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  1. I have a question about our rule five guys and the acquisition procedure. Let’s say that Mike knows right now that the guys aren’t going to make the team but he wants to keep them. Could he go directly to the other team and work out some kind of trade now?
  2. Philip

    Alex Cobb 2020

    Yes, and I would like to have a pet unicorn… Not impossible… But… I’d rather focus my energies on our prospects, which is why I’m going to be spending a lot of time in rereading your “pitching battles” article
  3. You are in the minority. Every decision of his has been a detriment to the game. The Houston fiasco is the worst. How can we possibly have any faith in the integrity of the game or in the honesty of the commissioner? The things he’s said and what Boston and Houston ownership said were insulting. shameful.
  4. Yes he is really that bad. If you don’t think so, and this cheating fiasco isn’t enough, well then…
  5. I think the prediction is for 66.
  6. I have less than zero interest in anything Manfred says. It is useless to hate someone, especially when you don’t even know them, Because hate involves a lot of wasted energy And doesn’t affect the hated person at all. I just try and ignore him while all the while wishing that the team owners will realize what a disaster he is and get rid of him.
  7. That’s a very interesting quote, and it’s not necessarily incorrect, but who wants to live in the bitterness That exists without any optimism? “There is no ‘bright side’” Who would want to live like that? So I would tell Oswald that I doubt he is a hit at parties.
  8. Philip

    Alex Cobb 2020

    Thank you for the correction, the point is still valid. I would rather see other guys. Whether Cobb is good or bad he has no trade value. Even if we trade him, he would be more a salary dump then anything else. So let him do whatever he does until it’s time for him to go.
  9. Philip

    Alex Cobb 2020

    I’m kind of surprised at how little I care about Cobb. If he’s good, so what. He has no trade value, we’re going to pay all his money, and at the end of the season he’s going to go away. If he’s bad, well we’re still going to pay all his money, and at the end of the season he’s going to go away. I’m kind of disappointed, because I’d rather see what the guys in the minors can do. We’ve got probably 10 pitchers who have a reasonable chance of making their debuts this summer And doing well, I’d really like to just let them try.
  10. I was telling my wife in the car that we’re going to have baseball next week, and she mumbled, “stupid baseball“ AND YET I PERSIST! 🙂
  11. I understand that, but the point remains. “Spin” isn’t just what the ball does.
  12. This actually begs a much more significant question: New have several real prospect pitchers coming up this season and next: Wells, Lowther, Kremer, Baumann, Akin, etc. not all of them will pan out of course, but what are the chances we will trade Means, if he shows well, in anticipation of the arrival of a bunch of guys who will adequately replace him?
  13. Well duh, what’s he gonna say… I have every hope that he can do as well as he did last year, but the last person you go to for unbiased assessment is his own pitching coach
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