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  1. By the way, I know that once or twice a year, Toney and whoever has replaced Luke present us with the top 30 prospects, bit by bit. I was thinking it might be very interesting to go backwards. Instead of going from 1 to 30, why not go from 30 to 1? Everybody knows who the first floor guys are anyway, probably the first six, depending on where you want to put Heston(For me he has to get on a field, first.) But the back 12 or so guys, those are some really interesting possibilities, so it just might be fun to consider going in reverse order.
  2. I am as enthusiastic about Adley as anyone, and I agree that a position player has more daily impact than even the best pitcher, But the rarity of impact pitching, and our desperate need for anybody who can throw well, tipped the scales in his favor for me, and I see that three other people have also voted for Rodriguez, so I’m not the only one.
  3. I don’t think Severino gets a contract, even if he hits well for a catcher, because Everything else is so bad. Wynns Was one of the guys I expected to get the ax, but I fully expect Severino to get chopped as well. I am a little curious as to why they didn’t just go ahead and clean house now. I don’t know how many guys have to be added ahead of the rule five, but I think there 12 to 14 guys who can realistically be removed, and I don’t know why they’re not just doing it now.
  4. I was at MLB trade rumors, and there were already 3-4 Articles about this team or the team out-righting players or designating players, And once the season ends, there’s no distinction between leagues, and the Orioles get first crack at everybody so I’m sure we’re going to get some upgrades.
  5. I looked them up and read the article at MLB trade rumors. He has a very high walk rate, and we’ve already got Tanner Scott who also has very high walk rate, and throws much harder in this guy, I don’t mind picking him up, but he doesn’t seem like the guy she wants to take home to introduce to dad.
  6. I’m unclear why Turner being injured would lead to a pitcher being Designated? I think during the season the waiver process goes by league, so the Dbacks would have First crack at any NL player?
  7. I do not know that they would do that specific trade, but a team that wants to win now, he would be a terrific addition. I’m very interested in how Kim Ng and the other GMs will react to each other. I was hoping she would be hired in Baltimore, because she would be so different from anything they had ever experienced that for at least a couple of years I think she would have an advantage over them in dealings because they wouldn’t know how to react to her. I don’t know how many major trades or other transactions Miami has made since she was hired, but I will be very interested when t
  8. They didn’t have as good a season as they expected to, but they were expecting to contend, and I would imagine that they think the failure of this season is just an aberration, so I expect they will be full speed ahead next season, which means they are going to be trading for the present rather than for the future, which means that Mullins would be an excellent addition for them
  9. They are not comparable situations. Machado had two months before FA.Mullins has what three years? Even if he regressed 10% he will still be an outstanding player, he can do everything except throw, and his arm is plenty accurate, it’s just not powerful. That’s a guy anybody would want to have. I would be furious if we did it, but I’d be really interested in what the Yankees would give up to have a guy like him in the lineup
  10. This was a question in a MLBTradeRumors chat I think. But Miami does seem to have a lot of pitching, and they are a contender, so they might well be willing to deal from their surplus and get Mullins. However, several/ many/most teams are desperate for pitching so Miami can choose their dancing partner.
  11. I made my point, I find it rather annoying, people who don’t, don’t.
  12. Never heard anyone lead in to it. But we’re talking about AJ, so we can let this drop.
  13. I was looking at the pitching free agents available over at MLBtraderumors.com, and I remember thinking that we are going to look at the worst guy in the pile, and then manage to find someone worse.
  14. Well, the myth is always larger than the man, And I can certainly imagine him being tired at the end of the day and stopping before he should. I’m sorry for your story, but that just reminds us, the “sometimes you suck.” Sometimes we are not at our best. Regarding Palmer, I guess we just react differently, to me he comes across as, “I’m better than you and I know it, and you should.” He is the last broadcaster that I would let go of if I were king, but I’d sure sit him down and tell him I never wanna hear him say again that he never gave up a grand slam. ”We know, Jim, so no
  15. I remember listening to a radio interview with Isaiah Thomas, and it was a pretty extensive interview, five or six minutes or so, and almost every other sentence, Isaiah Thomas said, “I’m one of the best of all time.” Yeah yeah we get it. But if you’re one of the best of all time, you don’t need to constantly be reminding us.
  16. The thing about Adam Is that he comes across as genuine. He’s not one of these arrogant jerks like “well, you remember that I never gave up a grand slam” Palmer who reminds us every single chance he gets, and shares memories like a king distributes largesse. Adam is just a guy telling stories. I wonder how he’d be as a broadcaster?
  17. I love Adam Jones, he’s not pretentious he’s not arrogant, he’s human and genuine, and one of the things I tell myself every single day is, “sometimes you suck.” What a great reminder as to how life is. Sometimes you suck, and that’s OK.
  18. At first I didn’t understand this list, but I hadn’t had a chance to read it fully, now that I do, I don’t think we should trade Mullins, of all the guys on the team, he’s the one we shouldn’t trade. Now of course we should trade him if we get a great deal, but we’re not going to get a good enough trade to make it worthwhile, so no.
  19. Unless the front office has given up on a few of the guys who got brief auditions this season, a question whether there will be enough innings to go around if we bring in a prominent outsider. In addition to the five guys who are potential starters, you’ve got at least one guy coming to the show from AAA, possibly one or two others, plus we have Tyler Wells and Lopez who might be starters, and need their own audition innings I don’t really have a problem with bringing Harvey on board this past season, although he was kept too long, but next season is allegedly another year forward, And we
  20. I’d kinda like you to correct the spelling in the title.
  21. Enjoyed this very much! couple takeaways: according to this, GB rate IS better than FB rate. So my interest in GB guys instead of FB guys is endorsed by this video. also, I noticed that three of the top ground ball guys were Britton, Bleier and TJ McFarland, and they were all successful, even though TJ and Bleier certainly aren’t strikeout guys. So let’s go get some GB pitchers. And why did we trade Bleier again? And keep Scott?
  22. Hoping to send a note to Spencer Watkins that includes a screenshot of a call made on a pitch he threw to Brett Gardner, that was maybe 2 inches below the exact center of the zone, and yet called a ball. I was furious and I know Spenser was disappointed, and he got blown calls like that all the time. I remember listening to a Rangers game a couple of years ago, and it was a home game, top of the ninth, two outs and two strikes, and the pitcher threw home, and Nadel’s call went something like this…” and here’s the pitch, there’s a ball outside, the count is NO! He calls it a strike…(confus
  23. Oh what a world we live in. If he’s injury prone, he will make less money than if he has merely been subject to the Vast Incompetence Network that is the Baltimore Orioles: Because then, of course, the new-and Competent- team can easily fix the problems and Hunter will be once again elite… and very wealthy. My wife says I’m naïve because I’m too honest, and I don’t see all the potential for evil in the world. Let me tell you, I am in the violin business, and if it can be seen, I have seen it. So with the greatest respect for you, I must lean towards agreement with @Ruzious and @Aris
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