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  1. It doesn’t work, Britton is charged with two runs. But now, up 9-8, the bases are loaded top 9, no outs. Grrr The Indians are TRYING to lose... sheesh.
  2. He said he agreed with letting Flores go.
  3. Phillips is awful. He should have been gone in March, and Hess with him. Sedlock has consistently disappointed.
  4. Ah, they didn’t dump Brady immediately either. Waiting a bit means nothing. I’m with Tony on this one.
  5. And a Polanco misplay messed up the Twins’ night last night. Its like I keep screaming at people: “DEFENSE MATTERS.”
  6. I hate the Yankees
  7. Well there goes my bracket, dammit... Stupid Twins.
  8. And good for both of them! I’ve always liked TJ, and Heim is just a great feel-good story.
  9. Crap, Astros won game 1, and Yankees are up 3-0 over Cleveland. Grrrrr
  10. Oh I don’t particularly care which of those two guys os our stopgap for next season. Hmmm actually maybe I do. Alberto hits lefties well. Valaika is just kind of meh overall. That gives reason for discussion.
  11. Exactly, I remember that Buck was fond of saying, “if not him, who?” Which, in addition to being bad grammar, is a deflection of the responsibility, that he abrogated, to bring in competent players. But in this case, it’s valid. Alberto is here because we don’t have anybody better, and don’t say that Valaika is better. Unless you’re into Vikings, he has no more place here than Alberto does, and they’re both gone as soon as we can find somebody better, but we don’t have anybody better yet.
  12. Well, I guess that’s where we stand at the moment and that’s fine. I’m sure we will see what we will see
  13. Philip

    Playoff roster fun

    Oh come on... the Twins are channeling their inner Orioles...
  14. Philip

    Playoff roster fun

    If the Astros win their series against the twins, it’s going to mess up every single bracket in the world except those in Houston.
  15. Philip

    Playoff roster fun

    I picked the white Sox, I think. Happy that game is going well. The twins are causing themselves all kinds of problems in the top of the ninth against the Astros, on whom may pestilence fall. Rays and Blue Jays Scoreless in the second, rooting for the rays in that one.
  16. Even read the post yet, but wanted to say thank you for the work you did. I haven’t read your analysis yet, but I agree that we get an A for the pitching, because we have gotten rid of some of the bad and introduced some of the good, we can expect more of the good, and hopefully we can get rid of more of the bad…(Looking at you, David Hess.)
  17. Stroman, if he is smart, will take a large guaranteed one year deal. Tons of money, and he can start again next year after the new CBA. I would imagine that will be the mode of operation for most if not all of the high dollar free agents.
  18. Of course. Anyone with a need would scoop him up, and no one without a need would do so. But your comment reflects the weakness in your argument. “If we cut him” if we cut him, Texas( with a team, a TEAM batting average of .216) and Pittsburg will “knives out and blood flows” to get him off waivers. But they won’t TRADE for him, unless it’s a courtesy no-name guy with no future.
  19. Everything you say is valid, but the point is that we have enough guys who are overall superior to Nunez that there’s no harm in losing him. His spot will be taken by someone more versatile. Even if they don’t have his 30 home run power, they’ll have better defense at more positions( even one position would be “more”)run better, and offer more flexibility with the roster. Im sure @Frobby can find out immediately how many players were worth .3 fWAR this season, yet hit as well as Nunez did. My guess is “several.” If he’s really unique, Nunez might have more trade value than I’m expecting. Either way, he’s expendable, and I expect him to be expended. Trumbo was traded to the Os for nothing, remember.
  20. The problem with our infielders is that we have no one with whom to replace them(except at 1b, where we have too many) Like Nunez, Alberto will be picked up Immediately if he’s free, but no one will trade anything for him.
  21. Also, if we keep Cobb through the winter, we will need the spot for rule 5 protection.
  22. It is a happy fact that I think the Orioles will be good enough next year that they won’t need him. They need good infield defense and he doesn’t provide that.
  23. Philip

    Real/not real?

    Thank you for not extrapolating the next 60 games…
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