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  1. Bowie certainly doesn’t look like it could handle AAA ...it really seems too small to accommodate crowds of AAA . Unless there’s room to renovate it I don’t see it as being built to AAA standars. Most AAA stadiums have upper levels which Bowie does not . Nor does it look structurally built to expand.
  2. Good to see some recognition for Anderson Feliz. The guys who aren’t prospects and are filling the rosters don’t get nearly the kudos they should get!
  3. Great book! There are two others about Brooks....Third Base is my Home and Putting it allTogether
  4. Briñg up Anderson Feliz from Norfolk! He's a solid third baseman but you give up a bit of offense.
  5. Hostmom2015

    Anderson Feliz

    I'm a bit biased as he was my host player when Anderson played here in Lancaster in 2015 but I think he's as good a filler as you can find. Definitely a solid player defensively and flashes of good offense. He's a good utility guy...has played solidly at every position in infield and outfield . When he's playing regularly , like he is now in Norfolk, Anderson will do well. I project him as a cup of coffee type guy...he gets his chances he will make the most of it though. I don't see him as more than a filler guy, unfortunately guys from the Indy leagues are rarely seen as more than roster fillers these days. I can't compare him to Dosch or even Mountcastle but Anderson is not a bad guy to have on a roster. I think there are intangible things here that can't be measured...but like I said...I'm rather biased!
  6. Happy to see Anderson get a chance with Norfolk. Sorry about Dosch getting hurt but Anderson will fill in nicely
  7. I see your Dad worked for the Barnstormers from2005-2007. I have been a Barnstormers season ticket holder since the start....is your Dad Joe Pinto? If not, who is your Dad?


    Amy Ditzler

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    2. MDtransplant757


      I remember how massive that trophy was. Thing was heavy as hell too. Trying to lift it up like the Lombardi, i almost dropped it. 

    3. Hostmom2015


      Lol....I don't think I lifted it that year...I know I did in 2014 because they brought it to the bar we were celebrating at...I had mentioned on Facebook that they should bring it to the Station House and lo and behold they brought it in and sat it right in front of us at our table..it was awesome!

      btw....what is your name? Is it Aidan or is that your brother?

    4. MDtransplant757


      It was heavy, wasn't it? I think it's metal with silver plating. I know dad still has his ring, and a big one for his office that the team made for him. Alex is my name, Aidan is my younger brother. And which Ditzler am i speaking to? 

  8. I was Anderson Feliz' host mom in 2015 in Lancaster...what a great young man. We've kept in touch ever since. I'm sure you will be happy with his play...he's very talented in all aspects of the game! Glad to see he has started out the year with some offense! If he gets his time to play he will continue to hit!
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