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  1. It should be the Chiefs in an easy win. They were running on all cylinders last week and should carry into this week even tho Henry is a favorite cause of his TIDE background. 2nd game? Too many biases to pick one. (see above)
  2. Please not the Packers. Soooo tired of seeing Rodgers. I see he announced he bought a $29 million mansion with Danica Patrick. If they win the SB, it'll be non-stop Rodgers coverage til camp. Narcissism at it's best.
  3. I'm just a single guy, no kids, no wants or warrants, and 2 cats. If anything happens to me, my cats are taken care of. That's all I care about. I only have SS waiting for me (yeah, right) and a few bucks stored away. If I have it, I spend it. Any extra, extra, money I have I donate to a cat shelter. If something happens to me, let me go. I have people and animals on the other side waiting for me. I just hope the O's are somewhat good when it's time for me to go. My mother who was a big Red Sux fan, she died the year they won their first series in 100 years.
  4. 1990 was 30 years ago. Ugh.
  5. Wouldn't have time for 'cheating' if the players were just forced to stay in the box and the pitcher forced to pitch every 12 seconds
  6. Commercials are Progressive, State Farm, and Geico. All they need now is Liberty Biberty.
  7. The only way KC loses this one is if Andy Reid screws up time management...again.
  8. Well, it looks like KC is going to win this one.
  9. Typical Andy Reid playoff team.
  10. 365 yards passing isn't that big of a deal. Not when you throw 59 times.
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