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  1. Probably be on the team for years. It fits right in with how this team is run.
  2. Sounds good. Anything would be an improvement over this.
  3. This isn't a professional sports franchise. It's a running joke and a national embarrassment. That 2 run double play ball the other day sums up the whole outfit. Calling it AAA is generous. The fans shouldn't be insulted by being asked to support this laughable crap. Angelos is a con man and a disgrace.. I've watched them for 50 some years but don't really care if they fold or move. This is horrendous.
  4. Davis has a realistic shot at setting the MLB hitless streak record, even including pitchers. 19 more will do it.
  5. The sad truth is that Davis has had it. He isn't coming back. You don't go 1 for 54 and 0 for 38 with 21 K's if it's simply a "rough patch". This guy led the league twice in HR's. We can speculate on how he did that but now he can barely touch the ball. He's done and the sooner management realizes that and cuts their losses, the better. Right now, opponents only really need 23-24 outs to win because Davis is an auto-out. It cannot continue.
  6. Well, it was fun for 5 games anyway.
  7. That was a stinking pop fly. It even sounded like his bat broke. The fences in this place need to go back 15-20 feet.
  8. If he can't figure that out then he shouldn't be here. He could have figured it out in the minors or for somebody else. He pulls a guy dominating in a no hitter then leaves our second weakest hitter to bat in a crucial situation. Davis and Martin both should have been hit for in that inning.
  9. I'm wondering how many games Hyde will lose by himself.
  10. Hey, don't pinch hit for the guy who's 1 for 16.
  11. It's tough to win entering each game with an 8 man batting order and 3-4 automatic outs. That they're 4-2 is rather miraculous.
  12. Anytime you need to give up a lead, call on Mike Wrong.
  13. You are correct but that will never happen as long as Angelos and kin are involved.
  14. Exactly. The team has poor management and has for a long time. Everybody knows that the cornerstone of the franchise was Manny. You never pour big bucks into guys who either hit homers or strike out and especially ones who don't even play in the field. They could have locked up Manny in 2014 or 15 but they were too dumb to do it. The Orioles have become a development team for others to pick from. As soon as we get any real stars, off they will go. As mentioned above, the future of baseball here is now precarious. A lot fewer people are going to brave a crime racked city to see teams who win 60-70 games and that is the outlook for the next three years or longer most likely. Orioles management can't be blamed for the dump much of the city has become but they can be blamed for mismanaging their resources to the point that they are a laughingstock.
  15. You trade the 4th or 5th best player in baseball because you were too dumb to keep him because you poured huge amounts of money into a useless slug and then received 5 "prospects" only one of whom is in the MLB Top 100. This is the type thing losers always do. They try to tempt the fans with years of development and "stars just around the corner" while other franchises win championships. Plus, we already know that any really great players that they accidentally stumble on to will simply be leaving like Manny did eventually. The trade looks terrible and probably is but it won't matter in the long run either way. That's the delight of being an Orioles fan.
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