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  1. Baseball is still immensely popular. This is not a compelling argument.
  2. Believe me, it's very obvious you don't like the Orioles. You have a near constant aversion to logic when it comes to your feelings toward the Orioles so there is no pleasing you. Just the other day I saw you admit that paying high dollar free agents like Mike Trout is mostly foolish and not a great way to build a team and in the same breath you spent the past two season complaining every day the Os didn't sign some bum has-been to try to win 70 games. Personally i think your entire persona on this board is an elaborate troll and your steadfast pursuit of being needlessly contrarian is impressive. I mean, if you honestly would rather have non-televised soccer be played in Camden Yards than the Orioles, why are you even here?!
  3. It's odd to you that people are invested in choosing a side in a labor dispute between two parties that are immensely important to American culture...? That seems odd to ME. I don't see how, say, Hanser Alberto wanting to make 100K more to play a season in the midst of a pandemic where multiple players have already contracted the virus and the Angelos brothers who have been exurbiantly wealthy their entire lives not wanting to take a brief loss for a year are at all on the same level of "suck." We have an owner saying owning an MLB team isn't that profitable and then buying a 9 million dollar LA mansion. It baffles me that you can flip on the TV every night and watch PLAYERS play baseball and then not take their side in a dispute against billionaires.
  4. Very easily. The majority of the players in the league are not millionaires and will have a career of a few years tops. They are in astronomically different financial positions than the average MLB owner and should maximize their earning while in the league. The owners made an awful deal for themselves, they knew 1000% the games were going to be played without fans and now they are trying to get out of it by playing as short a season as possible and trying to skip right to the playoffs. They know they are in trouble which is why the want the players to waive their legal right to file a grievance. As much as people want to live in la la land in this thread, this isn't a "game." It's a job where the labor generates billions of dollars of revenue. The players shouldn't waive their rights because some "fans" think they should for the love of the game. If you do that in any profession, you are a sucker.
  5. It's about suing them for not negotiating in good faith and trying to play as many games as possible. The players are under no obligation to waive that right. This was also not a condition the players were expected to adhere to originally. The owners won the stalling match and get their precious 50 game season but they wanted to extract more from the players. It's clear they are at fault here. What does this have to do with the virus? I think you're mistaken.
  6. LTO's

    Grade the Draft

    I actually didn't make that argument at all. Many don't think Martin can play SS or CF. If he is relegated to second base and doesn't generate as much power as Kjerstad they will be very similar in value. It is not even close to out of the realm of possibility that Kjerstad ends up being a much better power hitter than Martin. Martin isn't Bryce Harper or Arod or Strasburg or even a Rutschman. A few pundits said he was the best player in the draft but clearly 4 other teams did not agree with that.
  7. LTO's

    Grade the Draft

    FWIW some people don't think Martin has a good enough arm to play CF, SS or 3B. So you are essentially giving full slot value at the second pick to a second baseman. That is not a highly regarded strategy. If he sticks at one of those positions and hits well then we might be looking at a mistake. But, if Kjerstad out slugs him and plays solid OF defense Elias will look like a genius especially if one of the high schoolers make it up here.
  8. Plan seems to be taking the highest exit velocity college bats available and then overslotting high upside high schoolers. If they all sign then I can't say i'll be upset. The Os are still doing things their own way but this time it seems to be data/model driven.
  9. The SEC seems like a substantially tougher conference based off the results from last night. Could factor in the Os projections.
  10. Wilcox and Kelly are still available to sign. And what Elias said could be posturing, you never know. I'm not going to complain about anything until I see the final haul.
  11. For a really long time I've wanted the Os to make projection/model based decisions and I feel like that's exactly what they did here and everyone is upset. I'm willing to be that their projections of Kjerstad's bat exceed the value of Martin's and like many other club's/scouts, they don't think he'll be able to stick in CF or play plus in the middle of the infield. Seems clear with this pick and Westburg that Elias and Sig have a specific plan but it's different than that of the prognosticators. Excited to see how day two pans out.
  12. I don't think so. There are some questions about his pure hit tool and his limits as a somewhat small right-handed hitting 1B. That said, it seems likely he would still be the pick.
  13. Seems like this guy could be a Brian Roberts type player with perhaps a higher ceiling.
  14. Would seem exhausting to even watch the sport when you have this attitude. To each their own I guess.
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