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  1. Based on he likes Hays and didn't know anything about Richie Martin prior to the Rule 5 draft. The argument is nonsensical. The vast majority of teams have their top prospects (which i wouldn't even consider Hays) spend time in AAA. It's basically impossible to say whether not speding any time in AAA hurt someone's career because it can be blamed on a plethora of other things that happen over the course of a players career.
  2. This is a semantic argument. We are on a message board where everything is an opinion. Saying a player needs to do something is an ubiquitous argument in the world of sports fandom. I'm not implying that his development would suffer, I have no issue saying that I think his development would suffer. He hasn't had consistent ABs at a level he should be at in going on two years now. Mind you, this isn't just my opinion, this is something Elias has outright said. Hays isn't the caliber of prospect that you manipulate service time for so he's not just blowing smoke when he says that. Just curious, but what function do you believe that the minor leagues serve? It's very clear that they don't want to have another 2017 situation and bring him up before they believe he will stick. Most scouting services believe him to be a below average to average regular right now. Just because you like him and want to see him succeed doesn't mean he's at a different level of prospect status than he's at right now.
  3. Acknowledging that it would in fact be a rush to have him practically skip AAA implies that he should finish the year in AAA given that's almost August already.
  4. Soooo.. Schoop had basically the exact amount of games Hays would have if he finished the year in AAA. Machado was a significantly better prospect than Hays. Someone like DJ Stewart probably should be in the majors. I see no reason to rush Hays this summer he's already been all over the place so far and should get consistent playing time to end the year and make the squad out of ST next year.
  5. Um....he's had 21 games at AAA. He was woefully unprepared for the majors in 2017 through no fault of his own and since then he's had very little development time due to injuries. Just because Duquette made a bad decision doesn't mean the current admin has to follow suit.
  6. I mean....this one actually makes sense. We don't have a CF and Hays needs to finish the year in AAA.
  7. That's irrelevant to whether it is "difficult" in nature. Had the Orioles traded Cashner earlier or kept Straily and Hess in the rotation they would be on that pace. There's a calculus that goes into how many games the Orioles want to win this year to secure a valuable pick but also develop players they have/have veterans perform to be traded at the deadline for prospects. Just because this trade off may exclude a team from losing 115 and instead something around 105-110, doesn't mean that it would be hard for them to lose that much if they were so inclined.
  8. Not really. In fact, it was probably the FO's plan.
  9. The state of the A's is just embarrassing. If the O's had 15 less loses than them they'd probably be easily in the top 10 ratings.
  10. He didn't fall out because of his bat. Don't be disingenuous.
  11. LTO's

    Toby Welk

    Any chance this is a diamond in the rough situation? Very small school, seemingly not on anybody's radar but the kid can play. Saw him in person the other day and he raked. Followed it up today by going 3-5 raising his OPS over .900.
  12. Chavis is a horrid defender
  13. Dombrowski won a WS. Under Duquette the Orioles won one playoff series. Also, Dombrowski is criticized very often for how poorly he treats his teams farms.
  14. The Orioles system is below average and Acevedo's frame is very projectable. He also hasn't been completely overwhelmed to start his career.
  15. Acevedo being on there is very interesting. I would imagine they didn't have a blurb for every one of the players on the list but I would very much like to read a scouting report on him. I know nothing beyond that he's young and very tall.
  16. The problem is, a lot of those guys you mention are exceptionally overrated here which is normal for a team specific message board but doesn't say much about the overall talent in the O's system. The majority of teams in baseball have a higher pool of talent than us. Dan could've prevented this by not forfeiting high end draft picks for bad players.
  17. Elias and co. drafted Bregman #2 and Epstein drafted Bryant there as well. And that's just recently. There's plenty of history of 1:2 picks being cornerstones. To endure this season and not get the first pick would be a bit of a disappointment though.
  18. I think something that works in the O’s favor here is that a lot of teams have awful bullpens. Even contenders who at the very least have weak links that Givens could replace. But most of all I think the extra years of control might be attractive to some of quasi competitive teams who might want to make a run this year but are focused on the next few years beyond.
  19. 1.1 innings tonight. No walks, 1 K and 1 single in front of scouts from multiple teams. Mancini hit two homers and drew a walk and Villar legged out what should've been a hit on a sharp grounder. Not a bad night from the trade bait.
  20. That's fine. I would have been right there with you. My point was trading away any asset at the 2017 deadline was beyond comprehension. Zach Davies will probably have a better career than Myers and Beckham provided more value as an Oriole than Parra. It's just more of the principle of trading a relatively high draft pick from a terrible farm system that was withering away for a below average player that cost $4 million.
  21. Look I didn't think it was the type of move they needed to make but "buying" made sense. They won the division the year before and were two games above .500 at the time of the trade. Plus there were questions about Davies' frame and Parra put up 2.1 WAR with the Brewers that year which was better than what they had out there. What made NO sense to me was trading a live high school arm from an already rapidly depleting farm system for.....Tim Beckham.
  22. It's worse at the moment. But at least it made more sense at the time.
  23. That is such an incomplete way of looking at it. Duquette could've made those moves and not left Elias with the worst farm system in baseball. Dan was able to extract a certain degree of success out of less than ideal circumstances but a lot of the good players from 2012-2016 came from the previous regime and he made a fair share of damaging moves. You don't have back to back sub 50 win seasons unless you're GM royally screwed up establishing a useful talent pipeline/player development program. Sure, Peter, Buck and Brady are also to blame but the Duquette apologia here is going way too far. Seth Smith was not a worthwhile pickup so it's strange you'd include him. For all those moves you mentioned, you have Travis Snider, JJ Hardy extension (40 mil for 1.7 WAR), Yovani Gallardo, Alex Cobb, Parra trade, Beckham trade (2017 deadline in general was god awful), 2014 draft, last year's trades and of course Ubaldo. We'll never know for sure how involved Dan was in the Davis deal and all the rumors I've read absolve him of it so i'll give him a reprieve there but it's incomprehensible to ignore all his failures and just acknowledge the good moves he made.
  24. Of the many baffling moves Duquette made that tanked our farm system, this is one that still makes the least amount of sense to me.
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