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  1. Roch was just on Buster Olney’s podcast and had a few interesting things to say. He always seems to be more candid in interviews with other journos than in his own blog for obvious reasons. Essentially he said that Britton is the next to go, basically a formality like Machado was. He said that Britton in his last few appearances was treating it like an exhibition to show scouts of other teams that he still has it. Thought that was pretty interesting and must be a bizarre way to treat a MLB season. He said that again, they still haven’t approached Jones about waving his trade rights. Mentioned Cleveland as a team he’s hearing but ultimately said it will be up Jones. Jones told him “I have a wife and two kids, I haven’t made a decision of my own since 2014.” One unfortunate thing is that he thinks Brady will stick around and might even have a gradually increasing role. He really sung his praises and mentioned him as a forward thinking analytically minded guy. Buster agreed and said he used to bring up OBP and other obscure stats in the 90s. It might be true, but doesn’t seem to be backed up by ANY of the moves he’s been credited with.
  2. A ton of the attendance comes from the surrounding counties which are actually increasing in population and wealth. Still it pales in comparison to the population of big market cities and that is never going to change. This whole Baltimore is a dumpster fire which is why people don't go is just such a lazy assessment. They will go more if the team is good. They will go if the team is competitive in August in September. They won't average as much as NY or LA or Boston because that's not feasible, but they will go. Toronto has a population north of 2 million not including tons of fans who travel from the surrounding provinces to go to Blue Jays. They're averaging 29k this year. That's 12k less than they were averaging in 2016 in the middle of a playoff race. Winning matters. Bottom line.
  3. Probably won't watch much until September unless Buck is fired before then which seems incredibly unlikely. I just think being so stringently stuck in your outdated ways even though you’re staring down 110+ losses is just insane. I have no interest watching Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo and Joey Rickard. I have no interest in watching Adam Jones and Trey Mancini play in positions they are obscenely unequipped for. The pitching is bad but surprisingly more watchable than I expected and can only get better if a true dedication to improving the defense was put in place. I just can’t see that happening under Buck this year.
  4. Didn't expect to get a top 100 guy back for a rental in this market so I'm content. There are other pieces to trade people....much more work to be done
  5. None of us know who the other pieces were in that Houston deal but considering Moran is a barely above replacement level player who’s about to be 26 I’m glad the O’s didn’t end up with him. I think there’s a good chance Angelos nixing deals he doesn’t like by over-scrutinizing medicals is probably true and is a horrible business practice but this seemed to work out. Until he nixes the next Britton deal I suppose
  6. The majority of posters seem to scout based on box scores which is almost totally worthless. Can't say I blame them given how hard it is to watch MILB games and get a good look at these guys, but there's waaaaay more to it. Medina is top 50 on Fangraphs midseason list with a 50 FV. I'd rather have Verdugo+ from the Dodgers but I really didn't expect to get a top 100 prospect for a Manny rental in the first place.
  7. Mullins, Stewart and Akin are near MLB ready and they have all performed pretty well this year. Mckenna and Mullins have upped their profiles to MLB regulars according to Keith Law and other scouts. Can't disagree with you on how disappointing Hays, Harvey and Sisco have been. Only makes nailing this deadline more imperative
  8. This thread has turned into people with unrealistic expectations upset about a deal that hasn’t even been announced yet. Did anyone really expect to get two top 100 prospects in this market? Also, scouting based on results only is ridiculous. Medina has big upside and is ranked where he is for a reason, to get him for a rental would be great.
  9. Both Gavin Lux and Alex Verdugo didn't play yesterday.....grasping at straws here but I just want this to happen ASAP
  10. LTO's

    Cadyn Grenier 2018

    Seems like he's having a pretty good start with bat in Delmarva which is good but plays like this are why the O's drafted him so high. Really great tag and bullet home: http://www.milb.com/multimedia/vpp.jsp?sid=t548
  11. It's extremely hard to feel bad for someone who's going to make $160 million while being awful at his job. Most people in the stands thanklessly work themselves to the bone for 50K and so they resent watching CD aimlessly flail pitches nowhere near the zone. Add in the fact that there are serious concerns about his effort and it's clear he's not a completely altruistic character. The fans have every right to boo. Frankly, they should. It's ridiculous he's still getting regular playing time this late in the season. He's the worst player in baseball (maybe in history).
  12. Dan Duquette was just on Buster Olney's podcast for like 5 minutes in which he said pretty much nothing of worth (not that i would expect otherwise). Only interesting nugget is that he heavily implied that Manny is realistic about how teams will want him to play third. Also confirmed that teams are getting increasingly interested in Britton
  13. Things have been incredibly quiet the past day and a half. Could be that the FO has offers on other players like Britton, Jones and Brach and are assessing potential returns on them and how they stack up with a package with Manny. OR could be the famous "O's FO just goes completely dark for no reason" thing we've heard a million times. Every day that goes by makes me incredibly uneasy........
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