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  1. No, I’ve probably said crazier. I didn’t say it wouldn’t improve, I said I doubt it will, and i said that even if it gets back to his career 89 WRC, it won’t compensate for his defense. That’s what I said. And that’s not crazy.
  2. I like him too. And he won’t be traded unless he nets a huge return, but I think he’s going to be increasingly valuable.
  3. Nah. He’s going to be Eric Bedard 2021.
  4. His career CS rate is exactly 33%( 24 of 72) but that’s due entirely to 13 of 29 in 2018, and Jon Shepard had a post at the time about how his pitchers were skewing those numbers. meanwhile, in 4+ seasons he has amassed l, among other thing, a minus 19 DRS, and minus 16.4 FRM which is below average. His bad defense is certainly not an anomaly. Whether his bad hitting improves remains to be seen, but I doubt it, and even if he gets back to his career 89WRC, it doesn’t compensate for his defense.
  5. That’s a bit of a strawman, because he’s not much different than he always has been. He’s always been terrible on defense, had a very high strike out rate, but was able to work a walk, and block pitches better than Severino. Now he’s not walking and he’s apparently not blocking pitches. And his strike out rate will of course improve, but right now it’s 50%, and 50% is not good.And his strike out rate will of course improve, but right now it’s 50%, and 50% is not good. if these last 20 at bats were an anomaly, then yes you would have a point, but they really aren’t.
  6. Philip


    Where’s that crossbow?
  7. Sit Mancini. I have no idea how long Stewart will be good, but he’s good now so he should play. Mancini and MC are both scuffling, so I can’t choose between them, but Stewart needs to be on the lineup.
  8. Philip


    No he doesn’t. He’s a DH/1B and the sooner he moves mentally and not just physically, the better.
  9. Philip


    Did you prefer Lacy or Witt?
  10. I forgot too, it’s not unusual to forget which side a guy bats/throws with, especially if you listen most of the time.
  11. Are you sure? Stewart is hitting pretty well, he’s defending pretty well, and he has a good eye, I don’t see any reason to choose Mountcastle over him
  12. AR isn’t ready yet. I’m not advocating bringing him up, and never have been. Our catchers are terrible. They’ve never been not-terrible. if the guys we have are 3 on a scale of 1-100, and the potential replacements offer 3.5, it’s worthwhile to make the change, especially after you’re confident, the 3 guys are never going to be any better than they currently are.
  13. You got 6 guys. Stewart has so far shown to be a passable defender in LF. No sense checking stats because there are too few at this moment. But the eye test sure looks good. Mountcastle is dreadful so no Of for him. He platoons 1B/DH with Mancini, which allows each bat to hit with minimal defensive shenanigans. OF Hays, Stewart, Mullins, Santander. Sit the guy who is scuffling the worst, or whatever, and that’s a good defense, with the best five hitters hitting. Not rocket science, but it does make things hard for poor Ryan McKenna.
  14. (Raising hand) ”ummm the Yankees suck?”
  15. The biggest difference between AAA and the Bigs is the quality of pitching. It is far more common than not for a guy to hit well in the minors and then hit a brick wall in the majors, especially after the opposition gets a book on him. They have access to Baseball Savant too, you know. I don’t know what things improve with time, but Sisco’s virtues seem to be in decline. Perhaps an argument can be made to keep him, because we’re not trying to win(although I’ve often said I think we ARE trying to win, albeit inexpensively) but there’s no reason to keep him, because he’s shown his limits, and they haven’t gotten better, and having better defensive catchers will improve the team. So yes, dump him and bring in a better catcher. Severino too, for that matter.
  16. I don’t understand the opposition to the risk Sisco might be off waivers. To be honest he would probably be claimed, even though he’s lousy, because catchers are in demand, even bad ones. On the other hand, he is definitely a bad one and the guys on the squad both offer better defense. So why care whether he is claimed? his walk rate is going to go down as his strikeout rate goes up, and we are already seeing that. He’s just another one of those second round draft picks that didn’t amount to anything. He has a career .-3 fwar, and he is certainly not going to cause Wailing and gnashing of teeth if somebody else takes a flyer on him, so dump him and bring up the next guy....quickly.
  17. Yup... “and a couple bucks for your trouble.”
  18. Of course. I’ve been screaming about this alignment for a long time. Mountcastle is no kind of leftfielder and everybody knows it except the people who make the decisions. Stewart is doing quite well, so no need to make any changes at this time, so rotate Mancini in Mountcastle at first and designated hitter And you’ve got multiple options for a good outfield.
  19. Poor Ryan McKenna. He’s had his cup of coffee...
  20. At Camden Chat, the recap includes the info that Sisco has 10 Ks in 20 ABs and is the only guy on the team without a walk. Yes he’s 3-3 in catching stolen base attempts, but I find it really hard to believe we have nobody in the minors who is a better overall catcher.
  21. You say say that like it’s a Bad thing! Can I give you a a pamphlet? You’re welcome among the Nadelians!
  22. Wow. Sisco threw a guy out. ”a little offline but Galvis got it in plenty of time.” And Sisco is 3-3 in CS. Not bad.
  23. Possibly, on the other hand it could just be two really terrible hitting lineups. The Rangers radio guys pointed out that the Orioles have four guys hitting under .200, And among qualifiers, there are 23 guys in the league under .200.
  24. Yeah, probably posted this in the wrong place. And Part of being an Oriole fan is hating the Yankees and the Red Sox
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