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  1. Wow, thank you very much for this information. Those are the probable spots open, how many guys need to be added for rule five protection, and how many worthwhile players does that leave? I don’t know whether Greg bird would be a good addition for us, but I doubt we have any other interest in the others that you mentioned, but this kind of exercise needs to be repeated for each team, And I would be surprised if we can’t find worthwhile guys to add.
  2. I was not clear, I wasn’t referring to minor-league free agents, although if we can find a good one or two of those that would be great. It would also be great if maybe we could find some outstanding player in Korea or Japan and bring him back. The main source of usable talent for our purposes will be the 35-40 spots on the rosters of loaded teams. Looking at just the Yankees, for instance, they are filled to overflowing with candidates for the 40 man roster, as well as the need to protect the guys from the rule five draft. We could Probably assemble an improved team merely from New York discards, But because we have connections with Houston and St. Louis, which are also very deep organizations, we might be able to sneak away some of their worthwhile discards.
  3. I appreciate this article, but it’s just illustrates how many moving parts are going to be dancing around between now and March, and how much our own roster depends upon the discards of other teams. After the season, Wynne team start to clean out their 40 man roster, that’s when will have the chance to make some worthwhile moves, unfortunately, the Tigers now have first crack at everything. Oh well…
  4. No, Chris Davis is going to play first. And if Chris Davis doesn’t play first, which may God grant, Mancini will play first.
  5. The problem is the two of them have the wrong kind of impact gloves. Stewart hasn’t demonstrated much prowess, And no need to rehash the oft-stated need to find Mountcastle a defensive home. They cannot both play left field, and Mountcastle can’t play first.
  6. And yes, I know we got Trumbo in a trade later, but if we had kept Nelson, we would never have needed to acquire Trumbo.
  7. ( cough cough shoulda kept Cruz over Trumbo cough cough)
  8. AMEN. The only good thing about the Nats winning is that the Dodgers lost. If there’s a NY-Washington World Series I’m going to camp in Alaska for a couple weeks.
  9. I would love to trade Mancini but no one wants him enough to give a worthwhile return. Home runs are easy these days, but defense remains important and Mancini is no blessing on D. We keep him because we must.
  10. All he does is hit, and that not very well. He is useless in the field. Nobody can use him except as a designated hitter or possibly 1B. So no… Teams are too smart, except for one… And even that one is learning, so no, and who cares.
  11. I don’t disagree, but we are faced with a conundrum. We let him go for nothing, which is silly. If he’s worth, say, $5 million, we would be letting him go just to save $5 million. Or we give him $10 million, Which is an unnecessary expense for a team at this stage, even if he is worth it. My suggestion was a viable compromise, Because it allows for the possibility of a trade return, at the risk of the difference between what he will be paid and what the team thinks he is worth, as opposed to just letting him go.
  12. If this arbitration estimate is accurate, well we can’t non-tender Villar because he’s good and we must non-tender Villar because he’s expensive. So tender him with the understanding that we will eat a portion of his contract if necessary when we trade him.
  13. You are correct, I forgot about that, and I’m glad somebody moved itYou are correct, I forgot about that, and I’m glad somebody moved it
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