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  1. This is BP. A perfect case study in what happens when you "pitch to contact" in 2019.
  2. Bleier is really awful. Having Rangers game flashbacks
  3. Coincidentally one of my other favorite innings of this season came in Tampa after Givens blew the save and Rickard hit the go ahead double in extras.
  4. In the Athletic article Perez says they are going to spend 60-70% of their slots tomorrow. I know that will freak out the usual suspects but he said they plan on using the rest on any late risers they like. No signings over a million but "over 10" will be in the 6 figure range.
  5. LTO's

    Trade Market

    Bundy, like Gausman, has drawn interest from teams basically his entire time here despite never putting up good stats. I wouldn't be shocked if they traded him. Cashner and Villar seem like the most obvious choices though.
  6. He's a talking point machine who never tells the full story. Appel was the entire industry's consensus number 1. But for argument's sake, sure that's a miss. The Brady Aiken situation was bizarre but he always neglects to mention that Aiken not signing turned into Elias taking Bregman who is already one of the best players in baseball. Oh, and they got Kyle Tucker that same year who's a top 10 prospect. And in between those "misses" he drafted Correa who's by far the best player taken in that first round and got Lance McCullers at 41.
  7. Yeah certainly there is no risk of sustaining a bad injury in those 3 years. Better to just turn a life changing amount of money to go do something you can do at anytime with the millions of dollars you're about receive.
  8. He's not a TOR type pitcher. Any competent franchise should able to replace his production. Now given how embarrassing the previous regime was at creating a consistent talent pipeline/accurately assessing free agent pitching, it's fair to question whether it was too much. But at face value, it wasn't too much at all.
  9. Sure. My point is that the Orioles HAVE signed 100s of these players and they haven't amounted to anything. They won't make any headway here unless they start continually giving out 100k+ and million dollar bonuses. They have already spent more than they've ever spent and we've been told that will continue this summer. I'm taking Elias at his word here because he's already shown progress in this area and I fully trust Perez's track record. Trust it a lot more than a few grumps on here to be perfectly honest.
  10. Now do Eloy Jimenez, Vlad Jr, Wander Franco, Gleyber Torres, Gary Sanchez, Juan Soto etc etc. Even some of the "cheaper" diamonds in the rough like Robles, Acuna and Tatis are in the hundreds of thousands. If your supposition is correct that the Os should fill their DSL rosters with <50k signings on the off chance they find an Altuve then it would've already happened!!! They've been doing it for well over a decade now.
  11. Where are all these guys going to play? Contrary to popular opinion, we don't have unlimited spaces for these kids. The Orioles have already signed the players they deemed worthy of paying this year. They gave out multiple 100k+ bonuses. Next year they have the highest pool you can have. I would MUCH rather them fill the rosters with higher caliber players from a fresh market with that pool.
  12. It's hilarious that this is the kind of bargain bin low cost moves the Os had been doing internationally under Pete for years and now another team does it and it's a stroke of genius. You really can't please people. It's especially ironic because the Os have spent millions this period for the first time ever.
  13. VVM got almost 6 mil. He has 4 extra basehits in 225 PA as a 23 year old in A ball. I find it hard to believe that you or anyone on this board would not be criticizing the Orioles for spending that much on signing him. 99.9% of top international free agents like him sign for half of what he got because it's not prudent to throw all your money at one player. The more successful teams in this arena do things in ways that are vastly different from the Marlins. Setting a proper valuation and not deviating from it is the sign of a successful business. I'm glad the O's are spreading the money around to multiple players and not overspending just because they have the slots.
  14. Tomorrow's pitching matchup is a doozy. Edwin Jackson (11.90 ERA) vs. David Hess (7.08 ERA, most HR given up in MLB). A positive for the Os is that David Hess no hit the Jays in his last start against him.
  15. LTO's

    Dean Kremer 2019

    I really hope the Orioles don't trade for Russell. That would be a real bad look.
  16. I'm not sure if it's a nagging injury thing or a guy who doesn't feel like he deserved to have to repeat AA just going through the motions. The tools were on full display in Spring Training so this is pretty confounding.
  17. It's especially ironic because practically the only reason we won the game was because of two players Elias picked up off the waiver wire. And one of the only relievers that didn't give up an ER is the one he fleeced the Mariners for. If you press him for an example of a player he would've signed he says Freddy Galvis....just nonsensical.
  18. I watched last night and was pleased that the Orioles scored more runs than the other team and won the game.
  19. Stewart seems to be pressing and rolling over on pitches. Hopefully they keep giving him ABs and let him work through it. Should be minimal pressure in a year like this
  20. The pitching in this draft is horrible. Like historically awful. They will load up next year when it's supposed to be much, much better.
  21. Four of the Orioles last 5 first round draft picks will be in every top 100 list to start next season (Mountcastle, DL Hall, Grayrod, Rutschman). As the losses pile up, it's good to take a step back and realize maybe things aren't as bad as it seems.
  22. They were able to trade Mark Appel and other fodder for Ken Giles. And then were able to trade Ken Giles for Osuna. The draft as whole was still pretty bad. The 2014 draft wasn't bad at all. They weren't able to sign the consensus top talent but turned it into one of the best young players in the game who shot through the farm system quickly. There were other players in that draft who played parts in the Astros success as well. And like every thread, you insist on not mentioning the studs they've drafted.
  23. I know for prospects, looking at errors and fielding pct. is about all we can look at, but those are really not great indicators of defensive capabilities generally. And from baseball ref it looks like he has 4 errors at first and 2 at third.
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