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  1. Yessssss. If these guys are really professionals, and make billions of drachmas a year, I think 1 pitch should be more than enough per at bat. Not sure how many people want to constantly see a player up there spitting and crotch adjusting after every pitch.
  2. Colonel Benny Colonel Benny excited.
  3. At least he didn't do any 'frontsies' like another chicken place. Chicken should be banned. A man was stabbed at a Popeyes in Maryland on Monday, according to reports. He later died from his wounds after being taken to a hospital, the local news station Fox 5 reported. Fox 5's Evan Lambert cited sources as saying the altercation started over a chicken sandwich. The police confirmed to the Washington, DC-based WJLA that there was a fight, and the police told Fox 5's Allison Papson that there was an adult male victim. The police have not confirmed a motive for the stabbing. The attack took place at a Popeyes on the 6200 block of Livingston Road in Oxon Hill, Maryland, south of Washington, on Monday. The police received a call about the incident at about 7 p.m. local time, Fox 5 reported. The location closed after the incident, WJLA reported. Lambert tweeted that sources told him "a fight over someone cutting in line led to a stabbing death tonight in Oxon Hill, MD." The popular chicken sandwich, which caused a frenzy when it was first introduced in August, was reintroduced to the Popeyes menu on Sunday after selling out across the chain's locations. The police did not immediately respond to calls from Business Insider for comment. Representatives from Popeyes did not immediately respond to emails.
  4. You caught me. I was under the impression that my smart tv did not have a built-in camera as I manipulated my fantasy girl, er, baseball, team.
  5. Is laughing at Rev Al considered racist? A montage: Reverand Al and al baghdadi.
  6. I'm curious to know what the average time was for an O's replay. Umps probably were asking amongst themselves, "Why are we wasting our time."
  7. No chance Charlize Theron sits at that bar by herself without those guys hanging around her.
  8. I gave up watching the WS years ago. Always in the last game, toward the end, the camera is always showing women in the crowd praying, guys with their hands on top of their head, doing closeups of players leaning against the dugout railing, and Joe Buck-it rambling on and on and on about nothing. And, of course, 3 minutes in between pitches. And after the final out, cameras showing the losing players sitting on the bench. And Joe Buck-it still going on and on and on about nothing.
  9. This is insulting to all of the baby sharks. I DEMAND that they stop. Let's protest.
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