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  1. Anybody who is able to get an autograph from a superstar this season should make sure they date it. 2020 in-season autographs are going to be very hard to get.
  2. Oh that’s great. When you said you weren’t a labor lawyer, I thought erroneously that you were saying you weren’t a lawyer at all. tip of the hat. Thanks for your comment. Lawyer or not, your clarification is of benefit to everyone who cares about the subject. An oriole fan in NYC. So stressful!
  3. “The reality is we weren’t going to play more than 60 games, no matter how the negotiation with the players went, or any other factor," That comment trumps the other comments. He’s saying that “regardless of the negotiations” Well then, why have negotiations? Why not say, “we’re only gonna have 60 games and we’re going to start in July” Why waste so much time on posturing that, according to Manfred himself, was useless? That’s why I asked the lawyers in the crowd For their thoughts. Spirit of 66 is not a lawyer, but his comment was very cogent
  4. Why? When he says directly that there was never any intention to play more than 60 games, how is that a stretch. And how does that have anything to do Personal feelings? After all, he said it, and whether somebody loves him or hates him, he still said it, and he still said something that cannot really be explained away. And you don’t have to look very hard to find plenty of responses that say basically the same thing.
  5. If this is directed at me, I strongly object. I posted the question to ask questions. Manfred’s comments are very clear and on the surface at least, extremely implicating. I did not “editorialize.” I specifically asked for insight from any lawyers in the crowd. My negative opinion of Manfred is based on real things that he has really done that are arguably quite detrimental to the game, and that negative opinion is shared by a vast quantity of fans. If you think I have some kind of inherent bias, and that I merely hate the guy because he has bad teeth, you are very demonstrably wrong, but the problem can be solved by just ignoring anything I write in the future.
  6. @spiritof66 Your comment was excellent and I appreciate it. I have long thought that arrogance was the greatest of the sins, because In order to improve one must first admit the flaw in oneself, and arrogant people are unable to do that. Unfortunately, a certain amount of arrogance seems to be necessary in order to obtain positions like Clark and Manfred have. But Manfred certainly seems to have blustered the owners into an untenable position, because he can’t take back his statement no matter how hard he tries.
  7. I dislike him, and so do many, and he’s earned it. It is disingenuous for anyone to insinuate that there are no reasons to wish him gone. However, let’s focus on just this situation and just the article from yesterday. Manfred Said that there was never any intention to have a season longer than 60 games, which contradicts everything he had said prior to that. That certainly seems to me as if he was “bargaining in bad faith” and that is why I posted the question. I’m not a lawyer and requested insight. Meanwhile, in the recent poll, I personally voted that there would be no baseball at all. I think the situation is being poorly handled, and if we couldn’t have baseball in April, “for safety reasons” then how can we possibly have baseball in July, when the situation is worse? The claim that safety is the reason they can’t have a season longer than 60 games is bogus. Yes, I dislike Manfred, and I wish he were not commissioner. But he has earned the animosity, and just just from me, and probably not from a minority of fans, either. If you think he’s ok, that’s fine. I’ve expressed myself and that’s fine too. The next commissioner will hopefully spend the first part of his tenure un-doing as much as possible of the bad that Manfred has done.
  8. Add Julio Franco, Buddy Bell, Dave Parker, maybe even Kevin Brown, Who was really underrated.
  9. I dislike his actions intensely, but you seem to think that there is no reason for that dislike. But if he does some thing productive, I will not dislike it. Still waiting...
  10. That’s a really hard choice, I really like Schilling, And even though he says some really stupid things, his politics don't really bother me. But I think I would probably want Mussina in a must win game.
  11. Actually I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that comment and I think for a reporter to approach someone who is naked, regardless of the genders, is pretty rude. She obviously was not penalized for the event, I hope she did not raise a stink about it.She obviously was not penalized for the event, I hope she did not raise a stink about it.
  12. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2898515-rob-manfred-mlb-was-never-going-to-play-more-than-60-games-this-season Manfred has said there was never any intent to have a season of longer than 60 games. That is a de facto admission that he was deliberately lying every time he mentioned any other options. His comments are pretty direct and seem to be a clear admission of collusion, bargaining in bad faith, and possibly many another negotiating sin. Can any lawyers in the group chime in? Trevor Bauer seems to be angry, but he’s not a lawyer. I’d love to hear from someone who is.
  13. It’s human nature. Some people want the whole package and some people don’t care. If someone is a repellent jerk they will lose some votes. I think that’s probably what has kept Schilling out so far.
  14. If he hits 30 a year for three more years maybe. But that would mean playing when you’re 44 years old.
  15. That means a whole lot. Barry Bonds is a jerk, and I wouldn’t vote for him if you put a gun to my head. But Cruz is by all accounts a great guy, plus he admitted his use and put it behind him. So I do expect to get some votes, but I don’t think he’ll get in Unless he has a really outstanding next three years.
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