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  1. Granted, the 1980 Orioles got screwed, but that was extremely rare. It was a real accomplishment making the playoffs in a large division finishing first.

    Now you are in a small division and can make it even If you finish third!

    Though you can argue the play in game is not the playoffs.

  2. On 8/6/2018 at 10:39 PM, Carllamy said:

    Not to hijack the thread but:

    Memorial Stadium was eliminated because it didn't have skyboxes to sell. It wasn't a money maker.

    That said, along with a ton of history as a plus for keeping and a lack of money-making potential as the main reason for tearing down, I'm sure I'm not the only one who realized that Memorial Stadium was a mess, and they did every baseball fan a favor when they tore it down. And I'm sure that played a part in its removal as well.

    Do you remember that place? Terrible seating all over the bowl - those tiny blue aluminum seats were the good ones. Remember the brown wooden seats? Disasters. And the aluminum bench seats along the outfield foul lines? The worst sound system - a pile of giant speakers in left center? You could hardly understand the announcers. The poles blocking sight lines. And the ingress/egress ramps, Good Lord! If I leave a packed game at Camden Yards maybe it takes me 10 minutes from the time I stand up in the Upper Deck to the time I walk out a Gate. I remember once as a kid standing for over 30 minutes just on the jam packed, steaming hot ramp while the sea of people tried to jam through the inadequate Gates. Can you imagine what would have happened if there was a fire at that time? They'd still be talking about that tragedy. And don't even get me started on the lack of bathrooms, or the vast majority of parking being on the other side of the cars zooming along 33rd Street just waiting to run you over. They could have filmed Deathrace 2000 after some of those night games, or a good game of Frogger.  And talking about parking lots, do you remember getting stuck in the parking lot at Camden Yards for over half an hour? Nope. Happened all the time in the main lot at Memorial Stadium, unless you were slick enough to park all the way in the back and slip out that tiny little exit back there.

    I loved Memorial Stadium, and I loved seeing games there, but that wreck of an antique had to go for sooo many reasons.

    Camden Yards is a Treasure next to that, and unless there is something about the money-making potential of newer type skyboxes or the like about which I am ignorant of, even if the O's move they'll keep the stadium and any new team would love to move right in.

    And yet I still liked it more than Camden Yards. Guess it's a nostalgia thing.

    I LOVED walking through the old neighborhood from the Alameda to a game. The peaceful atmosphere over homeless pandhandlers walking to Camden Yards. And there was never any trouble getting out after a game where we parked.

    And the lines for food were not as long as they are now at Camden Yards under my experience.


    It wasn't a "wreck" of a stadium. You have just been spoiled by the ammentiries of Camden. I had no trouble hearing the announcers or music from center field. I guess you were going deaf by then :)

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