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  1. Yes, you must’ve missed the comment where I was corrected on him. I thought he was farther along both in level and in experience and I was mistaken.
  2. Galvis offers scant value to a potential playoff team. Anybody trading for a shortstop is going to want someone with better defense. I don’t doubt for a second that Mike will take any deal that he thinks it’s worthwhile, but remember that Villar was an off-season transaction and Mike tried unsuccessfully during the season to trade him. Regarding a replacement at SS, we haven’t tried Lebya so sure throw him out there.
  3. I do focus on defense, but I was unaware how far away Hanley was. I still want to trade Mountcastle and he still doesn’t have much trade value, but he’s settling in ok at 1B, and I’d rather get rid of Stewart.
  4. Iglesias offered top-quality defense, and was traded in the offseason. No one is going to have an urgent need for a terrible SS, even if he’s hitting well. If they need a SS for a Play-off Push, they probably want defense first because they wouldn’t be in contention unless they already had sufficient offense.
  5. No, you …um… you. I’ve always liked Mullins’ defense. I’ve always hated Mancini’s defense in the OF and so do you, if you’ve been watching. God be praised, he’s now a positive value 1B instead of a disastrous OF, and Mountcastle too, is an adequate 1B, instead of a minus -6 LF. I initially disliked Stewart because he appeared to be a buffoon on defense, but this season he showed some signs of ability in the OF, and Baseball Savant agreed he was about average. His defense has deteriorated. He is now -2 OAA, so I’m sour on him again. So yeah, he’s had his audition, and time to send him
  6. I did not know that, all I know is that he has a reputation for defensive excellence. OK I withdrawal my request for him and focus instead on Cumberland. However I think we can agree that Severino needs to go away.
  7. I can’t comment on everything you’ve shared, although I’m grateful for your effort, but I must stress that Galvis is at the moment the worst defensive SS in baseball. He might be available for a PTBNL or Cash Considerations, but nobody is going to give anything meaningful for him. Any good team is going to have a better SS in their high minors, and if they need a SS, why in gods name would they want Galvis? And mediocre or worse teams don’t want him. No disagreement on your DFA suggestions, except I think Severino is also going away. He’s just too bad, and doesn’t hit well enough to compe
  8. Will has made some amazing plays, but he doesn’t seem to be consistent. But yeah, bring up Jones for 40-50 games and see what he can do. If he’s lousy, take him off the 40 and use his spot for someone better.
  9. There is a huge difference between “not trying to win” trying to lose.” This whole post is about the things we could do to play more watchable Baseball without interrupting the teams progress. It seems that seven of the nine guys on our team are below replacement level, how about replacing them with exactly replacement level? Or with different guys who will be below replacement level? Or guys who might be better but aren’t long-term solutions? Those are all possibilities none of them would interfere with the master plan and all of them would help the team.
  10. Inept defense has never been a barrier to promotion, it seems.
  11. After initially opposing DJ because he looks like a buffoon on the field, I came around to support DJ, because he’s done some good things. Now I would like to get rid of him. He has no trade value except as “damaged goods,” so maybe we could throw him in as a sweetener on a trade to a team that thinks they can fix him? I have no idea who that would be, but as Willie and Joe said when looking for replacements, “how about this one? He’s full of vitamins!” Stewart is healthy, if nothing else. I would be happy to get rid of Franco, send him to the place where defense goes to die. For third,
  12. Rushing a prospect means pushing him into a situation he can’t yet handle, from a level he can’t yet handle. That is why we speak of prospects being young for their level. They might do well despite being young for the level( “Joe Schmedlap is young for this level but is really playing well against the older and more experienced competition!”)but the concept exists because it is a risk. A player is ready for the next level if he’s doing well or better in his current one. If he is promoted and does poorly it doesn’t necessarily mean he was rushed. Sisco wasn’t rushed, he was just unable to
  13. I don’t watch either. I detest the Broadcast folks, Palmer excepted, and when I listen I usually turn on the opposition team, several of whom I like. I’d endure it if they’d call up some prospects and let them play, but it is impossible to watch bad baseball night after night, read The beats ignoring the problems or spouting the party line, and watch Hyde unable to get them to play fundamental baseball and make bad decision after bad decision. I check the score, root for some guys like Wynns, and play candy crush…
  14. I appreciate that but I’m not suggesting rushing anyone. I’m suggesting bringing up guys who have mastered their level. The only way to learn to deal the MLB is to play MLB. We’ve seen countless times, guys who were great at AAA and mediocre or worse at the big level, and it’s best to find out now, especially for the second tier guys who need to show they deserve a spot on the 40-man ahead of the Rule 5. Lowther being shuffled back and forth is inexplicable, as has been mentioned here more than once. There’s no reason for it, but there’s also neither need nor reason to bring a guy up and
  15. That’s my point. In the absence of any evidence of injury, pinch-hitting Severino for trey is stupid, and Hyde is no stranger to stupid moves.
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