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    Kyle Stowers

    Does short season A ball really have video feeds or are you at the game?
  2. I like Villar mainly because he's been a better player than Schoop since that trade went down. Small victories.
  3. The league is filled with weak willed GMs who are afraid to take risks but need to seem like they're doing something.
  4. LTO's

    vs. PADRES, 7/30

    The tank is back on gentlemen.
  5. Chandler Shephard. This year's John Andreoli
  6. Ummm...because those teams are already good? Seems pretty obvious.
  7. Prado went 4-5 today. Averaging over .300 and OPSing over .800. Hasn't slowed down since moving over. Would love to get an actual report on this guy.
  8. Seeing as how neither of them threw two innings worth of pitches the previous night....yes. It's not like Givens is 2016 Britton either. He's a mediocre reliever that leads the bullpen of a terrible team.
  9. He doesn't strike out as often as Sisco and he is a much more gifted hitter. Is this the daily thread to throw in a dig at Mountcastle? If you haven't been paying attention, he's absolutely raking right now.
  10. Do you think the Angel's would've used a position player if the roles were reversed? Actually I don't even have to ask because they used a starter in the 16th. There isn't a single contender that would use a position player to lock down a save, probably why it's uh, literally never happened before. So yeah I don't actually buy that the Orioles are anywhere near as concerned about winning as other teams in baseball. Hyde made a mistake, it happens. He has a hard job and it's his first year. He'll get better.
  11. I mean they used Stevie Wilkerson in a save situation. Clearly they aren't exceptionally concerned with nailing down wins. I'd figure they wouldn't use their only sought after trade bait after he threw 30+ pitches the night before a day game. Instead they could've used the guy they brought up from the minors for precisely this scenario.
  12. Yes not using Britton in a win or go home playoff game is analogous to using a dude who literally threw 30 pitches less than 24 hours ago. They promoted Tate for some bullpen relief just to have Givens throw 60 pitches in a 4 game series right before the deadline.
  13. 2-4 today and threw out 2 of 2 baserunners.
  14. Prefacing this by saying I really like Hyde and think he's done an admirable job with this roster, but man, pitching Givens today was mind blowingly dumb.
  15. As other have said, the Orioles never truly tore it down until this year. It's funny that the two main writers who have maligned what the Orioles are doing (Boswell and Rosenthal) are the two writers that are so nakedly bitter towards Baltimore that they can't help themselves. It's especially ironic that someone like Rosenthal rails against the idea of sell offs and tanking but he is practically only relevant until the trade deadline.
  16. He's a very stubborn guy and needs to see a ton to deviate from his initial thoughts. That's not necessarily a bad thing but it leads to a lot of misses. For instance, he thought there was practically no way Chris Sale could ever be a starter.
  17. Perhaps no need to worry. Went 5 innings last night 2 BB, 2 H, 0 R and 10 Ks. According to this fellow, he touched 97.
  18. is this serious? Are we really doing this already?
  19. And the system was littered with dysfunction, lack of communication and unwarranted tinkering. Though we can give him credit for building such an awful team in 2018 that Elias was able to walk right into drafting Adley!
  20. And then he hit another! Absolute monster in day games this year.
  21. 3R home run in his first AB this morning. His stats in day games are absolutely bananas.
  22. TJ McFarland...easily one of my least liked pitchers of the Buck/DD era just absolutely carving us up. Kinda helps when you get strike calls at the ankles.
  23. And by your estimation, why do you think Elias and Sig disagree with that assertion?
  24. Honest question, but what, and this goes for @Can_of_corn as well, leads you to believe that Hays is currently one of those guys? As much as i want him to be good, I'm not sure many people see him the way you do.
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