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  1. I mostly agree with you here but it seems he mentions the Cardinals just as much if not more. I’m hoping (not expecting) we operate with a payroll somewhere in between those two teams.
  2. Could the 2019 draft be an Ogden/Lewis type deal for the Orioles? Only half kidding.....
  3. It's pretty obvious that ownership meddled in a few baseball ops decisions under DD. That still doesn't mean he was a good GM. He mostly wasn't. It is unjustifiable how bad things got in late 2017/2018 and to top it all off his deadline trades that year were horrible. Before that, I do not think anyone forced him to trade Eduardo Rodriguez for a rental reliever or Zach Davies for Parra. It's been widely reported that Peter vetoed a Britton trade in 2017. If DD had his way he would've gotten Colin Moran back who is a replacement level player at best. He signed Ubaldo and forfeited the 14th over
  4. I believe the disconnect is that you believe he is "docking" the Orioles when it's more like he is rating all other teams higher. I don't think he's adding up the value of every prospect in the Os system and then subtracting an arbitrary amount due to the lack of international prospects. He's just weighing the signings of a given team's past few J2 periods higher than other publications. He's noted though that he expects the system to rise with the new player development regime and that not having a minor league season last year really hurt them. He's really high on Sig and Elias.
  5. Yes and he grades them higher than other publications despite the inherent risk of each of them individually. It's a very easy concept. He has a track record of being faster at identifying rising prospects from the international ranks. That's why he weighs them higher. You may not agree with it, but it doesn't make it intellectually dishonest or whatever else you said. It's just a difference in methodology. We can hope for our sake that he's too harsh on the Orioles here but if he is, it's probably not by a lot. Maybe. What is particularly egregious about that? The Orioles forfeited t
  6. What established ML talent are the Os going to get for someone like Ryan McKenna, Zach Lowther or Garrett Stallings? The Adames return was an established ML reliever and a reliever close to the majors. Do the Os have that? Would Tampa even trade with us? Who do you think we could’ve included in a package to make that deal stronger than MIL’s? And would it even be worth it? TB is famously brilliant in selling high. Look at Snell. Are you going to give up top 10 prospects to pay Arenado hundreds of millions of dollars to play on a non competitive team? Were any of the FAs you mentioned ever goin
  7. But it’s not irrelevant. Just because those kids haven’t made it stateside yet doesn’t mean they aren’t in the system. At the moment in time that Keith Law ranked the Os dead last they didn’t have a single international prospect of note. Other teams did, though they weren’t individually assigned high FV grades due to risk. Many of those teenagers at the time are now stateside and predictably on teams’ top 30s. It was obvious at the time that that was going to happen eventually. I just don’t understand why he would ignore that. You aren’t giving an entirely accurate picture of a team’s far
  8. First of all I don't think he thinks the Os have the 10th best collection of talent in the first place which is where I disagree with him. But his argument about docking them for not signing any good J2 guys makes total sense. Most of these high dollar value international prospects don't immediately show up highly on top 30s because of lack of in game looks, age etc. But eventually some of them inevitably do. If other teams have those guys and the Orioles don't, you can't just ignore that. It would be intellectually dishonest to pretend that the Orioles weren't at a supreme disadvantage to te
  9. It took me 10 seconds to find a non-paywalled source. I wouldn't call someone a revisionist without even trying to see if I was right. There's a shred of truth to this. However, it's fair to penalize an org for not having even one international prospect worth anything. You are cutting off 30% of the talent pool. It may not be extremely obvious at the time, but other teams who participate in that market will eventually have an advantage over you.
  10. Yes you were. You said that not even Keith Law ranked them dead last when he quite literally did. Regardless, when you just had the worst season in franchise history and are bereft of ML talent, if you're not even a top 25 system you are in horrible shape. That's obvious to anyone except you apparently. The farm system was bad relative to the league at that time. As obvious now as it was back then.
  11. This is so easy. Name some players and their price and how many wins they would add to the team. The fact that you can't name any is why you are on a message board right now. And why on earth would they be trading prospects for ML players? That makes no sense. Actually, I'm willing to be convinced. Give one realistic trade scenario.
  12. Consider this, you and @Can_of_corn were predictably both wrong and continue to be. You just don't engage when anyone actually challenges you. At the time Elias took over they were dead last according to Keith Law. Ranked 28th by Fangraphs. The only cracked top the 25 in BA after the trade deadline in 2018 based on DD's trades which turned out to be horrible. https://www.camdenchat.com/2019/2/4/18210497/mlb-farm-system-rankings-keith-law-orioles-2019 Again, I'll ask: who are the players they should've signed this offseason and at what price? This should be extremely easy now because
  13. 115 losses. Worst farm system in baseball. Decade plus of zero meaningful involvement in a player acquisition phase that accounts for 30% of all big leaguers including the very best players on the planet. Less than 2 season's worth of games later and people are complaining they aren't signing the Joc Pedersons and Mike Minors of the world to hope to lose 95 instead of 100. Makes absolutely 0 sense. Be thankful intelligent people are now running things and don't share these ideas. About half of their top 20 prospects will be on the big league roster next year along with guys like Mullins, Hays,
  14. This is not the worst part of this argument. The worst part is he cannot name specific players the Orioles could have signed/traded for in the past year that would've made them competitive this year. If you present it, like he does with all of his arguments, like it's a fact it doesn't just make it so. Not only did it not make sense for the Orioles to sign FAs outside of the org in an attempt to be competitive this year, it also just wasn't possible. FA pitchers worth anything looking for a one year prove it deal were never going to sign with Baltimore. It's not an attractive place to pitch ev
  15. There hasn't even been one and a half minor league seasons under this new regime. I find it so strange that so many people are so sure of how things are going to happen despite hardly any evidence. Same with the draft.
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