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  1. I used to root for the Astros...But they are evil. I also rooted for the Mariners, but they’re pathetic. At the moment I am following baseball in general but I am only emotionally attached to the Orioles. However, as Manfred continues to ruin the game, I am on the verge of losing interest in baseball completely.
  2. Gotta be Steve Pearce. He had, what, 7.0 WAR in ‘14?
  3. I’ve read most of the article, and it seems that there’s a desire to contract the minor league teams and remove the total number of players a team has in the system. The team likes it because it’s cheaper, and the players like it because older guys won’t be pressured by up-and-coming prospects, and can last an extra year or two in the majors. That implies overall quality will go down because there just won’t be as many prospects pushing for spots. I dislike all of this.
  4. I haven’t read the article yet, but the obvious question is, “what happens to all those guys who would’ve been taken in the sixth round?”
  5. Philip

    Update on Rant

    Well, it seems that I was mistaken. I am always willing to admit when I am wrong, and boy I was wrong.
  6. Until there’s some hard evidence, people need to ignore this. My brother is a lawyer, and he is constantly dealing with people who are falsely accused, and once it gets out, it’s out forever, and there are always some idiots who assume guilt. So...I know there’s nothing going on, I know we want stuff to talk about, but unless there’s hard evidence, everyone should shut up.
  7. I just saw this, and I strongly disagree with a couple of the roster choices. Haven’t read anybody else’s comments yet, but Holaday should be on, and Scott should be off. I think there was one other head-scratcher but I don’t recall at the moment.
  8. I cannot imagine the White Sox ever having a red uniform. That just looks like stuff from the Philadelphia Phillies trash cans.
  9. Who cares? He’s terrible. He also has an advanced degree in a STEM subject so he’s going to do just fine when the Orioles wise up and give him the heave-ho. I like him, and was rooting for him every time he took the field..... now I want him to start his second career.
  10. Well, this means I was right about Hess and Williams, and wrong about Urias. I didn’t think Mullins and Mountcastle were going to make it regardless, but for very different reasons. I wonder when the next round of Spring Training cuts will be... June?
  11. In an effort to fill some time, bleacher report shared one of their “power ranking” articles today, in which they power ranked the best outfielder on each team. The Orioles ranked, 23rd( not the worst!) with Trey Mancini(???)being called our best outfielder...But they showed a photograph of Anthony Santander. funny....twice.
  12. Yeah I wasn’t going to mention that.... I try to be polite. But since you mention it, yeah, a bit of prowess with the glove wouldn’t go amiss...
  13. I’d prefer he show an ability to hit at the major league level first.
  14. By the way, anything that keeps baseball chat going(and I’d like to point out that my wife just told me to forget about baseball… And yet I am still married to her) is fine by me!
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