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  1. 16 minutes ago, eddie83 said:

    Since all 30 teams spend on Int talent and player development that isn’t something they deserve any credit for. It’s a requirement, not a bonus. 

    I totally agree with this. I'm just saying, despite how angry it makes me and others, the front office has not lied about anything they said since the day ownership was transferred. Peter was wrong to not delve into the international pool but he did spend money on the team when they were competitive. Maybe something bad is brewing but maybe they really are just trying to improve their profit margins as much as they can to recoup the money they lost this past year.  I'm going to choose to remain optimistic and not doom post like everyone else. They are on their way to having quite the farm system with young talent already at the ML level. I'll enjoy that at the moment.

  2. 53 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    So does all my speculation about them cost cutting still seem unlikely?

    They have stated that they are focusing on building a strong talent pipeline while not spending on the big league club. As pathetic as this and the MASN business looks, they are doing exactly what they said. They have put their money where their mouth is when it comes to player development. You have accused them of cutting corners in that regard as well. So no, you don't get to take a victory lap for something that was plainly obvious.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:


    I find it interesting that Heston Kjerstad is ranked that highly. 

    I don't think he was that well regarded before the draft and he certainly didn't do anything after the draft.  Just a reaction to being drafted 1-2?

    That was my initial thought as well. And 62 is not a placement to sneeze at either. Wasn't too long ago players drafted by the Orioles had to show extra well to gain top prospect status.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Can_of_corn said:

    If you have the cap room, which the Orioles did, why is it unreasonable to think a team would spend the premium on someone like Mesa? 


    Because in the market today, the Mesa brothers are not worth anything close to what they received. The Os made a correct determination on their value and I'm glad they did. Possibly the dumbest thing this FO could do is throw stupid money at teenagers that far exceeds their value based on prospect rankings that are basically worthless.

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  5. I swear I've seen dozens of thorough explanations here of how the int'l signing process works and there are a few who still don't get it.  Same few who were incensed after the O's didn't outbid the Marlins and drop 7 mil on the Mesa brothers, both of whom are almost complete non-prospects at this point. Teams, especially with a capped amount of money, are not going to come in and throw an extra million dollars at a 16 year old prospect who is spoken for just because. 

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  6. Doesn't seem like any teams were really interested in taking position players today. Fenter will definitely be back at some point. Pop remains to be seen. They shouldn't be able to just stash him on IL and I doubt he's ready to pitch in the NL West but we'll see. If the season ends up being truncated at all it will be much easier to keep him.

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  7. 57 minutes ago, Tony-OH said:

    Ah, the old "everyone who disagrees with my point of view is pathetic". You should take a hard look into the mirror because your hypocrisy is glowing. Whether you want to believe there not a perception problem or not does not mean people don't believe there is and it's not pathetic at all if people have done their own risk assessment and decided to not go into the city. 



    The "problem" that you speak of is completely baseless and those that have spoken their concerns to you are just flat out ignorant of the facts.  Again, it being safe to go to a game at Camden Yards is not my opinion. It's a fact. The people that have convinced themselves that South Baltimore is basically a favela are beyond reason and I don't have to take that opinion seriously. I'll continue to go to over a dozen games a year with friends and family and continue to experience 0 problems. They can continue to live in fear. 

  8. 40 minutes ago, MurphDogg said:

    I suspect that is the case as well, but I don't discount the people that Tony talks to who say otherwise. I think that the people saying that truly believe that, but my guess is, some of those people will find themselves with bravery and courage they didn't know that they had and will overcome their fears when the team is good. 

    I have moral qualms about supporting professional football, unfortunately the Ravens have one of the most exciting QBs to watch and I tune in anyway. If the Ravens were bad, I wouldn't watch and I would proudly declare my moral superiority. I think the situation with Tony's friends is probably similar.


    Yeah I mean I'm sure some people have reservations about coming into the city from the suburbs to watch a game. I just don't know how much is due to genuine fear that they and their family will be attacked or murdered. I'd say that's pretty rare. The one thing that I never got with this argument is that the riots and general issues of Baltimore never stop opposing Yankees, Red Sox, Nationals, Cubs etc. fans from flooding Camden Yards. You would think that with Baltimore having this poor reputation opposing team's fans would seek other avenues to watch their team. As a season ticket holder I've talked to plenty of opposing teams' fans who come down with their family every year to watch a game and genuinely enjoy it. The Os should try being good again soon so this argument can die out!

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  9. 5 minutes ago, MurphDogg said:

    Yeah, population dropped 13.1 percent between 1960 and 1970 11.5 percent between 1990 and 2000. 4 percent is not high by recent historical standards, as I said.

    The homicide rate is up since 2014, fortunately it has been consistently at 0.0 among suburbanites visiting the city to watch an O's game.

    Anyone who is "afraid" to come watch an Os game at Camden Yards is not worth taking seriously. Period. It is very safe to go to a game and that's not an opinion. They, like all of the other more fair weather fans, will be back when the Os are good again but I hope i don't have to sit anywhere near them. If you don't want to spend the money to watch a game - fine. If you don't want to watch a team that isn't competitive - fine. But blaming the city really is just the most pathetic excuse.

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  10. 12 minutes ago, Sports Guy said:

    That’s not really the point.

    What's the point? Pretty much any way you slice it you are arguing that the Os should just spend money for the sake of spending money. It's also early December. Pretty much no one is making moves yet. They very well could sign a replacement for Iglesias who ends up being even better than him. He's already 1-0 when it comes to upgrading the SS position from the year before. Personally, and this is an unpopular decision now, I would rather watch the younger guys in our system get playing time than a one year FA. Iglesias was fun to watch last year but I was personally more interested in Santander, Mountcastle, Hays, Akin, Kremer, Scott and Harvey. 

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  11. Just now, LookinUp said:

    I think he's arguing that we should spend 20-30 million now for a team that is more competitive (e.g., 70-80 wins) and might have some role in helping to build a contender (e.g., trading those players later, contributors on a contending team).

    1. I don't think dropping 20-30 million would get them to above 70 wins in the first place. 

    2. It's a risk that any low to mid-tier FA would play well enough to get anything meaningful in a trade. 

    3. The previous administration's Orioles are a prime example that throwing money around in this way can have terrible consequences. Dropped substantial money on Cobb, Davis and Trumbo and the team not only got worse, but they aren't going to end being able to trade any of them. Just a total waste.

    It's just weird to think back on the mood of this board at each stage of this team's past 4 years to where some are now. It was seemingly a very popular opinion that the Os should've traded Manny, Schoop and Britton and Gausman in 2017 and start a rebuild early because a competitive 2018 was unlikely. They didn't do that, gave Cobb a bad deal and then lost 120 games with the worst farm system in baseball. Elias begins the process that obviously was needed in 2017 and people are apoplectic that they aren't trying to sign mid-tier players in an attempt to win 75 games. 

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  12. 11 hours ago, Sports Guy said:

    So basically, they are looking to save money, do very little and continue to fool the fan base that rebuilding means they can’t win.

    Got it.  

    That short season spurt of competitiveness really messed with people's heads. This team could drop 100 mil in free agency and not sniff the Yankees and Rays in a 162 game season. 

  13. 11 minutes ago, Number5 said:

    Of course, but if the chances of that were >50%, or even reasonably close to it, the trade wouldn't be available.  Being sure a 22 year old guy that isn't a top prospect will be a Santander isn't likely.  Trade makes no sense to me.  You've got a good young player that is clearly showing evidence that he is panning out.  Trading him for a couple of lottery tickets that may, but probably won't, be as good just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.  We disagree on this.  Plain and simple.  I've read numerous other posts of yours that seem to indicate that you are down on Santander, for whatever the reason.  I believe that whatever negative vibe you are feeling about him is clouding your view.  Santander is the type of player that the orioles should be on the look for to acquire, not get rid of, IMO.

    I like Tony Taters as much as the next guy but I can't deny that he is still far from a sure thing. There are still pretty glaring questions about his ability to get on base, play good OF defense and stay healthy. If you can get a team to overpay I think you pull the trigger in a heartbeat. That said, it's not going to matter because the White Sox just signed Adam Eaton per Rosenthal.

  14. The honest truth is that Davis' contract, while miserable to watch how it has unfolded, did not really prevent us from winning a WS. Those post Davis contract teams were not set up to succeed long term or even at the time. The farm system was terrible and the ML pitching was missing more pieces than money could feasibly have bought even without the Davis contract. Also, and although i'm positive some will disagree, Schilling is a completely deranged lunatic whose stain I wouldn't want on this franchise. At least Davis is a nice guy.

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  15. 4 minutes ago, Aristotelian said:

    Buy high sell high is not usually a good strategy. Kim, Semien, and Didi will no doubt be looking for long term deals, exactly what you don't want on a rebuilding team. Simmons could fit the profile.

    The argument for Villar would be he has every incentive to play at a high level on a one year deal. Again, if he stinks it doesn't cost us anything. All upside, little downside. Certainly the Jays would not trade for him but some other teams desperate for a shortstop might. 

    I wonder though with Lindor and Correa hitting free agency, if the trade deadline market for SS might be depressed this year. Might not be the year to try to flip a SS. 

    I think they will all be looking for long term deals but I highly doubt they all get them. This year definitely seems like a "build your value" type of year specifically for Simmons and Semien (Didi deserves a long term deal) and the Korean FA seems to have some flaws that may prohibit a big deal.  That still probably just means they all end up going to a fringe contender on a cheap deal instead. I gotta say I will be disappointed if they don't sign at least one semi big name FA to make things interesting (Puig, Schwarber, any SS etc.)

  16. 7 minutes ago, Aristotelian said:

    How about bringing back Villar? Houston connection and did well with the O's, hit 16 HR at home in 2019. If he sucks, then it's no harm done. 

    Villar is the exact opposite of a player you'd bring in to try and trade. He predictably fell off a cliff last year (60 games isn't a huge sample, i know) and I would imagine after that awful trade the Jays made, no team is going to be lining up to follow suit. The dream scenario is that one of the big name FA SS (Semien, Didi, Simmons, Kim) isn't signed in this depressed market and his value plummets to a level the Orioles deem acceptable but that has about a 5% chance of happening.

  17. I actually have agreed with almost every move Elias has made recently but one gripe I have is the way he talks to the media. How he addressed the Alberto situation referencing the CBA and the winning "switch" was a horrible look. I think he is too smart for his own good and thought the brutally honest route was the way to go without realizing that sports deal with a lot of real human emotion. There's a definite middle ground between the non-speak mumbo jumbo that plagued Duquette towards the end and outright saying we aren't trying to spend money on our product. I ultimately think that if he brings a winning team to Baltimore all will be forgiven and we won't be thinking about the 2020 offseason. I personally believe he will because he's incredibly bright and has already improved the farm by some 20 odd spots in two years while delivering on his promise to give out high bonuses to international players.

    I'll continue to watch the ML product because I like rooting for the players coming through our system and know that throwing tens of millions of dollars at aging FAs in order to "compete" isn't going to help either. Compare how happy people were when we signed Davis, Cobb and Trumbo to how they feel about them now.

  18. 20 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

    I don't think we end up with someone comparable, and I'm not expecting him to repeat 2020 with the bat.

    This is what basically everybody said when they dumped Villar and he was dreadful last year. Peak overreaction time right now considering they haven't yet made a move to address the position as they said they will. It's disappointing that O's will be bad for another year but because of previous administrations' ineptitude there was no way the Os were going to be able to fully compete with the Yankees, Rays and Blue Jays in 2021. Just wasn't going to happen. Iglesias playing shortstop was not going to make the difference. If next year they don't bring up Adley and make some FA moves I will be upset, but the team just isn't at the level it needs to be yet. Last year was a short sample aberration.

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  19. 2 hours ago, Camden_yardbird said:

    Elias needs to get his big boy pants on and go get some real major league players for this team.  I dont want to hear that the teams finances are in flux.  This is year three and a playoff contender isn't built in a year so if you had a five year plan its time to start getting meaningful players in here.

    There is ample evidence of these scrap heap players going elsewhere and producing for playoff contending teams. It's not exciting but it happens. Also, the vast majority of their best prospects are going to be on the team this coming season and next. I would not consider their plan to be far off just because they haven't spent 20 mil a year on a FA.

  20. On 11/19/2020 at 9:55 AM, Can_of_corn said:

    I'm not saying they are as bad, just that the purse strings appear to be a lot tighter.

    The purse strings are tight for some of the most profitable teams in baseball.  It's really unfair to say this as if there isn't extreme uncertainties in the coming year and beyond. That being said, the calculus hasn't changed in terms of the International market. They are in no obligation to spend all of their money on low upside, older teenagers just because they have those slots. Their timeline for when they said they will be competing for the high dollar prospects still hasn't arrived. When that time arrives and they are not landing the big name prospects then I will be right with you.

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