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  1. MongoBoy

    2019 New York Yankees

    I'm watching on the internet. There is NOTHING like listening to the Skankees losing a game in either Polish or Russian or whatever Slavic language it is. No John Sterling, Suzy Waldman, or Joe Buckedup on FS1. Just Janek, or Stefan, or Yuri. Maybe a Vlad. It's hard to tell.
  2. You're right. Boobs like that originate in Germany. In England, it's entirely different. And after the spanking...
  3. It was raining? It's a Renaissance festival. Therefore, England. It always rains in England. "Fear not, o fair maidens, for I shall rescue thee from the clutches of thy evil king"
  4. Billy sure has put on some poundage, hasn't he?
  5. This team will suck as long as an Angelos has their name on the checks. All this team can look forward to is trying to beat out the Blow Jays every year. And that is a low standard. Soccer is looking more appealing than watching this team. I give a lot of kudos for you guys who have watched these guys the whole past two plus years. And this is coming from a guy who has been following them O's since 1968.
  6. He's a bum. We want to spend money on real hitters. And it's on Bluray.
  7. "79. Those goddam whistles. And Sister Sludge to boot.
  8. Manny: "Hey Buck. I'm gonna play over here." Buck: "That's fine. Whatever you want."
  9. MongoBoy

    Postseason picks

    I just hate the skanks. One of the last teams to allow black players on their team. I think all of their championships should be given back because of their racist past. They should also have the stadium torn down. "I finally get a ------, and he can't run"-- Casey Stengel
  10. MongoBoy

    2019 Tampa Bay D-Rays

    I'm rooting for the team that will beat the Skankees. Hopefully, they don't get past the Twinkies.
  11. His teammate nailed the guy also.
  12. Is it over? Can I go now? Snoopy is da man!
  13. It is the last game, and I'd like to stick around, but...
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