly, for me) personal, if not quite fan, favorite, and replenishes some veteranosity, a fair amount of which we've lost over these last several days. Agree that there's no need for an ML contract. MiL deal, ST invite, go from there.
  7. I'm glad for him and wish him well out there. Hopefully he eventually makes his way back to our organization in some capacity.
  8. What an extraordinary gesture. Many like to complain about him, but I don’t believe his heart should ever be questioned. I’m proud that he wears my team’s uniform and represents my community.
  9. I've no qualms with passing over Cole in that situation. If he's brought in on 2 days rest and yaks up the lead, Hinch is (seen as) a moron for riding his ace too hard when he had a perfectly serviceable/capable bullpen ready to go. What I have an issue with is relieving Greinke in the first place. He was dealing until he hung a change to Rendon and got squeezed (in these amateurish eyes, anyway) on the walk to Soto. I'd have been fine letting him work out of it - he'd been keeping guys off balance all game - especially considering he was only at 80 pitches.
  10. Setting league allegiance aside, I’m all in for the Nationals. They seem to do things the right way, and it’s a very easy team to root for. I believe that they’re going to win this series, and it may be somewhat short – I’m betting they get it done in 5 and wrap it up at home. Strasburg and Scherzer seem to be on a mission, and the bats are clutch when they need to be. If they can keep managing to hide/work around the subpar BP, they’re set. Bonus prediction: Cole finally returns to earth (at least for him) tonight. I think he gets roughed up some, or at the very least won’t be his recently otherworldly dominating self. Plus, hey, a victory for the Nationals is an overall victory for MASN, no?
  11. Hm. I’d been convinced that Girardi was holding out for either the Cubs or Nationals job. But then, the former may already be set on someone (David Ross?) and the latter surely won’t be available anytime soon, so maybe time to expand the options and jump in now. In any event, I wish Buck the very best wherever he takes his talents to next. Miss that guy.
  12. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if we brought him back on a ST invite, although maybe not on a Tilly-type deal, just to see if by chance there’s anything at all left in the tank. If there is, I’d rather he expend it with us than somewhere else. To say nothing of the professionalism and veteran intangibles he brings to the table, always key for a young, developing club. The extra roster slot could make this at least a tad more feasible. But I'm guessing we'll move on.
  13. Nice thoughts from Dylan. Short and to the point, which is, oddly enough, what I’d expect from him. Just makes me like him that much more, and I was already in the tank for him to begin with. Hopefully he is indeed a big part of when “(they) turn this around for (us).”
  14. I’m not going to join in the “about time” and “finally” choruses. I was a bit too young to remember Brady’s prime years with us, so I can’t quite say I can look back fondly on his playing career, but I’m certainly appreciative of his devotion to this team. Whether he overstepped whatever boundaries were laid out for him at times, well, who knows; what’s done is done and both sides are now moving on. I will say this much: even if he did encroach, I won’t accuse him of being shady or duplicitous in any way. I’d like to think that he felt he could be an asset on many levels, so he tried to be that – he clearly loves the organization that much. Hopefully it was indeed an amicable departure and he’ll remain on good terms with the franchise.
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