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  1. Keith Law just released his top 30 draft prospects and predictably had a totally different ranking than everybody else. He didn't have Fabian on the list at all. The more I think about it, I wonder if this is the draft the Os take a pitcher high. Seems like there are more questions about the top college bats than I had realized since the season started. If one of Leiter, Rocker or Hill is there they'll have a tough choice.
  2. I'd hope to see a little more power this year. Pretty small sample size for him last year but he didn't really tap into the power he's displayed at times. He only had 6 extra basehits. I think he has the raw power and bat speed to improve those numbers.
  3. If he's there at 5, they take McClain from UCLA. That has Elias written all over it.
  4. He hit very well at Aberdeen after initially struggling/being sick. That's what I'm pretty confident would've happened in Delmarva if he got more at bats. However, I'd like to see some AA at bats. Just sucks that the season isn't starting until May.
  5. Also, relievers are extremely volatile. If he becomes a bonafide stud this year (doubtful) his value to other teams is substantially higher than it is to the O's.
  6. Lowther was nibbling too much and getting behind in counts instead of trusting his stuff in the zone. When he attacked the zone, as he did in the first ab of the inning he induced weak contact. Learning what you can get away with against ML caliber hitters is going to be important for his development.
  7. Was just coming here to post this. Good stuff. However, it should be noted that these "rankings" on BA are not based on talent evaluation. The ranking is based on the projected bonuses the player is expected to get. I suppose there is a correlation between prospect status and bonus amount but it's even more a crapshoot than normal prospect/draft rankings due to the scouting coming mostly from one team. In the most recent two periods it looks like the Os will sign the 28th and 17th "ranked" prospect. In reality these guys could be far higher or lower in a true prospect ranking if more info was available. Either way, I'm thrilled the Os are finally legit competitors in this area. Credit must be given to the FO who is staying true to what they promised when taking over.
  8. Mountcastle is sneaky fast. Would’ve liked to see that race
  9. I would love this but Baumann making the team out of spring training would be a shock to me. Not a comment on whether I think he's ready but I see the Orioles being cautious with him at first. I think there's a good chance they start with a 6 man rotation with LeBlanc as the 5th starter and maybe a Felix/Eshelman piggyback as the 6th spot. If not, I supposed they could see how Zimmerman does. Hope I'm wrong but I imagine with the uncertainty with these guys' arms given the short season, they start with the more expendable/experienced guys at first and are cautious with the prospects. Like you, I think the rotation in August/September will be drastically different.
  10. Nice to see Brit work the Nats fans into a frenzy without doing a basic check with the team. Sheesh.
  11. Actually in agreement here. Not like the things are off to hot start with that draft class given the Baumler injury and Kjerstad illness. Granted, those are just bad luck and things every team deals with. Given his infatuation with them, I cannot imagine Elias would pass on a middle infield prospect like Martin unless he had serious doubts about his defense. Curious decision for sure. Though I have read things from the BA and MLB guys that suggested that had the season been finished it's possible Kjerstad would've cemented himself as a top guy given his power from the left side.
  12. More effusive praise for Holt. This time from former Astros scouting director Kevin Goldstein at Fangraphs. Link is below. Relevant information: Jeff: Can you give any insight on what Chris Holt will be bringing as the Orioles big league pitching coach this year? I’m extremely optimistic after all the strides the minor league pitchers made in 2019 under him Kevin Goldstein: I got to see Chris Holt’s work up close in Houston, and I think he’s absolutely remarkable. The arms there are in VERY GOOD hands. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/kevin-goldstein-chat-2-22-21/
  13. Right. Fine. But there's a huge difference between him coming up in July and him making the team out of ST without having played above low A. It's very unfortunate that there was no minor leagues last year as we'd have a way clearer picture of where he's at right now. I appreciate the reports from the alternate site but practically every time he stepped up to the plate it was essentially like he was facing a pitcher who was on his 10th time through the order. Every prospect, regardless if they're blue chip or not, needs some development in the minors before reaching the majors. The Orioles having a bad ML team doesn't change this imo.
  14. Ok, and? I'm aware of what I'm talking about. It really seems like what the Angels did worked in this scenario. He was clearly overmatched in those first 40 games but gained experience he carried into the next season. What benefit would it have provided if he slogged through 162 games with a .281 OBP? Would he have been benched? Would he have been sent back down? There's a human element to this. If he comes up in August or September and struggles, so what? If he comes up in April and struggles, then we have a huge problem.
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