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  1. Get used to this. The O's are going to keep roster spots open to pick up these type of guys that are cut sooner than an average team probably would. Looking at Tampa specifically. A rule 5 guy or two is all but guaranteed as well.
  2. The O's OF/DH have the 4th highest wRC+ and the most home runs in all of baseball. Hays' second half is a huge part of that. Add Adley and Stowers and any sort of upgrade to the infield and the O's offense may surprise next year. Just ignore the pitching...... https://www.fangraphs.com/leaders/splits-leaderboards?splitArr=40,39,38,41&splitArrPitch=&position=B&autoPt=false&splitTeams=false&statType=team&statgroup=2&startDate=2021-03-01&endDate=2021-11-01&players=&filter=&groupBy=season&sort=15,1
  3. Did the alternate site? Seems like you can interpret it however you'd like. The prevailing opinion from those in the industry was that the alt site was better than nothing but in no way was a substitute for a 100+ game season against your peers.
  4. In what way are any of those things "dangerous"? You don't explain at all. If anything, the talent gap between established ML players and younger guys in the minors has never been larger. I highly, highly doubt we'll see contenders/hopeful contenders start to aggressively promote 19-20 year olds with little upper minors experience. Those teams are competing for playoff spots and a large chunk of those prospects will be below replacement level at those ages.
  5. Right, but the "conservative" placement of some of the prospects was entirely defensible from the beginning due to the lack of season last year. By fans, I mean those who post here. Probably more knowledgable than your average O's fan but still exhibit the same behaviors when things are frustrating at the big league level. You may think this isn't significant for Henderson but I'm not sure I agree. I think this means the internal data they have on him supports him being at AA to start next year (at 20 years old) which was anything from a certainty a few weeks ago.
  6. Westburg too. The whole thing has been totally overblown even if I get that fans are impatient.
  7. Could be a promotion candidate with the recent injuries. Nothing really to lose given that he's 26. Elias likes guys with former prospect pedigree so I think he'll get his shot.
  8. LTO's


    Are you kidding me? It's not embarrassing that a team that was literally JUST in the World Series and has comfortably been in first place for months now can't draw more than 8K fans a night? That's absolutely pathetic. And make no mistake, a lot of those numbers are juiced from Red Sox and Yankees fans completely overtaking that stadium when they play there. Sorry if that struck a nerve for some reason but it's true. I didn't say anything about the Orioles nor did the OP. I'm not sure if you watch the Orioles but that's clearly the Pirates stadium up there big guy. It's also hilarious th
  9. LTO's


    The annual post labor day weekday crowd shots. Still less embarrassing than the Rays situation.
  10. Would love to know the exit velo on this one. Absolutely smoked and off Nick Anderson no less.
  11. Ok and what about Pirates ownership? Go ask their fans what they think. I'm pretty confident they won't be outspending the Orioles year after year. There is no evidence that will happen. Way more evidence the opposite will happen despite your contrarianism. Maybe. But I doubt it will be by a substantial amount at all at least for the next year or two. In any event the O's are getting ready to promote a 70 FV and a 60 FV to the big league roster. The Pirates don't have a single prospect in their system rated that highly. Hayes, no longer a prospect, was the closest and he may be a great
  12. Ok....which is why I said I'd rather be in their position. That's really a function of luck though. Predictive measures have their roster on the same level as ours and no evaluators have their farm system ahead of ours so if we were both in the NL Central, I'd rather have our talent. Their owner is also significantly cheaper than the Angelos family.
  13. I mean the AL East has 4 90+ game winners and every team except the Yankees is in the top 10 farm system rankings released by BA. The NL Central isn't anywhere near that. I would much rather be in their position but they don't have more talent in their system than the Orioles do. Their Pythagorean W-L is the same as ours. They are unquestionably on the same level of suck as this roster. I highly doubt they'd be confident they'd win a 19 game series against us.
  14. The Pirates have a -205 run differential despite having the 10th easiest schedule in baseball and a team in their division that completely gutted their roster at the deadline. They are thrilled that the O's and Dbacks are taking the brunt of the anti tanking discourse despite the fact that they might actually have a worse team.
  15. The Mariners haven't made the playoffs in 20 years and have never won a pennant. Their fans should be happy there are tanking teams to get the national media to talk about something other than what is probably the longest string of ineptitude in sports.
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