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  1. I really think Villar got unlucky slipping off the base (he got back in time) and Mancini's line drive hitting him. I think he has the opposite of low baseball IQ. He's great at stealing bases even though he isn't especially fast and he's been able to consistently hit to the opposite field. That seems like high baseball IQ to me.
  2. Yes. They traded Morales too and Stroman may be next. Their lineup is horrible and the pitching is pieced together and bound to regress, but unfortunately, their farm is lightyears ahead of ours.
  3. I think that's a little unfair. He got back in time and his foot just slipped off the bag.
  4. High pitch counts don't correlate to injuries but a pitcher who's fatigued from a high pitch count is a risk for injury? Impeccable logic there. But again, Hess wasn't pulled for that reason. He was pulled because it's April 2nd and they want to maximize his velocity and effectiveness for all 162 games. That cannot happen if you overuse him this early. And it has nothing to do with the plans for teenagers in the minors.
  5. Injuries have nothing to do with it. It has to do with effectiveness. Players are on pitch limits to maximize their effectiveness over an entire 162 game season of competitive innings. Seems straightforward. It's bizarre to bring up Bundy and Harvey's minors workload in a discussion about what happened in last night's game. They have nothing to do with one another.
  6. And then the O's overworked him when he came back and now his arm is shot. There was nothing that was "babying" about Hyde's decision.
  7. Miguel Castro was throwing 90 mph offspeed pitches. Still yanked some fastballs but the stuff is there. Could be a 7th or 8th inning guy like Strop if he continues to progress.
  8. I had fun watching them on Thursday. I knew they were going to lose mostly because the team they were playing might win 110 games this year but they did some nice things. Defense was solid, Smith Jr. and Mancini put a charge into some balls and Hess' stuff looks like it'll play up from the pen. It's game two on the road against the best team in the AL people. They'd lose this series with an 80 win roster. Bring something new to the table besides "this team stinks." It's as boring and lazy a take as it is obvious.
  9. Ruiz made a nice play in really the only play he was challenged. Martin fielded a line drive and calmly turned a DP. OF was fine. Rickard made a really nice diving catch but also allowed Judge to take third on a really weak throw. We got beat by the shift a few times which was unfortunate. A few of those get fielded and we lose by 3 instead of 5 lol.
  10. The sample size isn't large enough yet but from the stats we have presently, Mancini is a much better hitter as a DH. He's at a .298 .333 .936 clip with a .305 ISO and 144 wRC+. Due for some regression there probably but he seems much more comfortable at the plate as a DH. Hopefully he stays there even when Trumbo comes back.
  11. Sure. He played half a season last year. And he was terrible. Nowhere near good enough to earn a call up to the big leagues. What point are you trying to make? Your case for him breaking camp with the O's is because of the spring training stats from 40 ABs against minor leaguers. Just admit it. You don't know how to run a baseball team.
  12. I support the team making data driven decisions that are for the good of the future of this franchise. An example of that kind of decision would be not putting a player on the 25 based on 40 PA against minor leaguers in exhibition games. He missed an entire year of development. He needs to be in the minors. Period.
  13. So what would happen if Diaz and Hays come up in struggle because they aren't ready yet? Would you still watch? Making personnel decisions based on "watchability" or fan fare is just awful. I mean Chris Davis got 161 million dollars because of it. How can you make these arguments with any sort seriousness? Hays isn't Vlad Jr. or Chris Bryant. He just isn't. He needs to perform in Triple-AAA to prove he's ready for the bigs.
  14. Just curious but how many GMs don't phrase Spring Training as a "competition"? Especially bad teams. The vast majority of posters here, I'd imagine, expected Hays to start the year in AA or AAA. Is it really prudent to forego that plan because of 40 ABs against a mix of low minor leaguers and low quality MLers? Doesn't seem like it is.
  15. This seemed obvious to me that this was the right course of action. Is the talk of "competition" the only thing folks are objecting to?
  16. 2017. My mistake. Regardless, he missed an entire year of development time. He clearly wasn't ready for the majors in 2017 and didn't have any time to develop in the subsequent year due to the multiple injuries. He needs the time in the minors. Forty at bats in which at least half were against A-AAA arms is not a good enough justification to put him on the roster. Having him break camp with the team, struggle in the majors, and then get sent back down is not good for his development. It would be quite bad.
  17. The fact of the matter is that a large portion of his ABs came against low level pitching. He missed a huge chunk of last year and struggled in the times he did play. Aside from hastily bringing him up in 2016 (where he struggled) he's never made it up to AAA. I think the rationale here goes a little beyond service time manipulation.
  18. Spring training results don't matter. They just don't. Mullins also has a .242 ISO and more walks than Ks. Looking at spring training BA is worthless. After getting ahead in the count, Sisco shot a line drive down the line in his first AB that was without exaggerating, maybe a foot foul. He also has a great walk rate. I'm not worried about Villar or Mancini, they are what they are. Martin should be in AA so no one should be surprised by him. He's there to play defense. Davis won't make it to July. The previous administration, specifically Buck, totally mishandled Bundy and now we're left with a guy with a dead arm. Scouts and media figures like Keith Law warned about the way we were using Bundy throughout the years and now we have to live with the consequences. I don't care about his ERA, I care about him tossing 88 mph fastballs after 40 pitches.
  19. The brothers wanted to play in Florida from the beginning and they got paid more than they would be worth if they signed in the next period. I will ask you pointedly, how much more money would you have given them than the 6 million they got from Miami? Give me names of players that you would sign that are available right now and for how much. It is insane you are critiquing Elias for not doing anything (That's not even true anyway, they are signing players) when he was handed the reins VERY late in a process that literally takes years to get ahead of. Take these reactionary posts to Facebook.
  20. I mean this respectfully, but I'm glad you aren't the GM then. Given the nature of the market now, that's a gross overpay. I don't agree that he's near ML ready and I also don't agree that there's a "good chance" he ends up as a better CF than Mullins. He's basically 45 FV at this point (he just got injured) which is worse than Hays and Diaz. And given that he was a package deal, you'd have to give a million+ to his brother who probably wouldn't even sniff the O's top 30. It's fine to be of the opinion that the O's should just blow through this money for the sake of it but at least be honest and acknowledge it isn't a "bargain." It's a highly reactionary way of doing things. Can you link me to any reputable reporting that Villalobos is looking to sign in this period?
  21. It's been reported that the Orioles offered Mesa millions of dollars after spending hundreds of thousands on some of the late bloomers left. They offered plenty of money. The Mesas and Gaston chose to play in Florida. That's where they wanted to be. Why do people insist on living in the pretend world where these guys don't have any sort of agency and cannot choose to play in a location that is much more desirable for them? Additionally, how much would you have given up for Mesa? He's a fourth OF profile and is already 22. Is it prudent to just offer way more than he's worth? I admittedly know nothing about Villalobos. But as a rule of thumb, I'm against spending just to spend. There has to be a valuation scale and I trust Koby Perez and his track record to make that call. There's 0 proof that the sons are significantly restricted Elias from spending money internationally. At least give him the start of a new cycle to make that proclamation for Pete's sake.
  22. That's not true in the slightest. A contingent of the FO went to scout him in person. Not thinking a not very projectable slap hitting SS is worthy of 2.5 million+ does not mean they aren't "interested" in Sanchez. He also might not have any interest in coming here when he will certainly have more choices in a few months. By and large there aren't any good players out there. That's just a fact. And there won't be many there next period either given the nature of this process. This has been said in here and elsewhere numerous times. After DD, shouldn't fans be happy that Elias is being transparent and not just blowing smoke?
  23. Did you not read anything he said? They are spending money on the international players that are left. There are not any good players left. With your vast knowledge of the international market please explain what you would do that Koby Perez isn't?
  24. Certainly worth more of a look than Eric Young. Had a 124 WRC+ last year and he's still young. It seems to be a bit of a surprise to Jays fans that they DFA'd him.
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