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  1. Yep, and you can't put that in a stat. All these amateur stat boys make me laugh when they try to disincentivize speed because you can't fully quantify it other than knowing the game and watching the game. Speed doesn't just break down bad D's but also the best D's. It also can destroy an ace pitcher.
  2. He's done unless he miraculously learns how to hit that little bender.
  3. I like Bordick. He goes into the deeper ins and outs of the game. That is great for youngsters trying to learn about the game.
  4. #3/#4 in my book. His mechanics are rough and he is inconsistent as is most of the O's staff. He has had arm troubles and will continue to have troubles given his mechanics. He blames his issues on the coaching staff as they changed his mechanics up. I wanted him traded when he was putting up fair numbers.
  5. I feel like this was a good trade overall. From the pictures I could find, their mechanics look good except Carroll could lead to injuries in the future.
  6. Timing issues with front foot plant and shoulder opening. May also keeps his hand on top of the ball going into his planting of front foot which is similar to Matt Harvey's. That will be his bigger downfall IMO.
  7. He's still young. A lot of things can happen especially with a team change. I like speed and he has it. He just needs to put a few things together. As a package deal, it isn't a bad pickup to see what happens.
  8. Dustin May scares me. I see arm problems in his future unless he is just a reliever. He has the same mechanic issues as Bundy that has led to his injuries. I'd dump Bundy for this reason. I am intrigued by Errol Robinson. If he develops, he could be a fun ballplayer to watch.
  9. I didn’t know the Yankees were World Series Champs nor that they have won lately. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. The MLB is getting more and more exciting as it is transitioning from the roid era to small ball and speed. The O’s are way behind the curve. The Braves and Mariners were exciting to watch when we played them. They had hustle and could move guys over to manufacture runs. In addition, speed makes good pitching and defenses crumble. When you get to the playoffs and the World Series you’re going to see good pitching which shuts down your power. Speed and small ball overcomes that. IMO to win it all you need speed, defense and good starting pitching that can pitch deep in the game. The only thing I’ve seen the Os do right in this regard is defense until Machado slid to SS. We are also seeing the trend of building teams on team unity. I think Machado is a selfish ball player so it doesn’t hurt me to watch him go. Adam Jones would hurt but so did Markakis and I got over it. AJ wouldn’t fit in this rebuild.
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