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  1. Never played organized sports. In my youth, Dad was an alcoholic and Mom did anything she could to keep the family together. I would just go off by myself with a piece of wood and imitate O's games. I had every batting stance from each everyday player down to a tee. And just like "Stankee Classics", the O's won every time. Fortunately, Dad checked himself into AA when I was 14 (?), and never had another drink for the remaining 25 years of his life. And, it is passed down. The other 5 siblings are drinkers, but only 2 are full blown alchies. I haven't had anything in 10+ years and don't miss it. And probably that's why:
  2. So, he had a chance against the recent O's?
  3. He had no problem hitting Tito Martinez in the back with that fastball.
  4. They closed them down again cause the only movie they had available was Christopher Robin.
  5. Unfortunately there will be a shortage. There's no one to do the picking. Foreign workers aren't allowed in and, heaven forbid, if any of the younger set in this country will do manual labor. If it wasn't for aged knees and back muscles, I wouldn't hesitate.
  6. It's rare when something is taken, that it is returned.
  7. Proof there is a God. He gave us women... and Google Translate. I would like extra news I would like extra news Godzilla is heading for Ginza Please evacuate immediately Please evacuate immediately
  8. Willie McGee was in close competition with Merton Hanks from the 49ers for the longest neck in sports.
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