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  1. Using your example: a young employee who displays proficiency in one aspect of the job (hit tool, power) but is still working to be proficient in other areas (defense, plate approach) should not expect a promotion. If it happens, great. but he hasn't even played a full year of professional ball at the position he will most likely be at in the majors. There's more to the game than .OPSing .870 with a juiced ball in AAA. And i say this as a huge Mountcastle believer
  2. Any team that gave the O’s a C type prospect or a Cashner like return for Villar would’ve made out like bandits. Shout out to Elias for holding firm and not giving him away for nothing. Hopefully the O’s pay him and try again to move him next year. It’s not even controversial to say he’s been a top 10 2nd baseman this year.
  3. .413 OBP. Seemingly is never behind in the count and sees a ton of pitches. The patience and elite batting eye are going to make a lot of fans happy.
  4. That was awesome. Touched 100!
  5. LTO's

    Dean Kremer 2019

    But......why? No GM cares about that.
  6. 2-3 today. Batting .299 and OPSing .817. Gotta be thrilled he's not only not in over his head as a barely 18 year old, he's actually raking.
  7. One thing I noticed when following the gameday app was that Adley saw an absurd amount of pitches and he a had a ton of flyouts and lineouts. Figured it would be a matter of time before that translated into the stat sheet. Sure enough he's sporting a .380 OBP now. Hopefully he continues to string along good games and earns a promotion. Still waiting on that first dinger though....
  8. Absolute bomb. He's going to hit 30+ in the AL East.
  9. Would be very intriguing if he and Adley were on the Shorebirds playoff roster. Unlikely, I know, but that sure would be exciting.
  10. This thread in a nutshell.
  11. Exactly. The city JUST built a new AAA stadium downtown less than 5 years ago. Nashville isn't even close to the top relocation/expansion destination. Anything to get a "discussion" I guess.
  12. Anyone who has spent more than 5 seconds researching the situation in Nashville knows that it's not happening. Posting an article that says it could happen because ONE of the Angelos' sons have a house in Nashville is, yes, irresponsible.
  13. This is irresponsible and dumb to post this misinformation. Pathetic
  14. There's a lot of smoke around people in the org being put off by Davis' lack of effort and having to constantly cover for him. It's exhausting for him to get up there every night and be terrible but it's also exhausting for Hyde to have to constantly make excuses for why he's still on the team. This scene, while not particularly bad itself, highlights a greater need for this disaster to be over. It's not fair for Davis who clearly knows he's not good enough anymore, it's not fair for Hyde and Elias to have him weighing things down (especially when he's acting like a child on live TV), and it's not fair for the fans. It's pretty pathetic that the Angelos sons (who i think have done good things so far) to let this go on any longer.
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