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  1. There is ample evidence of these scrap heap players going elsewhere and producing for playoff contending teams. It's not exciting but it happens. Also, the vast majority of their best prospects are going to be on the team this coming season and next. I would not consider their plan to be far off just because they haven't spent 20 mil a year on a FA.
  2. The purse strings are tight for some of the most profitable teams in baseball. It's really unfair to say this as if there isn't extreme uncertainties in the coming year and beyond. That being said, the calculus hasn't changed in terms of the International market. They are in no obligation to spend all of their money on low upside, older teenagers just because they have those slots. Their timeline for when they said they will be competing for the high dollar prospects still hasn't arrived. When that time arrives and they are not landing the big name prospects then I will be right with you.
  3. This is contingent on the Orioles exercising his option which, despite the tweet's author's optimism, is far from a sure thing.
  4. 60 games is not a large enough sample. Bottom line.
  5. It's 2020, those guys are a dime a dozen. Almost every major league bullpen has multiple guys who can throw 96+. Castro has been the same player for 5 years and going on 4 teams with moderate improvement along the way. He will be costly next year and will enter free agency soon after that. There is absolutely no way he was going to be a part of the Os hopeful competitive future given his service time. A back of the rotation starter is more valuable than a middling/unreliable reliever.
  6. DD made a bunch of bad moves here, particularly at the end. Bad trades, burning high value draft picks for bad players, letting Cruz and Markakis go and replacing them with Trumbo and Snyder. It's pretty obvious now that he is not on the hook for the Davis deal but I think if you average out DD's good moves with his bad moves I think you get an average to below average tenure as GM here given the state of things when he left. Seems like people are way quicker to give him the benefit of the doubt than Elias so far when Elias is literally in the process of fixing the previous regime's mistakes.
  7. Miguel Castro isn't good. Getting that return for him is, on paper, good value. I haven't seen a single scout or analyst say anything otherwise. Castro actually just blew the game yesterday.
  8. Not expecting either of these guys to be superstars or anything but Kremer and Zimmerman should be in the running for next year's rotation. If not, something has gone wrong.
  9. Mullins ceiling was always going to be a 4th OF/premium defensive replacement. Him and perhaps Alberto are the only players on the team I want bunting. It kinda annoys me that the Os keep bunting in extra innings. It's really not a great strategy when the other team also gets to star with a runner on second. When they are competitive I really hope they really limit doing that if the extras rule is still in place.
  10. I think this was true to start the year but the system is starting to fill out depth wise. The deals at the deadline gave us some top 20 guys as well as presumably more to come. Also it's clear Elias' draft was also focused on getting quantity going underslot in the first and going overslot on the high schoolers. To become a number 1 system they need to start signing better international classes which I believe is already happening.
  11. How can you compare this season to the season prior? It's a totally different market. Also, I don't think Conine is nearly as good of a prospect as you are describing. He didn't even make Keith Law's top 20 and he's pretty firmly a 40FV guy. I'm sure Elias got rid of Villar knowing he was going to go after Iglesias and it seems like he could not have been more right about how they would play this year. We can see what they are eventually able to get for Iglesias and then revisit this.
  12. I honestly do not want to sound like sour grapes here but it seems like it's fair to say the Marlins got extremely lucky with the circumstances of this season that they were able to move Villar. Villar, as i predicted, came crashing down to earth this year so in terms of Iglesias vs Villar, it seems like Elias nailed his evaluation there. If the Os are able to get something for Iglesias either in the winter or at the deadline next year in addition to Lucas then we can re-evaluate.
  13. How old is Garceau though? He's certainly no spring chicken. I like McDonald, but SG has been pretty terrible behind the mic. Makes me honestly miss Jim Hunter *shudders*
  14. I wonder if uncertainty that the season finishes will play into the deadline. Might have to be a player the trade partner would get to have beyond this season. If that's the case, Means and Cobb could be attractive. Iglesias could return a flier similar to the Cashner return. However, I think he can have an immensely positive impact on developing our pitchers with his work in the field. From what I've read, a lot of people were not convinced by Means' performance last year. If he can hold this new velocity then I would imagine that would change.
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