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  1. Phillips has been awful. Hess has been spectacularly awful, but was briefly also not-awful. No reason to keep either.
  2. Google ten-cent beer night… That was quite a game.
  3. I thought everyone was on the ballot after five years of retirement?
  4. Thank you, I had that somewhere in the back of my head, but it slipped my mind. There is no shortage of guys Who could be cut in favor of up-and-coming guys: given where we are in the process, I would lean towards protecting more guys and designating more guys.
  5. We can’t subtract Wynns, can we?I thought Elias specifically said we need at least one additional catcher. Davis won’t go anywhere. No argument about the others. We won’t get rid of Stewart but I wouldn’t mind. He looked completely clueless in the field.
  6. Yes exactly. How can anyone misread that? Even if my wording is clumsy, which I admit it was.
  7. Why next two days? Is November 21 the deadline to set the roster?
  8. Luke implied in another comment that I shouldn’t be so down on Sedlock, but one does expect a bit more from a high Pick. Tate, certainly, sure looks like the Rangers will never regret letting him go.
  9. Mountcastle and until then Stewart. And God save us....
  10. You have to leave room for your own rule five pick, and we want to protect as many guys as we can. My own question is actually the opposite of yours, which is, why worry about roster spots? Just designate guys, we don’t have anybody who’s especially valuable, and with the flurry of roster moves that is about to occur throughout the league, anybody we designate is almost certainly going to end up remaining with us anyway. The most vulnerable guys probably are our outfielders, because we have so many of them.
  11. The photo is a bit sad. Which player is Pop? The sad looking but in-focus guy leaning against the wall, or the blurry guy in the foreground who is in action? given his injury and the concern about recovery, it’s a very poetic photo
  12. Stauffer =Brad Brach? Brach threw harder, but also came out of nowhere to be productive for a long time.
  13. Sedlock has fallen a long way.
  14. I am down on Tate So I chose the only option that did not include him, , Which of course means that that is the only guaranteed wrong answer.
  15. Yes that’s correct. Thanks again.Yes that’s correct. Thanks again.
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