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  1. Thank you for the information. Small sample size, sure, but it still does reinforce that he’s meh at best. They gave Wojo what a year and a half? And he’s not actually gone yet. I don’t see any need to keep Phillips.
  2. Fair enough. I’ve seen all I need to see, of him, and Carroll and-sadly, because I was a big fan-Sulser too, and others. I will be very surprised if they are on the forty-man in January. You disagree and that’s fine and we shall see anon...
  3. I don’t want to sound contentious but that’s too simple. If the team sucks up 7 million, they still save 8 million by trading Cobb, and I think they will do so because they’re not really any pressing need to keep him. The money is already spent, so anything they save will be a bonus, and that could go towards signing, for instance, a competent third baseman. As happens every year, there will be non-tenders galore, and I fully expect B-More to pick up a bunch more Jorge Lopezez along the way. I’ve made a long list of guys who will get the axe(and I’m adding Sulser and Valaika)But there will still be lots of guys, and there’s no need for Cobb.
  4. Pittsburg and Texas have 1-2 locked up. Detroit and KC are ahead of too. I think we’ll be lucky to get a single digit choice, although if they combine last year’s record with this season, we might. DAMN this pursuit of excellence! If only we sucked just one more year!
  5. How many Inherited runs did he allow? I don’t know, but reliever era is deceptive. He has a high K rate and a very high BB rate. His FIP is low, which is in his favor, but nah. He will be here till someone better comes along. Wojo got a long leash, maybe Phillips will too, but I don’t think it will be long.
  6. Because he’s sucked so far. He has moments of competence surrounded by eons of terrible. He could be many things, but what he is is terrible he is probably also expendable which is why I don’t expect to see him around in January.
  7. Means Akin Kremer and who? Cobb will be moved in the off-season, which opens a spot. Next spring will be exciting.
  8. No, the grades are all Incompletes except the already failures. I have very high hopes for Kremer but it’s too soon. I’m happy to give Tate more time. He’s been OK but like Kremer, it’s too soon. Caroll and Phillips have had plenty of time. They can go away fast and far. overall it’s just too soon.
  9. I’m amazingly excited about upside, but in 8 years I’m expecting to be dead. Can we maybe get it a little sooner?
  10. Would love to trade Cobb, and Baumann and Lowther are in the wings, and would probably have come up if not for injury. Pop, too, though I think he’s a reliever.
  11. Thank you for this list. Most of these grades must be considered incomplete at this time. Kremer looks like a solid win. If he continues like this it will compensate for all the dross we acquired in those trades. Phillips is a dud. Even the worst pitcher has a “dead cat bounce” now and then. He’s terrible, and I’ll be surprised if he’s here in January. Tate hasn’t done much to dispel doubts. That whole return is looking like a loss. Zimmerman gets an “I” ATM, but I’m hopeful he’ll do well. Villar makes the Schoop trade a win, even if that’s all we get.
  12. Pitchers. New pitchers. would love to see McKenna. And how about a utility infielder who doesn’t collect errors as if they were war trophies?
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