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  1. Where’s the “cricket chirping” meme when you need it?
  2. I have discovered that cycling and archery simultaneously is actually a sport. It’s called “bicycle archery.” I think they need to work on the name… I’m going to put a string on my stout yew longbow and air up the Schwinn and go around looking for stuff to shoot at.
  3. That’s a reality show I’d love to see. All the contestants get to punch Manfred in the face and the winner gets to punch him in the face again.
  4. You are correct. In Baseball, and maybe in cricket too, the player scores, and not the ball. Love it. everything else is second best.
  5. Not haughty at all….usually quite the opposite. but you’re still right on this one.
  6. You’re wrong a lot, but on this you’re exactly right. Hockey is stupid.
  7. I don’t mind the angry bluster, but Tony Clark is incompetent. And I mean that literally he’s just not competent To deal with the position he’s in. I don’t think he’s very smart either but you don’t have to be smart to be competent. Manfred Has an evil agenda. I don’t know what it is but it is not in the best interest of baseball at all not one single decision he ever made was in the best interest of baseball. I think at the end of this baseball will be negatively changed in an extreme way
  8. Normally I like it when people back up their comments, especially inflammatory ones such as this. However, with out reading it I can still agree with you completely. However I am confident the same is also true of Tony Clark’s comments
  9. Haydn or Mozart? I much prefer Haydn, there’s a maturity in his sound that Mozart never seems to achieve, although Mozart at his best is divine. I’d rather talk about baseball, though. But you did ask…
  10. Toney you missed the point, my point was that we could have won additional games without spoiling our precious plan, and next year we can win More games without spoiling the precious plan, and I asked you if you would rather win 60 games and have a better draft pick, or 70+ games and have a worse draft pick. I contend, and most human beings also contend, that winning is better. It is better to win more games this year because wins are not meaningless. Wins are the reason we follow sports. 65 is better than 55, even if it means we get a worse pick. Frobby and Sports Guy correctly poin
  11. Urias is certainly an overall more desirable player, even at the same price. Odor probably has more power, but I don’t want a guy hitting .202 to be anywhere near the 40- man roster.
  12. They spent money, they hired a guy. But successfully spending money and hiring guys involves a little bit more than flinging money at a random warm body who has a baseball reference page. This is a stupid waste of money. If this is what you’re going to get for your $7 million why not just keep your $7 million and pick up random replacement guys. That’s stupid too but at least it’s cheap
  13. How is roch going to spin this? ”Hey it’s not my money.” it seems that Elias is revealing his weakness
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