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  1. I don’t disagree with that, but it depends on the timing, where Mike thinks we are now, and whether Scott will be more valuable to us as a player or as a chip. If Mike keeps him(Assuming he continues to improve) It will indicate he thinks we’re closer to contention.
  2. I have been very down on Scott, on the grounds that throwing wild trumps throwing hard every time. I am quite pleased that he seems to be showing meaningful improvement. I don’t know where he is in the arbitration process, but if we can polish him up a little bit shinier maybe we can trade him for something meaningful.
  3. It’s too early for roster predictions but I think the goal will be to keep as many “possibilities” as we can. Goudeau will be gone, Martin might be DFA-Ed as well, although I’m not sure you can DFA someone on the DL. Lakins and Sulser will be optioned. Unless they show very poorly, I think every chance will be given to Sceroler and Wells to make the team. I don’t think Leblanc makes it, and I’m really skeptical of Harvey, but maybe Felix makes it. The position players are so many shades of grey, you can pull a random name out of a hat and get someone as good as anyone, but I don’t think Ruiz makes the team. He goes away
  4. Catching bad, 1B mediocre/average, 2B and SS average or a bit above, 3B dreadful, LF dreadful, CF and RF above average. Im assuming worst-case scenario, but even best case is bottom half
  5. I agree with Scott, I am expecting to win in the 70s, but it won’t be because of… Well, I kept wondering which bad thing I was going to list first, and there are so many. I think our pitching is going to be very good. I think our defense is going to be awful and our offense won’t be much better. But the pitching will be much improved!!
  6. No he’s not. I haven’t read any of the comments, but I would imagine that several people have said the exact same thing that I just did.
  7. Oh I understand that, it’s just that I would rather see the exciting guys first. I don’t know what his reasoning is for using Eshelman, but He’s got a minor-league contract and there’s no urgency with him.I’d rather see the rule five guys.
  8. Aren’t you more interested in seeing the new guys rather than the retreads?
  9. Conally Mentioned this in a blurb on The Athletic and my immediate reaction was, “why”?
  10. At times, you are very contentious. He obviously didn’t mention the guys I named(any fool can confirm that by just reading the comment)and I named them because I am expecting them to possibly earn starter consideration. They may not, but you never know.
  11. You left out Sceroler and Wells. And Mattson too for that matter.
  12. I want the best 5 guys in the mound. If Lowther and Baumann are better than Felix and Harvey I’m going to be annoyed if they get sent down anyway.
  13. I agree that if a guy is ready, he doesn’t need to be in the minors. I would rather see Lowther than Felix or LeBlanc or Lopez. The only reason to have him down is because he’s not ready, or someone better is ahead of him. I’m enthusiastic about Baumann, but he is still recovering, it seems. I want Zimmermann as well, but he may not be good enough. But if a guy does well, it’s ridiculous to make him prove himself in the minors. That’s going backwards. edit: I just saw the note about Baumann throwing BP, so add him to the OD mix
  14. Why is Sceroler ranked higher than Wells? Or is he?
  15. No Mattson? and can you explain why Sceroler has a higher upside than Well even though Wells seems to have the better stats? And Goudeau? He’s terrible. Not sure how I rank the guys but I don’t think LeBlanc or Harvey get anywhere.
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