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  1. Add in travel ball coaches. At least in most High/Middle school leagues there are strict pitch limits and mandatory rest rules. Travel ball might as well be the Wild West.
  2. So, if the team is as bad as pretty much everyone in baseball has predicted them to be, you're going to blame it on this, rather than having the worst roster in all of MLB? Quite the limb you're going out there on.
  3. Pitching on three days rest can be the only possible explanation to take Hess out.
  4. I'll compare it to the bedard trade. If it yields similar results, I'm ecstatic.
  5. Since it's been the AT&T/Quicken Loans National, it's actually been tiger's event, the TW Foundation has been the host. Congo may have lost money overall, but they certainly didn't have to pay tiger to show up.
  6. The events don't pay the players to show up (at least official PGA Tour events, some silly season and events associated with other tours might), but most of the top players have sponsors out the wazoo who get paid to play certain brands of clubs, wear clothes, advertise on their hat, golf bag, etc.
  7. Hope for a winning team? Yes. Hope for a competently run organization? Getting real close to yes, as well.
  8. They can only score runs one way, so they need it to warm up and for the ball to start carrying. If they can hit it, that is.
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