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  1. Look I didn't think it was the type of move they needed to make but "buying" made sense. They won the division the year before and were two games above .500 at the time of the trade. Plus there were questions about Davies' frame and Parra put up 2.1 WAR with the Brewers that year which was better than what they had out there. What made NO sense to me was trading a live high school arm from an already rapidly depleting farm system for.....Tim Beckham.
  2. It's worse at the moment. But at least it made more sense at the time.
  3. That is such an incomplete way of looking at it. Duquette could've made those moves and not left Elias with the worst farm system in baseball. Dan was able to extract a certain degree of success out of less than ideal circumstances but a lot of the good players from 2012-2016 came from the previous regime and he made a fair share of damaging moves. You don't have back to back sub 50 win seasons unless you're GM royally screwed up establishing a useful talent pipeline/player development program. Sure, Peter, Buck and Brady are also to blame but the Duquette apologia here is going way too far. Seth Smith was not a worthwhile pickup so it's strange you'd include him. For all those moves you mentioned, you have Travis Snider, JJ Hardy extension (40 mil for 1.7 WAR), Yovani Gallardo, Alex Cobb, Parra trade, Beckham trade (2017 deadline in general was god awful), 2014 draft, last year's trades and of course Ubaldo. We'll never know for sure how involved Dan was in the Davis deal and all the rumors I've read absolve him of it so i'll give him a reprieve there but it's incomprehensible to ignore all his failures and just acknowledge the good moves he made.
  4. Of the many baffling moves Duquette made that tanked our farm system, this is one that still makes the least amount of sense to me.
  5. It amazes me that in 2019 there are still scouts that talk like the guys in Moneyball not liking a player because his girlfriend was ugly.
  6. LTO's

    Austin Hays 2019

    You are correct. Hays made into the top 50 I believe in some lists that season. However, his prospect status has been far more volatile whereas Mountcastle has been in/hovered around top 100 lists basically his entire career. Obviously that has a ton to do with Hays' injuries but unfortunately, staying healthy is part of the game.
  7. LTO's

    Austin Hays 2019

    The poster I originally responded to. He has a need make it known that he thinks Mountcastle will never be a good MLB hitter. That includes the Austin Hays thread for some reason. Hays was 22 in AA and only played in 64 games and has never sustained any level of success similar to that streak since. In fact, he repeated AA and was MUCH worse than Mountcastle. Mountcastle has always been regarded as a better prospect than Hays by actual scouts. I'll trust them.
  8. LTO's

    Austin Hays 2019

    Desperate attempt to be right and have everyone see it despite doing absolutely 0 scouting and ignoring all the currently available reports. This is a thread about Austin Hays and he couldn't help but mention Mountcastle. I don't see how it's relevant to Hays to mention that Mountcastle had 3 Ks last night.
  9. LTO's

    Austin Hays 2019

    This is Atomic level delusion about a player
  10. You don't have to squint. He's one of the very best hitters in the Eastern League bottom line. And he's still young enough.
  11. Was just coming here to post this. If the market for a 5th starter is a worse Rylan Bannon type prospect I much prefer taking a shot at a high risk, high reward int'l players.
  12. LTO's

    Hunter Harvey 2019

    Harvey's hot streak ended in a big way last night. 5 hits 5 runs 1 HR in 1.1 innings. Welcome to the land of the juiced balls Hunter.
  13. The stats these guys are putting up in the DSL are largely irrelevant to me. I trust the scouting and find it encouraging that they are scouting other teams' DSL squads. Shows they truly are invested in improving this pipeline. Villar and Givens have come out the of the gate hot, hopefully they are next.
  14. LTO's

    BA Midseason Top 100

    LOL you won't find a single scout that agrees with that. Not one. Also ironic that all of those players you mentioned have had high fluctuations in offensive production in the majors relative to their stats in the minor. It's almost like BA in AA is a horrible predictor of MLB success (wonder why Billy Hamilton hit .300 in AA and was horrible in the majors). He has a 130 wRC+, a .223 ISO and has an OPS above league average. And although this is his "second tour" with Bowie (less than half a season last year and he's been hurt this year) he's still only 22 which is young for AA still. Of all the laughable statements you've made on here, "Batting average is probably the best judge" is by far the stupidest. Read about literally anything happening in baseball nowadays. Teams don't care about BA anymore and they sure as hell don't care about a AA player slapping a few opposite field singles to improve a meaningless BA.
  15. LTO's

    BA Midseason Top 100

    Scouting a minor leaguer by his BA is so stupid. Literally no worse way to do it.
  16. Baseball Prospectus released their midseason top 50. Mountcastle is ranked 34th which is about as high as I've seen him. Once again another scouting service that is very high on his bat. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/51383/2019-prospects-the-midseason-50/
  17. That was great to watch. Very good chance Adley is our rep next year so that should be exciting. Future isn't looking nearly as bleak as it did when Keith Law ranked us 30th in baseball.
  18. I think it has very little to do with service time and more with being deliberate with promotions/development and getting an adequate number of ABs at each level to map out Sig's projections. Tate, like most of our prospects, isn't in that caliber that you need to be worried about service time manipulation as unfortunate as that is.
  19. Looked fantastic. Hall's year is textbook "don't scout the stat line" and trust the stuff.
  20. Literally nothing in his advanced stats would predict a fall that far. His walks are up, Ks are down, FBs are up so is his hard contact %. You really can't be ignorant enough to believe this. GMs in charge of winning franchises clearly don't agree with your assessment and as always, if they disagree with you, they're probably right. He has a 1.8 fWar and 130 wRC+ going into the break while being forced to play a position he clearly doesn't belong at. Someone will take him and put him at first or DH and he'll provide immense value for them. Hence why teams are interested.
  21. Very clearly a strike. MLB zone agrees.
  22. Pham just pulled a Davis right there. How you don't swing there is beyond me. Armstrong made a fantastic pitch but man....what are you doing?
  23. Hyde is in an impossible situation with this team but jeez man Bleier should've been out of there a few batters ago. Embarrassing to let him bring the tying run to the plate. Very Buck like.
  24. This is BP. A perfect case study in what happens when you "pitch to contact" in 2019.
  25. Bleier is really awful. Having Rangers game flashbacks
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