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  1. I think I was pretty clear about how I feel and why. He may be fine in LF, and his defense has been average, according to the SSS stats. At baseball savant. But he hasn’t looked good, in throwing, running, or reacting. He MAY be fine in LF, but I don’t think so, and I expect he’ll end up at 1B or DH. And that’s ok, lots of good athletes end up at 1B. No shame in that.
  2. Nah, you tend to ignore fools and that’s what I do.
  3. His defense has always been questioned. I have also always said that I hope he succeeds, and I have always said that it will be difficult to find a Position where his defense is not a liability. That hasn’t changed. I don’t think I am walking back anything.
  4. Do you remember that play where he was chasing down a ball in foul territory and he just stopped and let it drop? I remember that Palmer just savaged him afterwards. And I remember multiple throws That were weak or inaccurate or both. His left-field stats were actually not bad at baseball savant, he actually had better results in left than at first, but he sure didn’t look good when I was watching, and I watched a lot. He may turn out fine, and that would be great, but the onus is on him.
  5. Although I appreciate the larger point, it’s pretty obvious that Mountcastle is not going to succeed anywhere except possibly first base. I hope that you are correct and that is where he ends up. It was infuriating to watch Trumbo lumbering around right field like a kid lost at the mall.
  6. Interesting. I know nothing about Vavra, And we can’t have too many centerfielders, but I wonder what, if anything, this means for Mullins?
  7. I may be incorrect, but I think having a good eye Is the most valuable part of the hitters repertoire, especially when combined with power. That forces the opposition to give you pitches in the zone, because he knows that if he throws out of the zone, you’re just gonna lay off the pitch. Santander has a ~7% BB rate. I don’t know league average, but 7% is not great I don’t think. However, he ALSO has a ~15% K rate, which pretty good(Again, I don’t know league average, but I would imagine that 15% is quite good.) That indicates that he’s making a lot of contact. I don’t know what his hard-hit rate is, and I think that’s probably important, but I think it’s pretty clear that he is improving and he’s growing and I can’t see any obvious impediments to him reaching some of the lofty goals that have been suggested for him. A good eye means he’s not being fooled, but a low BB rate means that pitchers are still throwing in the zone. As the pitching gets smarter, I do not know how they will react to him, but I don’t think he’s going to be an easier out as time goes on
  8. “That depends on what your definition of “is” is...” 🙂
  9. I know. I would love to get religious at this point, but best not. Suffice to say that humanity has not grown enough to value integrity.
  10. My golly, who wouldn’t love to have another AJ? I’d be thrilled if Hays,”wasn’t much more than that”
  11. Biggest fish in a small pond? Smallest fish in a big pond? Take your choice. He’s making better than a living wage, and he’s learning Korean, so good for him
  12. When guys like that are signed, are they too young to go into the top 30 list?
  13. It’s difficult to calculate, because they were all taken at different times, but if you think about the best rule five guys of the last seven or eight years, the best has to be Joe Biagini. He was a great choice, and the Blue Jays got a lot out of him, and then I think they traded him to the Astros. Matt Bowman did well for the Cardinals, but I think he’s out of baseball now. But which recent R5 picks have done as well as Santander in as little time? He is not just a valuable part of our team, he has considerable trade value, And depending on what Mike thinks of the teams upward trajectory this season, he may find himself being traded at the deadline, and if so, he will be bringing back a meaningful return.
  14. Santander played well, and his defense earned a GG finalist spot, though Gallo clearly beat him. Defense is important. As he learns the intimate details of RF at OPACY, his D can be expected to improve. I don’t think offense improves linearly: as he addresses his flaws-or doesn’t- he will either dramatically improve, or stay about the same. His BABIP was .248, which is below league average(?) and his K rate was only 15.6%. His walk rate is pretty low, which indicates he has a good eye and makes contact, so even if nothing changes, I’d expect better production when the hits stop finding so many gloves. He was worth.9 WAR in 60 games. I’d expect 2 or above if he plays 150 games. Hays’ bat is a bit more suspect, but it’s logical for him to come into his own as he faces more MLB-level pitching. But his defense is wonderful, and even if he isn’t hitting as well as he should, he’s likely better on offense than Mullins( unless Mullins himself has come into his own, and his 2020 is his new normal.) Either way, I’m not worried about OF production, so long as Mc and Mancini aren’t out there.
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