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  1. Educated people will agree the virus is 99% media hype and 1% real. Dont allow others to dictate your life. Play Ball - Go O's!
  2. per personal sources, Mark has already decided to wear the Oriole cap when inducted into the HOF.
  3. Now that Cole and Strasburg are signed, do the Orioles settle for Bumgarner?
  4. Three years from now this will be regarded as one of the steals of the century.
  5. Best move this off season, so far.
  6. Sammy Seagull


    the group of O's fans I associate with in southern PA just hope the team is in Maryland when they reach their next WS.
  7. Surprised they were able to find ten.
  8. What team wouldn't want Buck to manage? Name one.
  9. look for Davis to work hard this off season and have an outstanding 2020. I predict good things for Chris.
  10. was looking forward to watching game tonight, but Fox in York PA is airing Braves and Philly!😒
  11. We all wish you the best Jim. Please get well and get back in the booth, the team needs your voice of reason.
  12. I understand a deal behind closed doors have the team being sold to a Nashville Investment group as soon as 2020/21. One team name being batted around is the "Nashville Notes". The group sounds like it has deep pockets and eager to make a deal. MLB in turn has promised to return a team to OPACY by 2025 by a two team expansion plan, with the second team going to Vegas.
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