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  1. If Austin Hays somehow becomes uber-good and earns more than $50M through arbitration - - I’ll boil my own shoe, eat it, and post the video right here on the Hangout.
  2. Preller is probably getting fired if the Padres don’t make the postseason or have significant improvement. I’d imagine he’s going to be looking to cash his prospects in on a far better pitcher.
  3. Can’t agree with this enough. Not sure why so many are eager to slash payroll to nothing. It’s a multi-million-dollar company owned by very, very wealthy people. Their analytics/development/etc investments don’t cost THAT much. If someone is rooting for an entertainment-based company that they have no ownership in to make a profit, while it is providing incredibly poor entertainment to its other customers - that just makes them a fool.
  4. I don’t think there’s as many negatives as you describe - depending on the value of the prospects. The O’s would be paying $6M to get two prospects and at least adequate production from a utility player who is still young and was once the top prospect in baseball. That’s pretty good value. But, I don’t see it happening only because the Athletics could just non-tender Profar themselves if they do no want to keep him. They don’t need a trade partner to rid themselves of his salary.
  5. good ballplayer. hope we get to watch him next year. grandson told me he was just as good as machado this year when you combine all the stats. -mark
  6. They need to enter this decade and get a SSL. More and more firewalls are going to start blocking unsecured sites like OH.
  7. been a baseball fan a long time. baseball is always changing but a 20-20 season has never been just some hot streak. -mark
  8. im no genius but seems like a good idea to keep the good players. mark
  9. opening day at home with yankees. sounds fun cant wait -mark
  10. been around long enough to know that money talks. if theres more money in nashville thats where theyll be. rich man dont get rich making decisions on his feelings. -mark
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