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  1. If anyone else has MLBTV I'd suggest watching the final play of today's game and see the pick Mountcastle made at first. Very nice play all around. Mountcastle has looked very natural at first so far and has flashed his athleticism on a few places. If he were to develop as a plus defender there, that would do wonders from a value perspective going forward.
  2. I agree with this. I have doubts about Martin’s bat playing but I have been really unimpressed with Escobar. I thought he was dinged for having decreased range at short but it’s clear to me that his arm is just about shot. I’ve watched one runner beat out a routine GB and one runner come very close to doing so because of bad throws. Let Martin start at SS and Jackson be the utility man with Escobar at AAA where he can be called up in a pinch.
  3. LTO's

    Austin Hays

    He had a .923 OPS as a DH last year and .928 for his career. Mark Trumbo is basically the opposite. His stats are much better when he's in the field rather than as a DH. Mancini should be the DH, Trumbo should be the 1B and Davis should never see a baseball field again in his life. Realistically though, it'll probably take half a season of Davis futility to see this happen and at that point a corner OF spot will presumably open up for Hays or Diaz.
  4. I really just have no faith in Cashner and Bundy and of course Karns is a huge question mark. And that's before you even have to worry about who's going to start every 5th day. I do think they will play better defense this year but I still think they will be near last in runs scored in the AL. I'd say 60 is reasonable and that should be considered an accomplishment.
  5. LTO's

    Austin Hays

    Hays hit an absolute bomb on a 3-2 count in his first AB against Matthew Boyd who's a major league starter. Later in the game he had a good AB drawing a walk. He has a 1.329 OPS so far in a really small sample size but it's clear that he looks healthy and is moving around very well.
  6. IMO it has nothing to do with that. He doesn't have anywhere near enough batspeed to hit major league FBs at this point in his career. If you throw 92+ he's whiffing. And on top of that, he has terrible plate coverage. Anything inside, he's turning on and grounding into the shift. Anything on the outside, he's caught looking. He's just the worst player in baseball and really there's nothing the O's can do except cut him loose in the middle of this season or hope he retires.
  7. Escobar is making the necessary stops at SS but my god his arm is atrocious. He cost Kline a run and that was far from his worst throw this spring. Total noodle at this point.
  8. As others have mentioned, that play was absolutely incredible. Look out for a highlight soon. He also just laced an opposite field RBI single to bring in Mountcastle. Hope he's the starting SS at least initially.
  9. Neither are Austin Wynns, Caleb Joseph and last but least Andrew Susac. It probably wasn't great for a rookie's confidence to send him to AAA from one of the worst teams in MLB history.
  10. It's fundamentally not giving it away if you're getting a player back. I think it's a perfectly reasonable explanation that there just aren't any good players left internationally. Why would there be? And Sanchez may think he can land a better situation if he waits until the next period. And he may just be right.
  11. Unfortunately that's par for the course with Roch. I understand he deals with a ton of morons on a daily basis but EVERYBODY is beneath him. I understand your concerns and it wasn't just a few mph he was down out there. He shouldn't be so condescending.
  12. Here's the section on Pop in Roch's blog this morning: “I felt good,” Pop said. “There’s always some things you want to work on. Being the first time you kind of take it easy. Felt really good with the two-seam low and away and started throwing some changeups, something that I wanted to work on this offseason, so that was pretty cool to do and get some swings on the changeup. That was really good for me.” In typical spring fashion, Pop didn’t attack hitters as he normally would in the regular season. “For me right now it’s staying healthy, not trying to do too much and just really work on some stuff that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to during the season,” Pop said. A few fans noted on Twitter that Pop’s velocity was down considerably, as if he should be rearing back and hitting the high 90s. “I wasn’t really trying to get after it at all,” he said. “Nothing to an extreme. I was obviously out there competing and trying to do everything I can to get three outs, but I wasn’t trying to go out there and blow off any doors, being the first game. There was really no point in trying to do that when it’s such a long season and it’s the first game.”
  13. Diaz absolutely crushed that ball. Great body control. He certainly looks the part
  14. I understand the disappointment but we have no idea if Iglesias wanted to come here. The Reds are trying to compete and the O's would be lucky to win 65 games. I really can't say I'd blame anybody for taking a worse deal to go somewhere they can win.
  15. There has been nowhere near enough games to have a large enough sample size to judge either of those things. He projects to be a solid fielder with above average speed.
  16. I am. Last year was anomaly in the sense that yes they will be bad, but at least this year they won't be pretending they can compete. There will be more of a focus on younger players. There will be intrigue to see which of the current crop progress and make improvements with a new set of eyes looking after them and a whole new analytical apparatus at their disposal. Mostly I just miss baseball.
  17. They won 47 games. They were one of the very worst teams in baseball history. That's an extreme outlier. The year before they weren't good and they had the 5th highest ratings in baseball and in 2016 they were 4th. They do well on TV and it never really correlates to their attendance numbers so it has to be something. Seeing as you can't bring a family to a game without spending close to 100 bucks, I'm gonna say it's a big part of it.
  18. I honestly don't care anymore. People are not going to sporting events like they used to and I don't blame them. Prices for everything remain the same and people's wages aren't matching it. Younger fans in the area are racking up debt to be able to go to school and are paying extremely high prices to live in the area. It's an incredibly understandable position to not want to spend money to watch a game when you can just go to a bar or stream it at home. This is the part where the billion dollar institution makes big concessions to the fans in order to get them to come. Cheaper food and drink, parking, tickets and other perks. We'll see how they approach it. IIRC they always have very strong TV ratings so the fan base is still there.
  19. This isn't even close to being true. The contract is bad and he's a bad player, but that contract isn't the reason they're a "failure" (they aren't a failure in the first place). The contract hasn't hampered their ability to pay good money to Trout, Simmons and Upton who are certainly worth it. Nor was it a hindrance in them paying the 20+ million dollar posting fee for Ohtani. They haven't been a WS contender because of horrible injury luck and a neglected farm system. The contract of ONE player is certainly a very convenient excuse though.
  20. Those contracts are far from always being mistakes. There's been extensive reporting debunking that. And Machado and Harper being this good heading into FA this young is relatively unprecedented. I always see you complain about teams not spending money so I don't see how you can hold two diametrically opposite opinions at once.
  21. What past mistakes have been made and how do they relate to this year's FA?
  22. Improvement is a relative term. Nine > 6 obviously but if they aren't able to draft one of the premium QBs (which they won't be able to with 9 wins) then they'll be stuck treading water with an aging and declining Flacco and starting every season praying for the WC or for Mahomes to tear an ACL. That's not really a place you want to be in. And of course some teams that made it last year won't be there next year for a variety of reasons but the Broncos aren't better than the Browns, Titans, Steelers, and if the Jags get Foles, they won't be better than them either. The Ravens made out like bandits getting anything for Flacco let alone a high end 4th.
  23. How is that a win? With 9 wins they'll still be firmly behind the Chiefs and Chargers and will probably fall short of the 6th WC. But they'll be picking around 16-20 in the draft and far away from the 2020 elite QBs. They should be keeping all their draft capital and rebuild to compete with KC. Instead they're giving up a relatively good pick for a marginal at best "upgrade."
  24. Now that's bold. I think the reason they won't reach 65 wins is because of the division. If they were in the Central I think they'd have a chance.
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