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  1. Plan seems to be taking the highest exit velocity college bats available and then overslotting high upside high schoolers. If they all sign then I can't say i'll be upset. The Os are still doing things their own way but this time it seems to be data/model driven.
  2. The SEC seems like a substantially tougher conference based off the results from last night. Could factor in the Os projections.
  3. Wilcox and Kelly are still available to sign. And what Elias said could be posturing, you never know. I'm not going to complain about anything until I see the final haul.
  4. For a really long time I've wanted the Os to make projection/model based decisions and I feel like that's exactly what they did here and everyone is upset. I'm willing to be that their projections of Kjerstad's bat exceed the value of Martin's and like many other club's/scouts, they don't think he'll be able to stick in CF or play plus in the middle of the infield. Seems clear with this pick and Westburg that Elias and Sig have a specific plan but it's different than that of the prognosticators. Excited to see how day two pans out.
  5. I don't think so. There are some questions about his pure hit tool and his limits as a somewhat small right-handed hitting 1B. That said, it seems likely he would still be the pick.
  6. Seems like this guy could be a Brian Roberts type player with perhaps a higher ceiling.
  7. Would seem exhausting to even watch the sport when you have this attitude. To each their own I guess.
  8. You don't think there is some distinction between players who mostly have short careers that need to be maximized monetarily and owners who already have generational wealth and are sitting on a billion dollar plus asset? I mean no offense by this but I've seen this sentiment a lot recently and it's just really dumb/naive. If owners are not going to pay players a prorated salary because they won't have attendance revenue then they should be forced to pay them more money if attendance is high. But....they wouldn't do that.
  9. I gotta say, you are pretty much single-handedly starting the Gunnar Henderson hype train. I'm in. If he's able to turn into a star that would be incredibly important for this rebuild.
  10. Victor Victor struck out with runners on second and third
  11. I'm sure they talked about it. I'm even more sure it was about how stupid it would be for him to do. I really wish he would stop trolling O's fans with this "i'm thinking of retiring" garbage. We have it bad enough as it is, we don't need to hear how Davis is seriously considering throwing away 10s of millions of dollars when we all know that will never happen.
  12. I think this Spring Training is objectively more exciting than last year's. More prospects who are closer this year and of course Adley. Also this feels like make or break for Davis. Might not end up being true but it's always going to be interesting to see how low he can get. Can't wait for the first televised game.
  13. That would be great and would be the least they could do for fans who are gonna watch the team lose 100 games for the third year in a row. Our minor league teams are awful at posting highlights except for Norfolk. I know they don't have nice cameras filming the game but the grainy flip phone quality videos that Bowie puts out are awful.
  14. Will be interesting to see where (if) Keith Law has him. He's about the only guy to not release a top 100 yet and I remember him having concerns.
  15. Ok good, my apologies. One of the most annoying things about that site are the people who feel the need to proudly announce that they will never pay for good sports writing. Some of the guys and gals there are great writers who do a lot of important work. The site isn't without it's issues though.
  16. It's clearly much better to read sports news on the websites with 74 intrusive ads playing at once.
  17. Andrew Friedman is the best GM in baseball currently. There isn't a team in baseball more set up than the Dodgers especially if they ink Betts long term. Has the best roster in the league, arguably the best farm system in the NL and has been able to keep payroll very manageable. Verdugo will be good but I'd be pretty disappointed if I was a Sox fan. The guy they got from the Twins is intriguing but it seems as though MN views him as a reliever.
  18. As much as this seems like a cop out and as difficult as it is to accept, Elias and co. may need more time than what is "expected." People will look squarely at wins and losses and farm system rankings, but I'd imagine that a TON of Sig and Elias' time has been spent building an analytic team and international apparatus from basically scratch. Also they inherited basically no elite tradeable talent. Mancini is basically it but even he has significant warts and many teams probably don't value him that highly without the defense. If they are over .500 by 2022 it would be a mini miracle as depressing and sobering as that is.
  19. Probably. I have a feeling Vladdy breaks out and starts his run of being a thorn in our sides for years to come.
  20. His wife/GF not really sure posted it on instagram. But you are right, nothing official yet.
  21. I believe the Rays signed him. Possibly the one team that can turn him into a stud.
  22. Did the division really get that much better? Especially if the Sox trade Betts. I understand adding Cole is huge but I would be absolutely shocked if we went 2-17 against the Yankees again. I mean, it might be 4-15 but 2-17 is pretty improbable to happen back to back years.
  23. What would've garnered an A in your book? The previous regime left the O's in as bad a condition you could possibly leave it. It's bizarre to me that he doesn't even get a C for building up an analytics department from basically nothing as well as an actually functionally international scouting presence. These are things that even the bad franchises had and the Os did not.
  24. So you can't evaluate the draft at this point but you can evaluate the trades? That makes no sense.
  25. As someone who's never seen the Orioles reach the World Series in my 29 years of life? No. Also despite that streak, they've also only won 1 AL East championship in the last decade. My main point is that ownership can be frugal and forward thinking like TB but they are going to have to invest way more than the Rays have to take us where we really want to go. The Orioles can't exist as the Rays do and actually compete with NY or Bos.
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