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  1. I haven't been to the 'Yards' since they first opened. It was against the Brewers. O's lost. Go figure. But, I know one thing for sure. The first player, or team, that kneels during the anthem, or wears some sort of emblem concerning a particular group, will be the last time I watch baseball. I was an NFL fan for 40+ years. Haven't watched a game in 4 years. Sports is meant to be an escape from life's problems. I will not listen to a bunch of multimillionaire players whine like Lebron James.
  2. Any of these players get the extra $600 a week from the gov't?
  3. I'm sure there are a couple members of congress who can verify exactly what happened in the game.
  4. Not a complete game, but Rich Hill from the Dodgers (2016) had a perfect game thru 7 and manager Dave Roberts pulled him.
  5. I don't care if they play at all at this point. The weather is nice and mowing the lawn is fun again.
  6. I don't fret. But, if someone breaks into my house looking for toilet paper, they will see God a lot sooner than I. (did not end it with a prepostion ) scOtt, did you ever watch Risen from 2016?
  7. Led Zeppelin? Oh, puleeeeze. Robert Plant sounds like a freeking seal in heat.
  8. I saw that also. Just proves that money is the deciding factor in everything. Civilization depends on this piece of paper.
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