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  1. The greatest coach to never have a winning season, create a toxic culture of fear, and literally kill someone of all time. He will truly be missed.
  2. Canson80

    Buck speaks

    Then you didn't watch the games. I would say most agree. So many Buck losses
  3. Canson80

    Buck speaks

    I'm sorry but Buck was a terrible, terrible manager in games. Maybe the worst.
  4. You can't have this black cloud over the program. Plus recruiting is in shambles
  5. I'm saying there were empty seats all over Veterans stadium during game 5 of the 83 series when the Orioles were up 3 games to 1. Dodger stadium looked packed till the very end in game 5 down 3 games to 1.
  6. Dodger fans are very loyal. So many empty seats after the 7th inning of game 5 in 83
  7. Looks ridiculous really. Also miss the skinny stirrups
  8. A wildcard made more sense with the larger divisions. Not now
  9. Why? This sounds like everyone deserves a trophy talk.
  10. Granted, the 1980 Orioles got screwed, but that was extremely rare. It was a real accomplishment making the playoffs in a large division finishing first. Now you are in a small division and can make it even If you finish third! Though you can argue the play in game is not the playoffs.
  11. I've been saying it all along the 88 team simply had more talent
  12. Charlotte will get a team. It's growth will lead to one even If it isn't a baseball area.
  13. 42 would make them the 2nd worst team of all time
  14. The only thing that was bad was sitting in seats that were blocked by posts. Thought the actual seats were fine. Didn't mind the bleachers in the outfield.
  15. And yet I still liked it more than Camden Yards. Guess it's a nostalgia thing. I LOVED walking through the old neighborhood from the Alameda to a game. The peaceful atmosphere over homeless pandhandlers walking to Camden Yards. And there was never any trouble getting out after a game where we parked. And the lines for food were not as long as they are now at Camden Yards under my experience. It wasn't a "wreck" of a stadium. You have just been spoiled by the ammentiries of Camden. I had no trouble hearing the announcers or music from center field. I guess you were going deaf by then
  16. The Mets radio announcers are the best ever
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