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  1. Gausman is not having a good year. He's underachieving just about every season projection and has regressed since 2016. There is absolutely no way for you to know Schoop could have gotten more in the offseason and there's no way to know if he can even stay hot. In the offseason you'd be trading an inconsistent 2B with 2 fewer months of team control who's defensive skills are dwindling.
  2. OK, so what have the O's done to muck about with Gausman's pitches? He's had two different pitching coaches and has struggled with both. He's peripherals aren't that great this year and Camden Yards is hardly an excuse because he's much worse on the road. Sometimes these guys don't have the makeup to realize their potential
  3. I guess i don't have a problem with not selling low on Gausman, Bundy or Schoop but the reports that we aren't actively shopping them is a little outrageous to me.
  4. Doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility that the O's could have 5 of the top 100 prospects in some lists after the draft next year if they sign Mesa. Mountcastle, Diaz, VVM, DL Hall and the #1 pick. Could be even more stacked if the move Gausman.
  5. "The Orioles will attempt to strike another deal or two before Tuesday’s 4 p.m. deadline. However, the biggest trades have been completed as long as center fielder Adam Jones is resistant to waiving his 10-5 rights." This is a strange opening paragraph from Roch's blog. What deals could they possibly make if Adam doesn't wave his 10-5? He says the biggest trades have been completed so it seems like Schoop and Gausman will stay. Who else could possibly be traded? Cashner? Valencia....?
  6. Is Drew Rom that low because of the lack of professional playing time? He was my favorite draft pick and seems like he's produced pretty well in the GCL.
  7. Does anyone remember when at that fan Q&A someone asked Adam what his favorite thing to do in Baltimore was and he said "going to the airport to fly home"? I know he's earned the right to veto a trade but he hasn't earned the right to stay in a position that he's clearly terrible at now. His comments the other day suggested he wouldn't move off center for Mullins and if that's the case I'll lose a little respect for him and Buck. Everything surrounding this trade talk seems inconsequential because i doubt he would've gotten much back anyway.
  8. So, sounds like no controllable pieces will be traded and neither will Jones. That just leaves Brach i guess. They shouldn't pull the trigger on a bad deal just because, but it would be a little bit of cold water if that's how it played out.
  9. Oh he's a good prospect. Law had him as an honorable mention in his midseason top 50. But a controllable pitcher like Gausman should get multiple top 100 prospects or one high end prospect in the top 25-30. We'll see though, it's just a random guy reporting it
  10. Gotta say I'd be pretty disappointed if Shane Baz was the headliner in a Gausman deal
  11. DD on 105.7 said that he thinks there's greater than a 50% chance AJ is an Oriole on Wednesday......
  12. I don't see what any of this has to do with VVM. The Yankees are using the money to sign Osiel and even if they were trying to make a run at VVM the Orioles have the money to counter any offer by 1Mil+. It all comes down to how much the Orioles are committed. I'm sure if they're nervous about another team making a serious run they could just trade Brach for int'l money. The Yanks got 1.5 Mil for a AA reliever......
  13. VVM just posted and quickly deleted something saying "Noticia Pronto" which translates to "News soon." Something's happening....
  14. Just about everything in this thread now is wild speculation so I'm going to go ahead and say he's signing with us based of his Twitter likes of the past few days
  15. Pretty much all we can do is stat scout these guys in the GCL but have there been any reports about his velocity/off speed pitches?
  16. Didn't he want to sign Johnny Cueto but Buck and ownership pushed for Davis instead? Also you're downplaying the role int'l guys play in the successful teams in this league. He was basically forced to make those moves in order to field an MLB roster. Imagine instead of having to find Miguel Gonzalez from out of nowhere, he had the resources to sign an actual prospect. Parra was a bad deal no doubt.
  17. He had a .382 OBP on a playoff team and played at least passable LF. He lost his job in 2017 for no reason and was replaced with an AAAA non-prospect who was barely a defensive upgrade and is absolutely worthless at the plate. It's 1000% fair to criticize how they handled Kim in 2017. He accumulated more FWAR in 2016 than Joey Rickard will have in his entire career and lost playing time to him. Rickard hit 1 HR and had barely over a .300 OBP against lefties to boot. Just a total roster mismanagement
  18. Not to beat a dead horse here but this whole situation is emblematic of how much of a failure Peter Angelos was as an owner. You have a GM who’s arguably biggest strength is identifying international talent and relegate him to parameters in which he has to be needlessly creative to find talent. This is the guy who signed Vlad, traded for Pedro, and while he was here signed Chen, Kim, Gonzalez all who had significant impacts on playoff teams. Recently he signed Alex Wells who has turned himself into somewhat of a prospect. Bottomline is that someone with such a track record of international scouting prowess should not have been relegated to searching the bargain bins of Mexican baseball leagues and Australia. It’s just negligence on ownership’s part that not only it had to be like that in general, but that it went on this long. This is all without mentioning how well Macphail has done in that arena with Philly. Sorry , like I said, dead horse….but still, cannot be said enough. I hope the chains are finally off.
  19. LTO's

    Alex Wells

    7 IP, 8 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 3 SO today against a pretty strong WS offense. Control and command must have been really on and when that’s the case he seems to always be incredibly efficient. ERA down to 3.69 FWIW
  20. I'm happy with what the O's got back given this situation. I think on paper they did pretty well in these two deals. We'll never know what the exact package Houston offered last year was but how favorably I view this going forward will depend on what these three contribute relative to Moran. Moran is a highly volatile prospect who could really break out but as of now he seems like a bad defender with middling power whose service time would already be ticking. So as it stands, I consider it a success.
  21. The Yankees seem less desperate than some of the other teams involved as well. Cashman's offer would have to be especially good, one would assume, for the O's to trade with the Yankees. They could be trying their hardest to keep him away from Hou and Boston and trying to jack up the price. They just got embarrassed tonight though and are rapidly losing ground to the Redsox so maybe they get a little crazy
  22. Roch was just on Buster Olney’s podcast and had a few interesting things to say. He always seems to be more candid in interviews with other journos than in his own blog for obvious reasons. Essentially he said that Britton is the next to go, basically a formality like Machado was. He said that Britton in his last few appearances was treating it like an exhibition to show scouts of other teams that he still has it. Thought that was pretty interesting and must be a bizarre way to treat a MLB season. He said that again, they still haven’t approached Jones about waving his trade rights. Mentioned Cleveland as a team he’s hearing but ultimately said it will be up Jones. Jones told him “I have a wife and two kids, I haven’t made a decision of my own since 2014.” One unfortunate thing is that he thinks Brady will stick around and might even have a gradually increasing role. He really sung his praises and mentioned him as a forward thinking analytically minded guy. Buster agreed and said he used to bring up OBP and other obscure stats in the 90s. It might be true, but doesn’t seem to be backed up by ANY of the moves he’s been credited with.
  23. A ton of the attendance comes from the surrounding counties which are actually increasing in population and wealth. Still it pales in comparison to the population of big market cities and that is never going to change. This whole Baltimore is a dumpster fire which is why people don't go is just such a lazy assessment. They will go more if the team is good. They will go if the team is competitive in August in September. They won't average as much as NY or LA or Boston because that's not feasible, but they will go. Toronto has a population north of 2 million not including tons of fans who travel from the surrounding provinces to go to Blue Jays. They're averaging 29k this year. That's 12k less than they were averaging in 2016 in the middle of a playoff race. Winning matters. Bottom line.
  24. Probably won't watch much until September unless Buck is fired before then which seems incredibly unlikely. I just think being so stringently stuck in your outdated ways even though you’re staring down 110+ losses is just insane. I have no interest watching Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo and Joey Rickard. I have no interest in watching Adam Jones and Trey Mancini play in positions they are obscenely unequipped for. The pitching is bad but surprisingly more watchable than I expected and can only get better if a true dedication to improving the defense was put in place. I just can’t see that happening under Buck this year.
  25. Didn't expect to get a top 100 guy back for a rental in this market so I'm content. There are other pieces to trade people....much more work to be done
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