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  1. Does Mason McCoy have any upside? Wasn't an exceptionally low draft pick and has a good to decent avg and OBP at all stops. This year he's had an exceptional start. I realize he doesn't have any power but is the defensive profile enough to stick if he can hit for average?
  2. Wells making his season and AA debut today.
  3. The Rays had 4 Ks all game to our 9. We put a really high amount of balls in play and weren’t necessarily rewarded for it. We weren’t very patient at the plate which seemed to be a strategy but we put some stings into balls that didn’t fall. I think Bundy could excel in the bullpen and DJ Stewart would be better than Joey Rickard.
  4. Bundy needs to be in the bullpen ASAP. His stuff is practically unhittable the first time through a lineup. After that, it's basically batting practice.
  5. That swing......wow.
  6. LTO's

    DJ Stewart 2019

    He hit a home run through intense winds the other day. I think for him, the problem is no one on the O's 25 man can play CF other than Mullins (maybe Rickard). My fear is that they send Mullins down and replace him with Mason Williams. Stewart deserved an extended look based on what he did last year and I hope he gets it.
  7. Bundy should be in the bullpen and he should've been a while ago. Hopefully if Harvey ever makes it up here they learn from Bundy and place him in the pen and go from there.
  8. Shorebirds just won one of the craziest games you'll ever see. They were 2 outs away from being no hit and down 5-0. They then proceed to score 7 runs in a row and win on a walk off grand slam by JC Encarnacion. Grenier and Breazeale each had RBI doubles in the inning as well. Insane....
  9. Also a great night for some of our prospects. Akin was good. Grayrod's start to the season pretty much could not have gone any better. Hunter Harvey's arm is still intact. Dj Stewart was 3-3 with a long HR through the wind and a BB. Diaz went 2-5 and is OPSing .844. Adam Hall, the sleeper in our system, went 3-4 and is now batting .321. Elias will fill this system out with some high end talent but the previous administration left some intriguing pieces. For the big league team Dwight Smith Jr, Renato, and Hess are all relatively young and holding their own. Getting in on the ground floor of this rebuild is extremely exciting to me.
  10. Hall is up to .321 .853. Neustrom is a kind of under the radar guy and he's OPSing 1.027. Hopefully he can end up being a Trey Mancini type success story. But the pitching has really been great.
  11. 6 IP 1H 0R 3BB 10K in his second start. He's up to 20 Ks in 11 innings so far. Wow
  12. Buck and the previous administration over worked him way too early after his injuries. I know Keith Law isn't well liked here but he called it out as it was happening and sure enough he was right. His K rate is still pretty high. His offspeed pitches are somewhat filthy still. Dude just can't get anything behind his fastball. That's why I'm happy we have Hyde and Elias running things now.
  13. As bad as it's been, there are still 10 teams with a record equal or worse than ours. Many of those teams were expected to compete. The bullpen stats will stabilize as the season goes along as we face more offenses like the Blue Jays instead of the Yankees and A's. Chances are they will still be near the very bottom in ERA but most of our pitchers who are getting lit up have an MLB track record of better results. Both Oakland and NYY were in the top 5 in runs scored last season. Let's just see how things play out going forward.
  14. Yeah this is waaaaay too early for these kind of stats. At this point I'm comfortable saying that judging off the eye test, we are better than last year. Mancini still isn't good enough in the OF though.
  15. It was the 6th inning, they were down 4 and were getting no hit. No, I wouldn't have used Bleier, Givens or Yacabonis even if they were all "available."
  16. What's the alternative? Honestly. The pitchers are being taxed early on this year and someone has to pick up the slack. It's not Hyde's fault that Castro and Wright are incapable of not throwing backbreaking hanging sliders every outing. He can't pitch Givens every inning. Bleier is coming off an injury. This team is bad. He has to use bad players.
  17. This is the last thing i'll say before I'll just agree to disagree. Elias has said that since November, they've already spent more than Duquette did internationally. So unless you're calling Elias a liar, then yes, the narrative of spending (especially internationally) being down substantially IS completely unfounded. Also, there is perhaps one player left that you could say would be "expensive" and most of the rumors are that he'll just wait until the next period anyway. You can't just overpay these subpar players left and cram them into a DSL roster. That team has a set roster too. Why fill it up now with mediocre at best prospects when you can reset in July and target better players? That makes no sense.
  18. Because the narrative is unfounded. They aren't trading slots away in July right when the posting period opens. They're doing it in April and for players that would just be DFA. Dwight Smith was going to be released. Instead the Blue Jays were able to extract the literal bare minimum value for him. They probably didn't have any slots left so they traded for just the ability to spend it if someone pops up. And they STILL wouldn't have more than the O's. You keep ignoring that even in a picked over market they've spent more on players than Pete ever let Duquette spend. It's literally just complaining to complain. Anyone who has a baseline understanding of how the market works would at the very least give Elias this next period before forming any narratives. And really, he should be given until the 2020 period.
  19. You just have this narrative that you stubbornly won't let go of. Why don't you go and find out how much of the slot money the teams we trade with end up spending? Just because the O's give somebody 250K doesn't mean that they will come anywhere close to spending that much. This isn't real money. If the Cubs said they wanted cash for Arajuo there's a good chance the O's would've probably just given him back. What "opportunity" has Elias specifically had to spend big? There's literally just one guy who is not a can't miss prospect and will probably just wait until the next period so he'll have more teams bidding on him. Perez and Elias have both said they have already spent more than the previous regimes have spent in years. And that's with a basically completely picked over field. Just give it a rest.
  20. I really have no idea how you can say the O's aren't spending their slots. It's blatantly false. They have too much of it to spend all of it, but they are spending it. The Cubs probably either didn't have any interest in having Arajuo back or just didn't have any room in their system after filling out their rosters and got something of a symbolic return on someone that is technically still their asset.
  21. I would love for Wright to be DFA but I don't think it makes any sense right now once you look at it reasonably. The O's need pitchers. The pitchers that would probably replace Wright clearly weren't ready for the majors last year and their development is more important than having an extra infielder with a lowish upside. Chances are Wright won't make it all year because he sucks. But they're about to play like 20 games in a row with a pretty poor rotation. No one's arm needs to fall off this early.
  22. He's about to be 26 years old. He is for sure a middling prospect if he even is one at all. He's got a good glove and he broke camp because of his versatility. Nothing else.
  23. On the 2019 Orioles? Straily and Wright, probably. They need 13 pitchers. Even Elias has just said so. I'd be confident saying that Drew Jackson, who was middling at best in AA is not currently a better big leaguer than Mike Wright and given the constraints on the team right now, having an extra pitcher is more valuable while the guys in AAA work on some things.
  24. This is a move made specifically because they are short on arms to eat innings and you're surprised they didn't DFA a pitcher?
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